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Win: A Class Revolt Downhill Wheelset

Win: A Class Revolt Downhill Wheelset

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve got a pair of these Alex Rims/A-Class precision handbuilt Revolt Wheelsets to give away.

To win this magnificent set simply tell me in less than 20 words why you deserve to win a posh prize like this.

Most deserving comment will scoop the wheels.



  1. Gp

    I ride all the time and break parts constantly I can’t afford to keep replacing them, no parts = no riding.

  2. Josh

    i need these uber-cool wheels because they will make me go faster which means i can Steve peat! :)

  3. sean warry

    cos in cornwall we just discovered the wheel and if i turn up with these i will be king

  4. Tom

    I need these wheel because I am very poor and if i don’t have them i wont be able to roll for long and that makes me very sad

  5. Liox

    These wheels are so class that I’m revolting(morraly)…

    I’m like a japanese in front of a sight.

  6. Alex

    Because my 5-month old son got more Xmas presents than I did…….

  7. Jamie

    Please make me King of the hill with a set of these gold class wheels!

  8. Joe

    Because I’m refreshing the Dirt site every 30 seconds cos I REALLY don’t want to be writing this report for uni.

  9. Jamazepam

    I’ll never, ever be able to buy these rims. The only way is if I enter Dirt competitions!

  10. Geoff

    1x cracked frame + 2x smashed wheels + broken forks = £££ = :

  11. Geoff

    1x cracked frame + 2x smashed wheels + broken forks = £££ = :(
    2x new wheels + warranty repair (nearly done) = :)

  12. ghettoracing

    I’m an orphan and have a cancer.

    Besides my current wheels are worst than my health.

    Like I’m very poor I can’t afford new rims for the few times I’ve to live.

  13. jimbo22

    Ive always wanted a bit of posh and my mates would be impressed with seeing me riding on posh

  14. Tom

    Because all of my Christmas presents are stuck in the mail because of ‘the bad weather’

  15. tom

    currently been 5 months off injured, what better inspiration to get back on the bike than some spangly new kit

  16. Ben

    Because those wheels would clash really badly with my orange frame and make every-one else feel ill!

  17. Alec Henderson

    Because i wheely want them.

  18. Bob

    Because I knackered my current wheels tightening the spokes with the pliers on my leatherman….?

  19. Hoggers

    So I can get my own back on the missus as she maxxed out all my cards at christmas

  20. Alex

    Red ones go faster! With these I will slow down and my girlfriend will be able to keep up.

  21. Jason

    Because someone stole my wheels whilst I was in casualty!

  22. torgrim dyngen

    Shite, those look cool, and will bring my pure dh bike down to 16,5kg.

  23. dom

    if you give me the wheels I will finally be able to test ride the jump i built : http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/4207092/

  24. KiwiDave

    Those colours match so perfectly with my Session FR frame and gold grips

  25. William Khan

    I’m the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. I require them for a chariot restoration project I’m working on in the evenings.

  26. Lucas

    to ride my bicycle

  27. Craig Brough

    I don’t even win stickers in crisps, to win this would be the biz.

  28. Rob

    One Word. Fish! exactly.

  29. leanne

    im a girl and cant change dual ply tyres which sucks at races,could just chuck another wheel in instead

  30. nathan

    i have just learnt to ride a bike and only have the wheels off a raleigh activator circa 1993

  31. Dori

    i cant buy gift for my boyfriend for christmas and i want to surprise him

  32. Jonathan Tubman

    Girlfriend just left me for her rich boss, I’m poor… Let me make her jealous rolling around on these babies.

  33. Marc

    new year new wheels bring it on, no excuses now to lose the winter belly

  34. James

    As a new veteran to riding, these wheels would allow me to ride like the old fart that I am.

  35. tokkie

    because i got stung by poison ivy cracked my r/hub and a cracked fsr link 3 weeks off bike nooooo!!!!

  36. gabriel

    would be wonderful to win wheels i could wobble on wed week with wobbling wonders of trueness and bling zing

  37. matt

    When drifting down a hill, dodging trees in the snow, I slid into a stream, destroying my front wheel. Help!

  38. cycloholic

    A wheelset so beautiful that it attracts people’s gaze – handy if you’re an ugly bug like me. Turn my REVOLT into style.

  39. Joe

    surely the answer is “in less than 20 words why you deserve to win a posh prize like this.”

  40. mojojo

    Lets just say i deserve them because im so damn cool.

  41. craig

    i need these wheels because its the nearest that i’ll get to winning gold!

  42. Ed

    Because my current wheels are pony!

  43. ddmonkey

    I don’t know if I deserve to win these or not, I’ll try to ride faster but I can’t promise anything!

  44. generator

    Cause I’m not from UK, and non UK readers never get any stuff you give out for free!

