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Win one of 50 Mucky Nutz Bender Fenders

Win one of 50 Mucky Nutz Bender Fenders

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Win one of 50 Bender Fenders thanks to Mucky Nutz!

All you’ve got to do is answer the super simple question below (there’s a clue here if you need one!)

What’s a Bender Fender?!

The Bender Fender 2.1 is our latest fender reincarnation. It has the same profile as the 2.0 – just slightly thicker (0.3mm to be precise). You could consider it a ‘heavy duty’ 2.0 but at 22g it’s not exactly hefty.

The only reason for going thicker is to improve durability so it’s better at tackling a fall or those pesky pine cones when they get pulled through by the wheel. So if you prefer the downhill and wooded trail this is the one for you. For anything else or you’re a bit of a weight weenie stick with the 2.0 and save 6g.

Bender Fender 2.0….£7.98

Bender Fender 2.1….£7.98

Here’s a reminder of the Bender Fender’s plus points:

• It stops any muck, horse, cow and dog s*** from being flung into your face.

• It is fitted as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum ‘muck’ catching.

• It protects your fork stanchions and brace from getting caked, reducing the need for cleaning and servicing.

• Discretion is its middle name. It’s small but effective. Don’t just take our word for it! There’s loads of positive chit chat on the forums and in the online mags.

• It’s the lightest mudguard available!

• Uses hook and loop straps to attach to the brace and stanchions, so it’s easy to fit and take off. If you don’t like – just use zip ties!!

• It’s compatible with all forward and double sus brace designs.

• It can be used as a rear shock guard on some full sus arrangements.

• When off, it’s easy to clean as it’s flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you’re done!

• Patent pending


Bikemagic said:

“It’s also really good looking, in a sleek minimalist style, and in our books is preferable to stretching a bit of inner tube between the forks. Oh, it’s pretty cheap too”


  1. Chris

    misread it and answered it wrong. off to kill myself. bye cruel world.

  2. Chris

    Could of done with one of these last ride. hit a puddle and flicked a load of mud straight into my eye. Still pulling bits of mud out now!!

  3. Gor

    already got one!
    Actually quite effective, and not as ugly as these huge moto like fenders!

  4. Bill

    Will it work with Manitou forks?

  5. Thats it aye

    A ‘Fender Bender’ is something I do to my girlfriend at night

  6. Alex

    Even if I won’t win one, I’m gonna buy it!

  7. dave

    makes sense, pushing some positive PR out there after seeing your product design copied then pimped around by the pro’s

  8. Daire

    Got one of these a few months back and they are brilliant. Keeps a fair amount of crap off your face. Saw them being ripped off at Fort William alright by some other company.

  9. Max

    the ones in Fort Bill look way better though….just saying.

  10. jo

    I’ve got both Mucky Nutz AND Mash Guard… I guess I’m the type of guy who likes to keep everyone happy!
    Very similar design indeed, the MN is easier to install/remove thanks to the velcro loops, the MG is a bit longer and work a wee bit better (specially with slack HA).

  11. Bender

    Daire – how do you know the ones at Fort William were the rip off’s? Such a good idea – and there are loads knocking about, I even think the MTBCut riders have their own branded?

  12. dave

    @Bender maybe because the mucky nutz ones have been available for quite a while and the other ones only popped up in the last few weeks claiming to be a new idea by a pit mechanic and a wc racer

  13. GMan

    id never heard of mucky nutz until now but i saw the other one at fort bill. looks to the like this Nutz thing should be thanking the other dude for the promotion….looks cool all the same

  14. Bender

    Sorry – like GMan says – had not heard of Bender’s before this competition and saw a couple of different ones at Fort Bill especially the MG as it was on most of the winning bikes.

  15. MuckyNutz

    @GMan & Bender – we’ve been floggin’ these for the past 3 years now but as we’re only a small development outfit we’ve not marketed or pushed as much as we’d have liked. We’ve stuck to samples and reviews and let the success grow naturally. Now others have caught on to a good product and decided to copy. We do have a Patent application though, so can’t say much more at the mo, other than watch this space for more designs, front and rear, coming out in the near future!!!

    p.s. the MTBCut ones are branded Bender Fenders. This is something else we offer if the qty is right.

    Cheers guys.

  16. Cord

    There are quite a few of these mudguards popping up at the moment, I was given a MarshGuard at Fort William. It worked REAL well, and even better is that it’s nice and simple.

  17. DGR

    looks like a Trek

  18. MuckyNutz

    @Bill, sorry the holes aren’t positioned to fit reverse forks. We’ve had a few ask so might actually look at a specific design.

  19. Scrub

    Spray some Armor All or similar tire shine product or even WD-40 on it BEFORE you mount it, it helps keep the mud/debris from sticking to it.

  20. Ray

    great product but who wants the words Mucky Nuts and Bender on written on their bike…. thats why Gwin uses the other one!

  21. booboo

    It’s the lightest mudguard available!!

  22. Spike

    @Ray – I simply use mine upside down. You’ve got an ubranded mudguard then. As for it being the reason Gwin uses the other one…… that’s pants, as MN has already said they brand them, e.g. MTBCut. No, I’ll stick with the company that developed them thanks.

  23. chaosfruitbat

    so cheap its got to be worth a punt.

  24. Bobber

    I’ WAY to homophobic to use any product that claims to be a fender “bender” to protect my “nutz” from getting mucky. Screw that, Marsh guard all the way!!!!!!!

  25. Eoin

    Would happily invest if it was an inch or two longer out front… Any comments on durability from gravel hits on dry loose days?

  26. James

    Mucky Nutz Bender Fender 2.1? WTF were you thinking when you came up with that name?

  27. Roland

    clearly not tits and arse

  28. MuckyNutz

    Ha, ha, I know the name might seem a bit odd but at least it gets the attention………… albeit for the wrong reasons. We got thinking of Fat Willy’s with surfing and tried to read it across to mtb. Mucky Nutz is what we came up with. Bender Fender, mmmmmmm, that one is questionable. Might even run a comp. at a later stage to rebrand these.

  29. MuckyNutz

    @ Scrub, that’s a great idea. Okay to mention that on our Facebook page, with a mention to you of course????

  30. MuckyNutz

    @booboo, yes the 2.0 is the lightest, at only 11g without the fastener. We we’re intending to supersede this with the thicker, stiffer 2.1 but there were a shed load against this so we decided to keep both going.

  31. MuckyNutz

    I must admit – the Marsh Guard does look good on those pro bikes. To be honest, we’ve tried but obviously it helps if you’re in the industry. We’re working on a few things and obviously for us getting; on to the MTBCut team is great.

  32. MuckyNutz

    For now, I just want to say thanks for the feedback, both good and bad. We’re already improving the fender design and most of what’s been said on here; we agree with. Shame about the name though;-)

  33. Boaz Hebblethwaite

    latest fender reincarnation

  34. Jim Brealy

    It’s a very cool looking mud guard!

  35. zaklowe

    a collision between vehicles that produces smallest bit of damage

  36. kimbers

    Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass

  37. Paco Loco

    Is this competition still running? If not who won?

  38. optimus doddsy

    second that….and the Ns bikes comp

  39. Brendan Hazlehurst

    its a mudquard stops the s**t hittin u in the face

  40. MiniMental

    MuckyNutz, are you still developing a Manitou version?


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