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Dirt Cover Stars: Steve Geall

Dirt Cover Stars: Steve Geall

Dirt Intern

Steve Geall was THE name in dirt jumping scene for most of the Nineties and early Noughties, also getting good results in DH, Dual slalom and 4x.

Dirt tea-boy Chris Lewis catches up with Issue #28 cover star Steve Geall:

His smooth style and silly amounts of skill led to him being on the cover of numerous mag’s numerous times including Dirt, gracing the cover of issue 28 with a fully extended superman. He’s been pretty quiet of late so we decided to catch up with him and see what’s going on.


Dirt Issue #28, July/August 2001. The caption inside read: “Locals busting out at local trails-there’s nothing better. Steve Geall just upped sticks and moved to a new house and these trails are his local hangout. It can be said that he has these jumps fairly dialled then. Big superman over the big six”
Photo:Mark Noble.


1. So Steve, you’re a bit of a dirt jumping legend in my eyes, one of the original guys to mix BMX tricks and style with a mountain bike. So what have you been up to? What projects have you got going on? Basically where you been?

Not really been up to much, still keep my eye on the MTB scene, loving all the Brits doing well in dh at the moment. Not stopped riding, still kick kids half my age arses haha. Been working in a bike shop as mechanic, the shops called GONE BIKING MAD, the owner Mark Hudson runs a cool little set up there, so all’s good. As for projects none really, there maybe a DH comeback…. watch this space.


2. Lets kick off with a big one, what happened to g-bikes that looked like a promising venture. If there was anyone qualified to make a dirt jump frames, it’s you, did it not appeal? Tell us the story.

What happened to g-bikes?…. The British economy shagged that, the tubing just got really expensive and it was just not cost effective to make them, shame really. I would have loved to have carried on with g-bikes with my dad John. While it was running we sponsored Grant n’ Ollie Fielder them boys gave us some good mag coverage, also on the newer frames Sam Johnson bought his awesome trail style to a lot of comps and trails in general… thanks boys.

3. So what does Steve Geall do on an average day these days? Still get out on the bike? Still jumping? Or have you moved onto other things?

On an average day it’s all about the bike shop, but after hours its out on the BMX, MTB and MX bike.



4.Do you remember the shoot for your Dirt cover, do you have it framed and on your wall?

Yeah I remember it, it was a bike test at Vallis trails in Frome, I was on my Orange Ms isle, think the other bikes were Mongoose and Kona? I didn’t know they were going to use it as cover shot, the same month MBUK ran an identical cover, so 2 superman covers in a month? I still have that photo in the portfolio, never framed mind you.

5. What’s Steve Geall’s ideal day?

Ideal day is any day I can get out on a bike really, at the moment I’m really into my DH and MX bikes, but the MX bike is so fun, in a way I wish that I had done the motocross thing years ago, but I am making up for lost time now.


6. What do you think of the current dirt jump/ freeride scene and the ever growing popularity of street riding on mountain bikes?

The freeride / jump scene is nuts at the mo, what with Redbull rampage, Crankworx and all those events getting more air time on T.V. it’s only a good thing. The British riders are killing it in the comps, so that’s good motivation for the up and coming riders and from what I’ve seen there are plenty of them around.

7. Are there any big crashes from your career that you remember or are still causing you hassle?

Crashes…….. only a couple really, big one in Wales after 2 bottles of cider and Doc Martins on S.P.D.S… haha = broken collarbone, still gives me shit in the cold weather. The other was at Slovenia 2000 World Cup duel, slipped pedal before biggish double, over bars bike hit me in head, didn’t think anything of it got to the finish and all I could see was blood. I had split my head open pretty good. They loaded me in to ambulance that looked like the Pope mobile, that was the funniest part for me. Cheers Ed Mosley for picking me up from the hospital.

8. What bikes you riding these days?

Bikes I’m riding:
Giant x1 reign , 7 inch travel freeride/dh bike, rides real nice, light too.
Stereo eagle BMX, 22inch top tube , super nice trail machine.
Yamaha YZ 125, this is my fave toy, I fucking love it.

9. What does the future hold for you?

The future holds a DH comeback, be afraid vets class!
Plus a whole lot more riding for sure, as well as working in the shop of course to fund this.


Cheers for taking the time Steve looking forward seeing you shredding the DH scene.

  1. danny

    good old geally awesome rider full stop

  2. billy

    Great character with super skills on any bike.

  3. Luc Albert

    Funny – recently I was doing a sprung movie marathon and was thinking “wonder what Geally is up 2 these days”.
    Cheers for that!

  4. billy

    Who do you want to see next then Luc?

  5. anonymous internet asscheeks

    The bloke’s a legend! I think I’ve still got that old copy of Dirt somewhere too =/ (I’ve kept some old ones for some reason, where as the new one only stay with me for a few months each)
    He was one of the reasons I got into riding in a big way!

  6. stevo

    Sprung 3 bed trials extraordinaire – Tim Ponting

  7. jonzo

    Scott Dommet?

  8. Luker

    Absolute legend.

    I still envy his super neat 360 table tops.

  9. Anoobis

    woo legend. was at one of the bike shows and jo burt of mint sauce fame was drawing sketches for people. I showed him an advert of Geally doing a 1-foot step through x-up and he had no idea how to draw a body and bike in such a twisted shape so he went for a simple step through.

    Also that no foot step through in one of the sprung vids where he snaps into it and just holds it, watched it many times and its such an instant snap into position i can’t understand it. awesome rider, one of my favs.

    geally in action from 3.20 here: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1616152091197

  10. NickH

    Quality – one of the riders that brought a dose of Shaun Palmer style attitude to the UK dirt scene, with skills to boot…

    I’d like to know what happened to… Jamie Tompkins – seemed like the next big hope for UK DH back in the day, then disappeared… Matt Farmer – thought those Raleigh steel tubed DH bikes looked great back then, if a little wobbly… plus Helen Mortimer, Lewis King and the Marin team of Allaway, Gleed and Hemming

  11. Morgan

    He’s the Fids of the MTB world! Glad to see older riders still at it, gives me something to show the Mrs/Mother when they roll out the old “when are you going to grow up and stop playing with bikes?”

  12. Russ P

    Steve is definatly in my top 3 favorite riders

  13. dOOb

    Yeah, one of the sprung films, in where he just lands into a smooth manual, so effortless.
    Where is Jamie Tompkins now, last i remember was he was bringing out his own frame??

  14. Gus

    Read some where that
    Jamie Tompkins choose school over DH and went on to design for VW in germany, think he still does some stuff for Crud.
    Helen Mortimer works for British cycling
    Dave Hemming lives in the states.

  15. Dave

    Sprung 1 interview section follwed by a spot of ridding with some great quotes….

    Not today, not on this bike.
    follwed by
    Thats the bager!
    after doing on that bike (and I guess on that day!)

  16. bob
  17. will

    What can i say. He is a legend and a gentleman. Will never forget when we me and my bros met him at farnham bmx track and then he showed us hawley trails. Down to earth and supremely talented. This is what it is all about.

  18. Matt

    I remember tagging along with Gilly down at woburn trails once in a while when I was a kid.. lovely guy and very supportive to a little lad just starting out.

    What happend to Matt ‘fat’ farmer?

  19. Derek

    Matt Farmer became a planning enforcement officer. Pretty rock n roll.

  20. Milan

    Nice feature! Just published an interview with Steve Geall here: http://getabmx.co.uk/getabmx/Steve_Geall.html


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