  45. Dobby

    If you don’t give them to me I’ll find your house and fill it with bees and sausages.

  46. malk


  47. mikeey

    them rims make my guineapig go crazy! :)

  48. Barry Moran

    I`m in my mid thirties, skint and my wife won`t allow me to put my 2 week old son on ebay to raise money to buy a pair. And that`s 28 words. 32 if you include “And thats 28 words”. Bollocks I`ve got no chance. What about a set of tyres….inner tube……..rim tape……….. please……… anything?

  49. Ronan from Dublin

    One day i was cycling along, I was really happy on my bike thinking of what a great xmas I had, then all of a sudden i hit some dog shit and it flew into my mouth, I was like oh my god, theres shit in my mouth what will I do, I dont really like the taste my mind wasnt focused on riding and it was very frosty on the footpath then a little old lady walked out her drivepay in front of me, I had to swerve really quickly and I flew off, I ended up eating shit, plus I swallowed the shit in my mouth, it wasnt very nice. So i ate shit as american dudes would say but twice, once for real. I looked up to see if the granny was ok and she was looking at me then she said, hey theres shit on your face and your wheel is broken, I said I know. Im not having a good day.

  50. John

    If I win I will use these to build my first ever DH bike (I don’t have one!)

  51. WHAT


  52. Ronan from Dublin

    just realised in 20 words, because I love dirtmag its nice, I was in it once too so thats cool too ok here goes…
    If I get the wheels it will probably be one of the happiest days in my life cos i never win anything, and had to eat shit the other day.

  53. Dale

    Id send them to cash4gold off the tele and spend cash on holiday in the alps and Mutzig.

  54. Sam Lincoln

    Because im cool!!

  55. Jonny B

    A-Class, Sanded, Straight, Old — that’s me!

  56. Matt D

    currently i dont actual have a back wheel im having to borrow one of a brilliant mate of mine :)

  57. Maximilian

    Kids around here need parts. I have what I need, they don’t. Send them & they’ll be shared. Picture proof!

  58. Simon

    because I have destroyed 3 demmax wheels this year and could do with a new wheelset to replace them

  59. Ferenc

    They “wheel” have a perfect life in the Austrian mountains if you pass them to me…

  60. Deon

    Send me the wheels because I haven’t had sex in so long,I forgot what it taste like!!

  61. Ben

    They’d make my bike look awful

  62. Alex

    goin for the sympathy, i get bullied cos of the wheels i have now :(

  63. simon

    I am Genghis Khan, I deserve these wheels, otherwise i will invade your country and make you my bitches.

  64. stapler

    Due to having a white bike, gold rims would be very helpful in the snow so i dont loose it.

  65. mack woods

    i just got back on my big rig after brakeing 3 bones in my ankkle and dislocating it. It all started when a bmxing mate of mine (skinny and thuggy like all bmxers;) offered me to ride his bmx i took him up on the offer and 10 mins later i was rushed to hospital to get 10 pins and 2 plates put in my ankle!, i feel i should get these wheels so i can show all the gay bmxers what size wheels real men ride!!!

  66. tomo

    otherwise i might have to read mbuk

  67. TC

    2009: lost job, girlfriend (New Year’s Eve) and have to move. I need some good luck in 2010 (quite seriously).

  68. sam cunningham

    I had my bike stolen last month.It will be a while before my new ride is ready. And due too money problems , getting these wheels would be sweet !

  69. Cameron Ross

    ‘you see i love gooold…the look of it, the taste of it, the smeeeell of it, the texture’

  70. Jon

    cuz if i dont win i will kill your dog!

  71. Paulos

    My pink skyway tuffs look silly on my mountain bike and the kids laugh at me in the woods.

  72. FRANK


  73. Alejandro Quesada

    I am a self sponsored DH racer from Costa Rica where it is really hard to get support and where the sport is growing everyday. It gets tough to get or replace DH performance parts (including rims)in order to be at a competitive level, plus, my income is at local levels but the parts have a global leveled price, or even higher on the local market. I NEED HELP!!!! My rims are almost done and so is my budget!!!

  74. Freddie Henry

    I’m a student and therefore could only afford a mediocre dh bike by buying parts from ebay over the last year…. my factory 2nd 24/7 wheels didn’t last long.

  75. Beth Bobbles

    Because the Xmas present I bought for my husband didn’t work and I can’t get a refund. He’d like these.

  76. Lawrence

    i would love to have them…. but i dont really need them… then again, if u are really stretched and cant find anyone, feel free to pop them in the post to me! :-)

  77. Tom Ward

    No wheels = no riding, and with up and coming exams, riding is the only thing that is keeping me stress free. However no wheels = no riding, and that is the problem i have.

  78. Doc Watson

    Because they are like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind.(Dusty Springfield rules)

  79. Martin (the good)

    In this world there’s two kinds of people buddy :
    those with GOLD WHEELS…
    and those who dig…
    You dig!!!

  80. damien

    I’m from Wales, this round invention is fantastic.I can think of many uses.I’ll be a hero.

  81. Vincent

    Winter’s boring. When i’m bored, I gap 15 stairs and brake wheels. Then I’m even more bored,

  82. sykesy

    i’m a student, we don’t have money to buy these things!

  83. Joe

    The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bike……

  84. jack

    I’ve endured 23+ yrs full of insults and torment because im ginger. give a guy a break!

  85. David Booth

    These wheels stand out like a shaft of Golden Sunlight when all around is Grey/White. Roll on Summertime!!!

  86. Jamie

    I ride and build trails (by myself due to my lazy friends) at every chance I get, I love riding.

  87. Balazs

    my girlfriend will be 18 years old and she want to build a bike and these would be cool

  88. Hector McGowan

    I don’t really deserve them. But I would really like them. Sold my bike to fund my business…..so please!

  89. Mike

    I’ve broken my neck and on the 5 february i can start riding again. So I want to trust my stuff

  90. A Dyer

    I deserve them because i never win anything i enter on here. :(

  91. Someguy

    Here’s my reason, I need better wheels than the crappy EX325 that come with my Wilson. I don’t see the advantage of having a pinned wheel be heavier than my outdated welded D321 Disc rims (aka EX729). Plus I’ve always wanted to give something other than Mavic a go because EX823’s cost a fuck load and being a student I’m quite low on cash.

  92. LYTHY

    Because i love to ride, and ride hard!

  93. Mteusz

    Because I have not money for buy this amazing handbuilt Revolt Wheelset. I will racing on this wheelset in competitions :(

  94. Julian Lang

    My nan beats me on the daily

  95. Martidog

    If you kindly gifted me this burly wheelset their super durability would last me this summer as I ride every 7 stane red/black trail & Fortwully DH & red trail for charity. I would also promise to document their use on film as I intend to film the best of what I hope to be combining uber fun with raising £££ for a good cause.

  96. Chris Hoy

    I’ll ditch the road bike and start downhilling, I’m not giving up the gold though!

  97. Christy Harrison

    My brother deserves it. He has pushed and encouraged my riding more than anyone spending ALL his time helping me.

  98. Zoltan

    Riding bikes is the only resenable thing to do!

  99. FloW

    my new bike is missing a wheelset >.<

  100. Jure

    once Mujo threw himself on the floor and missed!!!

  101. Jonas

    one smashed wheelset on my session, and an unhappy dental bill to pay this month :(

  102. alberto lado

    why not????

  103. Angus Kean

    Because I’m bigger than you.

  104. Butch

    Broke father of 2. Wife gone on holiday for a week. Rear wheel is blown. Gotta ride ASAP!

  105. Carlos

    Because my rims been smashed to buggery over the years and looks well ropey. It’s been running dry whilst in action too……net effect ain’t pretty!

  106. Martin Creaser

    please,please,please send the wheels to me, i trashed my back wheel 2 weeks ago, and was made redundant 2 days before xmas so need a new wheel to go out riding now i’ve got plenty of spare time. Go on make my new year a little better. Cheers

  107. ANT


  108. Oran

    So I can OUTSHINE all other riders around! :p

  109. Nige

    My current wheels are made of wood and are rubbish. Oh, and Im 40 on Wednesday and it would be the best prezzie.

  110. mike b

    I would use them everyday, and i would appreciate them!!

  111. Rosie

    Im a girl who is new to racing and could really do with these to help me beat the boys!

  112. ed

    because they’re a nice colour

  113. simon

    I want to roll out on some Revolt wheels instead of my revolt-ing ones!!

  114. Dave B

    Because so people will stare at my wheels not because of their funny shape but due to their bling factor.

  115. Rick

    I promise I will never die

  116. Emil

    because I just tacoed my front and busted forks = no play + lots of $$$$

  117. Vincent

    I placed 8th pro at canadian’s championship and can’t choose between racing and university, I need support to continue

  118. Moss

    Because that giant panda flew into my duck nest and sent toadstools cascading towards my old wheelset, thus causing trauma to the old sheep wagon I used to reproduce in.

  119. Mark

    Because I’m the only person who can spell correctly! :)

  120. shinobie

    Because I’m from Finland and we don’t have cool and good wheelsets in stores.

  121. Craig Quik

    I need these cos my bike needs some more bling, and rims don’t come much more pimp than this!

  122. zachary

    i would like to ride them alot

  123. sunki

    I want to have these wheels beacuse my older wheels are destroyed. I was riding on my local trail and jump from the drop and destroyed them and now i don´t have many to buy other.
    And they looking good.

  124. Pete

    I’ll grow a Lenin goatee if i can put a wheelset saying ‘class revolt’ on my red bike

  125. craig

    building a new bike from scratch and racing NPS this year so need a good wheelset to last me through

  126. ed

    Because I’ve ran out of beer tonight.

  127. Eric

    I need wheels cause mine are so warped, I ride sideways! Having a baby in 4 months= no money.

  128. Luc albert

    I’ve never gotten a “A” at school. Getting these A-Class would make my mummy proud.

  129. Hugo Morgan

    aclassrevoltalexrims soar, roar over trails, as tire rolls across aimless love violet aroma melts toils to rest, so i smile.

  130. jimox

    If i get these beauties I will let every member of the dirt crew to make man/lady love to me using only the grease in my worn out fucked up halo hubs as lubricant. and that aint much lube…

  131. jimox

    shit too many words, I will take for these beauties

  132. jamie

    I need these wheels because i am japenese i am 4 years old and i live in the hub.

  133. Mr de la

    Because I prefer keeping my funny sentences for the girls

  134. UcansiMi

    because you’re brave to read all this poetry!!

  135. Robin

    I fell arse over tit today whilst I was strolling to start my new job, thanks to the bloody ice!

  136. Stuart Harding

    These wheels will prove to my teachers that i don’t always get E’s and that i can get an ‘A’ in ‘Class’ :-)

  137. Colin Hill

    Because I never win ANYTHING! Show me some love!

  138. logan wilson

    iam 16 no money and need these SICK!! rims so i can race next year!!

  139. jack mehoff

    ill suck your dick

  140. Squawboarder

    Hard to beat that?! wtf!

    I Will Win A Race Next Year On Them!

  141. corey

    because its all about looks bro and they will go very niceley with my gold helmet, Chur from new zealand 😀 !!!!!!!!!

  142. Mike

    because they’re almost as posh as this:

  143. Sean Anderson

    Because im making a full length downhill film on the australian national series and need some love

  144. neil

    Because i know where you live…

  145. Neil klemp

    I don’t want these for myself I would like to have them for my 6 month old sons bike.

  146. mat le maitre

    smoke and a pancake?

  147. Alfie Greenwood

    Im 13 and cant get a job. The wheels i have are total shit and i cant afford new ones :(

  148. frankenwheels

    because my front is a presta and my rear (ha) is a schrader. the rig needs some poshness

  149. Doc Watson

    These awesome wheels would really suit me because I eat nails and crap lightning.

  150. Manuts

    Because I just broke my rims 4 months ago on rocks, and because of that, I can`t ride anymore.

  151. Erik

    been fast and keep corner speed
    not been scared when track goes steep
    that’s why I’d like to have the wheels…

  152. Callum Law

    Because revolt means a rebellion, i am a reble there for i would like these wheels 😀 p.s DIRT = AWESOME

  153. Samuel J Morris

    with all that gold on those rims i would make a killing on cash for gold! sort out a poor student please…

  154. TOM

    Fed up with downhilling on my Raleigh Chopper; moving into Experts and having a larger front wheel would be mint!!

  155. Brad Smith

    I wan wheel z to put my bmx.I wall make em fit.I am now adult and time four Bicycle Mountain xbike.

  156. G

    Im sat at home ill and injured feeling sorry for myself and i need something to cheer me up.

  157. HarryB

    Because I want them.

  158. jimox

    i deserve them cos everyone else will melt them down and send them to dodgy cash for gold.com .I will simply wear the wheels as elaborate earrings..

  159. Luiz Felipe

    Without Alex wheels present by dirtmoutainbike i can’t rode in the real world. Please let me ride!

  160. Ben

    The scott dh20 i got on my birthday has got two bent wheels and ive got a comp at weekend.

  161. Benji

    Cos you know you want to, otherwise ill hate u forever and never buy your mag; unless i win one…

  162. james smart

    Because after you guys came down to our local trails and did an artical on them, with-out asking any of the locals ! Thay have now been pulled down, thanks !!!

  163. stooky

    If you don’t i’ll start a A class Revolt against Dirt( not a threat more a promise) :-)

  164. gareth

    Because I’m stuck in Afgan’ and I’d like a welcoming home present in June. I’ll buy you all a beer?

    (20 words)

  165. Daire

    im building my first DH bike and i ran out of christmas money and now ive no wheels till April:(

  166. Rob

    Oh i do love a good rimming, not quite sure what a hubbing is but i’ll get back to you.

  167. Andrew

    Cos this one time at bandcamp I broke my wheels.

  168. shoshi

    Because I would arrange a sexy MILF maid for you to clean up that dirty office, water your flowers and develop your penile fitness:D!

  169. Dave

    I helped create IMBA affiliate, PTAG, in 2001, located in western PA. We’ve had over 3,000 volunteer work hours/year.

  170. Jon

    because my current alex rims are gettin on for 8 years old now and although they’ve bin very good i dont think they will last much longer and want to find out if the new rims will last as long!

  171. luke

    i am not as desperate as these guys who have obviously made up their story but i have a specialized big hit (specialized big shit!) and those wheels would certainly polish that turd of a bike by quite alot. cheers

  172. Corey

    because if you give them to me i’ll punch a retarded baby in the lips.

  173. Rich Harries

    ‘Cos I’m building a bike from the ground up and wheels being on the ground come first!

  174. nofaith

    Cos I’m from crappy country called Poland… Oh and i subscribe your mag.

  175. Jay

    because I’m pussy whipped, wife said she take the kids and leave if I keep spending money on my bike.

  176. Clarence Whirley

    My clavicle broke, patriot snapped on the mega, bird wants new boobs, these would make me cry tears of joy

  177. Crispin W

    Because I need some bling for the mini DH in FoD at the end of the month!

  178. ryan w

    i live in scotland i and im starting tae race this yera and cant realy afford all of the kit licences and alos dirt is the tats mayte

  179. Luke G

    “because i’m just a poor boy from a poor family, needing new wheels for my new dh steed ner ner” (Queen)

  180. robert

    I want doesn’t get.Especially for me; a Paul Potts fan (Part of The Trilogy). Also placente.

  181. pipcarder

    i am a pimp and need gold stuff

  182. Daniel

    I need those rims to make better my bike, and to continue living the passion of dowhhill in Colombia

  183. Kavinsky

    I do need these wheels! Why? To ride faster than ever and kick Sam Hill’ass of course! Or just to have fun on my bike with them! 😉

  184. Marcus Bendixen

    I’ll love riding my bike regardless of my rim set. But if I ruined these, at least for once it’s not out of my pocket.

  185. Tim Grant

    because i need the advantage against the evil trail ninjas, that seek to thwart my mojo monkey.

  186. tom

    What’s the difference between jam and marmalade? You can’t marmalade your c**k up your girl friend’s arse.

  187. Juliet Bell

    Nearly 50, trailing behind my son and husband, like people to look at my wheels instead of slow old bird behind

  188. Joshua Bell

    Because my bikes pretty old and i need some new wheels as mine are wrecked and i have no money

  189. Paul

    My DT Rims are trying to disrupt my riding style, That’s what they think, I’ve decided……. I wanna Revolt!

  190. Desmond Bell

    Because with these wheels i should be able to keep up with my son

  191. Monty

    I don’t have a bike. But I like to polish my turtle. I have never won anything. FML.

  192. Isabel

    I have great breasts. Now can I please have the wheels? Thank you.

  193. jimbo (bighit04)

    My wifes going to come up with a reason why I deserve them after shes had a poo.

  194. zachary

    my missus says she wants me to bring home something gold and round.

  195. Mike

    Because I love downhill and i love alllllllll you

  196. Dave Hounsome

    Becuase I’m desperate to get a black n gold wheelset to complete my FR rig and I can’t read their german website to order some.

  197. Kris

    I’ve tried re-inventing the wheel, my attempts have failed. After the attempts, I am now left with no wheels.

  198. Antonio

    lets face it i need all the help i can get for my 1st dh race fod mini dh event

  199. Josh Pranich

    I am training to become pro someday because downhill racing is my life and i could use a little booster!

  200. Tama

    Hello, I ama Tama,
    happy new year, ride free and ride hard, that’s why I would like this paire of wheels, I ride in Tahiti French Polynesia terains are wet, roots and my paire of Spinergy Fall line FR are out, thank you and best regards.

  201. Kenny

    College = more debt than I know what to do with. Free wheels = less emotional debt.

  202. Andrew

    please can i have these wheels so i can escape from the clutches of my life!

  203. Alex H

    It create such a colour clash on my bike, artists would cry and jesus would kill a puppy. Happy riding!

  204. Karate Chris

    2009 Mega-avalanche Virgin trashes wheels in qualifying after storming the rock section. Stronger wheels required to chase the cow!

  205. Mark M

    Looks like you are doing 100mph stood still

  206. James mulligan

    Because I never win competitions in other mags an this may be the only chance! Sex sells. I love dirtmag!

  207. tom wassell

    i can’t afford new wheels, can’t ride till i have some and my new job is paying peanuts. bum deal

  208. Neil Oliver

    Cos I never win anything and all my mates do!

  209. Chris DeBurg

    i’ll promise to reposition all dirts in front of the MBR/MBUK’s in Scabby Abbot’s WHSmiths forever if i win…..

  210. Orrin McDonnell

    I need these rims so I can beet the team that turned me down this season.

  211. dorny

    5 months off my bike due to blowing my clavical into 5 pieces, make my bike beautiful to stare at

  212. Backitinson

    I ride bikes, which is strange considering that fat people are often viewed as irresponsible, overindulgent and lazy.

  213. Fionn

    Because i would cry with joy. No…i really would, and i would send you the video!

  214. Athena

    Because i have been stuck without wheels for the entire winter, and its the only possible way i will be able to race in the upcoming season. Please.

  215. Max Robinson


    i’m sad i know……but those wheels are very nice, and i’m very competitive,(dirt counts as one work)

  216. Noa

    because gordon brown told me you would in my dream last night.

  217. Richard
  218. simon

    because after 5years of entering every comp youv done iv never one 1 single thing make a dream come true!

    (bang on 20 words)

  219. Luke Samson-Hill

    i would like to polish my turd of a bike called a specailized big hit (specailized big shit) cheers

  220. stu taylor

    Built my son his first dh bike demo 7 with boxer teams what a finishing touch these babys would be !

  221. Niederprüm Nicolas

    Because Santa Clause made an error by delivering these in the Dirt offices in place of my house. I guess Santa Clause was once again drunk…

  222. Haydz

    Because giving is better than receiving. As your giving them away. Email is above. Mail me for my address.

  223. sam curtis

    ‘Coz the wheels on my bike make the world go round! All day long!!

  224. michael nyberg

    coz am ginger and everyone keeps taking the piss r i they will look gd on my evil

  225. Sean Davies

    Cos riding is my life

  226. Jason

    Because I can currently see these wheels from where I’m sitting… ¬¬

  227. Isabel

    As a girl riding it’d be a nice change to hear: “Look at that amazing pair of … rims!!!”

  228. Gaz

    My girlfriend says she will have sex with ALL of the Dirt staff (this includes girls)That should swing it!

  229. john

    your office looks messy! my wife loves cleaning and i need some new wheels! fair trade i`d say!

  230. chris

    cause i win fuck all !!

  231. Chris

    Killed my old wheels! And I promise to try and destroy these every time I go out! Honest!

  232. Olly

    ive fallen in love with these like a blind roofer or a wet pair of pants 😀 HIT MEEEEE

  233. Dan Lipinski

    Im a bike tart who can’t ride bikes and a set of these would make me look pimp!

  234. Matt

    I tithe each month by purchasing the dirt mag. That way I keep the mountain bike Gods happy.

  235. Sean

    I dont really deserve them at all, but one of my friends, the mechanic who saves my ass at work all the time does.

  236. rick

    a new year with a new start, time to get my riding and life going in the right direction!

  237. jake

    been as im riding on a egged 729 and would be so stoked to ride on these super sick wheels

  238. matt

    These revolt-ing rims will feed my class-a addiction to biking

  239. Oliver Paton

    Coz im a bolder bashing, drop dusting, jump mashing, root grinding, bunny hop skippin, bombastic wheelie master!

  240. iain maciver

    i would love to win these as its a new year and its time for a new chance to sort the bike with damaged rims so i can start riding again

  241. Simon

    because I have destroyed 3 deemax wheels this year and could do with a new epic wheelset to replace them

  242. Marcus

    I need these coz Im rubbish at biking and I could make some bling stabilizers out of them!

  243. leon doble

    wow , what a beautiful pair , after riding them hard , I would show them much love & lots of tender care.

  244. irene harrop

    my son-in-law to be
    needs to get fit so he
    is worthy of my daughter
    I’m in such hot water

  245. john davis

    i deserve these wheels coz im me lol and coz im skint after xmas, mine r bent both of em

  246. simon berryman

    what goes round comes round

  247. david wheeler

    cant ride bad crash bike broke im broken cant work to get cash to fix my baby please help

  248. Andy clarke

    Due to being a ‘Fat Biffer’ i have just destroyed my DT Swiss rims, my trusty stead is now without wheels,and i’m without brass in pocket.

  249. Lionel Bourroux

    When you’re a beginner and not necessariy gifted, my father always told me that you better equip yourself with Top Class rather than downmarket equipments. At least, you will get a chance to rub out some of your absences!
    … so when thinking about having an A-Class “EXA” REVOLT wheelset, I can’t be more synchronized than that with Good Ol’ Daddy!!!

  250. Tzet

    as a matter of facts a bicycle needs TWO wheels to move on. My home built beauty hasn’t got even one yet …

  251. Shpiro

    I need those wheels to melt them down for my replacement teeth. Please Dirt, I need to chew!

  252. Copito

    I’ve just moved from Spain to Scotland to keep on enjoying great bike riding and I need that rims !!!

  253. George

    I need these because I’m an angry giant with a mohican. I need some large gold objects to hang around my neck so that I can perfect my Mr T look.

  254. jeff

    because my stab needs gold rims

  255. wert

    Because i want to race MEGA on them.
    And i want to send you a photo from podium with gold in my hands!!!

  256. Daniel Gibson (lister11)

    John (jumble) and I are doing the megaavalanche. He writes a pinkbike blog and gets crazy free stuff. Me = poor student. I don’t.

    Its 22. Sorry

  257. wert

    Because i want to race MEGA on them.
    And i will send you podium photo with gold in my hands!!!

    BTW: +this post is exactly 20 words!!!

  258. Daniel Gibson (lister11)

    Becuase i just spent all my loan on a frame for the mega and have nothing to put on it.

    Ok. 20

  259. Pete

    I’m not posh, I’m poor. My Orange is posh but looks poor. It deserves a makeover to look posh again.

  260. James Brown

    Cause my name genuinely is James Brown and owning this wheelset would make me FEEL GOOD.

  261. Josh

    because I spent whole christmas AND new year at work . I work on a power plant and have to take care that those partying people in my area get electricity. Is there any justice …??

  262. barney samuel

    i like to pleasure myself with bike parts and theese rims make me really horny. i also love to read dirt!

  263. Samwise

    If i win these wheels, ive been told i will be able to part water like moses and turn snow into beer. Result!

  264. Jamie Currie

    I have a sucky lifestyle, a sucky job, what keeps me going is my riding. My sucky components suck though!

  265. willysnow

    I spose if I win them it gives me an excuse to buy some bolt through forks??

  266. Ian

    Ride it, feel it, rip it, enjoy it, love it

  267. Alex Macdonald

    I am a kid, who loves to ride, if i don’t win these wheels, i might have to commit suicide…

  268. Tony

    I appreciate the best things in life come in pairs. Legs, Boobs and A-Class Revolt wheels.

  269. Steve Malone

    I deserve these wheels as I got ran over by a Italian nun in a Yugo; she squashed my Mavics.

  270. paul spazm

    because i have three bikes and only one and a half wheels!

  271. Fale

    Cause if you give them to me I’ll show you my boobs and maybe even let you touch’em

  272. giuseppe cabras

    because my actual wheels are getting too square to roll

  273. jason milsom

    i like them
    they are shinny
    and i have no wheels

  274. diggerythedog

    I wouldn’t put these wheels on my bike if you gave them to me,
    they’re shit!!!

  275. Kristina

    I’m a girl and I need bling-bling to operate properly. You know it!

  276. vmg

    Send me your unwanted gold (wheels). I will analyse and send you their worth based on weight/carats. The wheels will then be melted down into ingots.

  277. Rory

    16yo Male, GSOH, N/S, Own bike, Seeks shiny bling wheels to attract biking babes with wide handlebars for hard riding

  278. Alex

    Because the only thing i love more than riding, is reading your magazine! and i am in the process of building a new ride and being short of a few quid means these babys would help me on my way loads! + i am willing to beg!

  279. James Allen Davis

    I ride, I rule, I AM…,
    Jesus rules, Jesus rides, He IS the Great I AM!
    Later, peace!

  280. Stuart

    To complete my bike and make it a Class above the rest

  281. Darryn

    Cos we know where you live…

  282. dan

    I will turn 47 this year and I must step my riding before its to late !!!

  283. NIck Yates

    I need new wheels so i can race this year, and these wheels will help to kick my mates asse

  284. Erica

    For my bro, because he loves ridin more than any fat kid loves fuckin cake.

  285. Warren

    My brother bust his wheels, which sucks! I would give these to him so we can do ‘skids & wheelies’ again!

  286. Tim Dewsnap

    My mates are revolted at my riding – so give me these to complete the picture – PLEASE.

  287. Ace

    Im a student, have only 1800 bucks to build up two bikes and all my gear for this year….soooo stressed

  288. martijn

    i live in Holland, which is comletely flat, so my DH bike needs to look meaner then my riding

  289. Daniel Gibson (lister11)

    I just left my emergency £20 in the cash machine and now i’m flat broke. I need some good news!

  290. Anthony O

    God wants me to burn my lightweight AM wheels, and these Wheels of Destiny are my ticket to downhill heaven..

  291. diggerythedog

    turned 40, over shoot jump, punctured lung,2 busted ribs and busted collar bone, happy B day to me.

  292. billy

    Comp Over, I have picked a winner and wheels are in the post.

  293. cara spooner

    pimp my ride,i,m really keen,for a magnificent speedy green machine

  294. Aaron Locke

    im a quiet person with a quiet dream surrounded by big egos and ignorance, with these rims…silence would speak

  295. Gordon Brown

    I Love biking over all and I Love Dirt Magazine !

  296. Glen Doan

    because ive totalled my rims again and cant afford more. and i love dirt! Please please

  297. sean bauer

    Cos if i want to be the king!I’m gonna need the bling!

  298. david

    Riding is a passion, im young, cant afford kit, i need to improve, dirt mag rocks! I LOVE BIKES

  299. Chris Bray

    I’d be swift on these posh wheels, eat my dirt as you see my heels….

  300. Roland

    I want to be on the right track to use top gear.

  301. Kirk Bevins

    Revolt wheels will surely keep me in shape,
    Off I go on my sparkling bike – a great escape.

  302. Hugh Thomson

    the terrain is rough,
    I aint so tough,
    times are hard,
    I aint no bard,
    hope this is good enough!

  303. Megmoto

    Whipping down the mountain
    Went and hit a tree
    Bust up good and proper
    So gotta have these free

  304. Robert Barr

    I Deserve to win because every day i cycle 15 miles to work on a 20 year old bike thats seen way better days winning thease wheels will pimp my ride perfectly and give the old girl a new lease of life

  305. Zarah

    My family just moved from America to UK. Because it cost so much to ship things we brought very little. This meant that my husband, who literally built his bike from straight pipes, had to leave all his replacement parts behind.

  306. Jann

    I need these to motivate me to get on my bike & go somewhere anywhere as I have no wheels therefore no motivation & the weather is getting better & I so need to get back in the saddle
    PS have enjoyed the other posts good & funny

  307. Kate Smith

    My boyf would be impressed I’d entered a competition for bike porn instead of a rampant rabbit.

  308. Kev

    My wheelie’s are in the bin!

  309. George

    MY Grandad would like them for his Penny Farthing…. He said if they don’t look right he would give them to me! ( he he )

  310. John

    I just turned forty and have two kids. I barely have a budget to ride so these wheel would go a looong way to replace my stock wheels. Plus I’ll be cool again….

  311. andrew

    i live in christchurch and now my wheel and bike are broken because of the earthquaks and i cant ride any were because i donts have a bike and these wheels would be helpfull to start the rebuild of the new bike :)

  312. JuanFer

    Those wheels have my name carved on them because I always take riding to its limits for community’s own good.

  313. Tim

    these wheels would look quality on my bike, and would never have the opportunity to have them any other time.

  314. Marc Jordan

    I deserve these beautiful wheels because I spent all my budget on Deemax’s for my girlfriends bike … I’m soooo thoughtful!!

  315. paolo del bene

    Alex Rims: good brand for DH, too

  316. Jo Bambrough

    I’m litterally selling everything, motorbike, mountain bike, van seats, to get a DH rig & join the inspiring few girls already racing.

  317. B.M.Paterson

    hubs are ruined and both wheels are buckeled ovals at the moment. I have no money to buy new ones!

  318. Alexandra Thomas

    I would love these wheels because I want to start downhill racing and I thoroughly enjoy DH!

  319. Oskar Sigurdsson

    I need two set of wheels, where I live the weather is constantly changing, switching between tires means less time riding.

  320. drazen

    i need that prize beacuse rideing is my life i ride almost every day and there are always some broken parts wich are expensive so i need that very much

  321. tim harrison

    bluntly, i keep trashing my dh wheels, im gonna need a uber set to keep me going without hours ill never get back, rebuilding them again and again! please help!

  322. Bruno

    I deserve the wheels because my rear one is almost broken and a summer full of riding is coming !!

  323. Craig j

    With these wheels I will be able to smash albert einstiens theory of relativity to shreds

  324. J. Ibarra

    I deserve to win because I won’t sell, trade or hang them up. I WILL RIDE THEM TO THE GROUND!

  325. Cliff

    If I don’t get these I might be forced to go 29″?

  326. jake


  327. Messy

    Because I’m so poor the last nice thing that dropped through my letterbox was a dirt mag.

  328. Andrew Martin

    I live in Africa , and KONY stole my twin wheels . He thought they were cute ! PLEASE

  329. Tommohawk

    With these wheels – “When players see me rollin’, they be hatin’.”
    (Plus I wrote my rear wheel off last week.)

  330. Greg Ciszek

    I’m doing many good things for people: fixing bikes and marshaling DH races for free. I believe in karma.

  331. Fred Farey

    I have 3 unrideable bikes due to broken wheels and a despertae lack of ready’s in my pocket!

  332. oliver

    Because the i can ride my uni cycle faster than ever and always have a spare! 😀

  333. Neil Oliver

    I am being left behind by my mates and can’t afford a new bike. plus I never win anything…

  334. wesiarn

    I feel I will change to this blogengine system as it is a great deal nicer than mine.

  335. Paul Meheux

    Because I ride in a suit n tie with a golden spoon in my mouth!

  336. Jordan Wilson

    i should win these wheels because i look on dirt every day and i absolutley love it!

  337. joe

    because im going to spin them faster than these hamsters http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6z72ZT5B7ZI