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Win a Greg Minnaar Gamut P30 Chain Device!

Win a Greg Minnaar Gamut P30 Chain Device!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve got one Gamut P30 Greg Minnaar signature chain device to give away to one lucky reader!

UPDATE: I’ve picked a winner, will announce who it is when I make contact with them. Thanks for entering everybody!

Greg Minnaar won his second World Championship gold medal at Leogang this weekend riding the Gamut P30 chain device.

Now we’re giving you a unique opportunity this amazing Minnaar signature Gamut gizmo. Simply tell us in the comments below why you deserve such a prize?

Not only do you get the Gamut P30 chain device but also in this wonderful box is a slice of Greg Minnaar’s underpants loving mounted in a perspex display case.

Function wise it’s exactly the same as the new P30 which features the rubber O-ring style lower slider, but this limited edition set comes complete with a Minnaar branded bash ring, custom black sliders, and red anodised aluminium parts. On top of the exclusive look you also get a signed poster and a slice of Minnaar’s race kit (underpant).

(Small print: I’m only going to post this to a UK address.)


  1. ddmonkey

    Cos I was first to say I want it! Please.

  2. Nick

    I’d like to win this chain device because my existing one is quite simply, “pants”.

  3. Stuart Russell

    It’s simply just an awesome product and design.

  4. Russell Aitchison

    i have never had a chain ring as i can’t afford it:/

  5. Elliot Brown

    Because Minnaar has been my favorite rider for as long as i can remember, the one rider to inspire me to push myself!

  6. Thomas Stuteley

    I recently broke my shoulder downhilling in les gets and need a new chain device because it broke when I crashed and can’t afford a new one as I had to repair most of the bike

  7. c4itlin_hild3r

    I would love to give it to my Dad, who is currently in hospital suffering a Downhill injury he required on the Fort Bill WC Track. Torn hamstring! He means the world to me, and if I could surprise him with this, I’m sure it would speed his recovery!

  8. Gregor Taylor

    Cause it looks sick to the power of rad. And it’ll make me faster than excrement off a shovel.

  9. BURF

    I deserve it because I work full time, whilste trying to set up a frame building company at the same time. And I haven’t had a new chain device for over 5 years because I always manage to bodge one out of old parts

  10. sean_designer

    I Won the Dirt 100 limited edition P30 a couple of years ago, which has recently been smashed to pieces through riding too hard, Its only fair i get to replace one freebie with another 😉

  11. Steffen

    because I’ll meet him tomorrow evening for an interview here in austria and I’d like to start with: ‘Hey Greg, you may have won the world championship, BUT I just won your chain device via Dirt mag.’ 😉 and btw: I have a mate in London whom you could send that pretty thing and he’ll come over for a visit in some two weeks. so it’s just perfect, dont’t you think so?!

  12. Hristo_Tanev

    Firstly, I was hoping Greg to get the gold medal and he made it!!! Secondly, I’ll be very happy to put such beauty on my bike, beacause soon I have a birthday, furthermore – it’s my 20th, so it’s cool the coincide with the anniversary of his teammate – Peaty! So it will be very special moment for me! :)

  13. Petar

    Tengo una jetty as X del 2009 y me gustaria mejorarla poco a poco ya que tengo pensado iniciarme en el descenso. Me he gastado todo lo que tenia en ella que me costó 550€ en segundamano y me gustaria mejorarla para tener mas seguridad en el descenso, ahora que he conseguido tener la oportunidad de entrar y competir.

  14. jors

    because it looks sick and would go perfect with my red flatline!

  15. MuSkA

    Cause I need my chain in place to even try to be half as fast as Minnaar!

  16. steeve

    because i’m out since 2 month after a crash in a racerun, shoulder operation went not too good as the cut doesn’t heal as it should –> I may not sweat or shower since 2 month –> girls are upset by my scent —-> this nice looking chainguide would definitely bring me back in business, as girls are attracted by shiny, expensive looking things.

  17. Marmot

    I’m entering my first ever dual slalom race soon, and this would be just what I need to help me to a race win (*cough)!

  18. rmac

    da da dda minnar minnar

  19. Ed

    I woul be happier if it’s a peaty one but Gregs would suffice I guess

  20. Matt

    We all know what is most important about World Champs, and that is the massive amount of points available for your fantasy team! With Minnaar’s help I overtook new Dirt employee Ali by such a margin that I should retain my title. As no one did the forfit last year, I’m still waiting for last years prize to add to the one I should receive this year. However, ith this chain device I’ll call it quits, retire victorious from our mini league, and not rub it in to those I entered with. (Plus, I’m a graphics/ marketing student, so the packaging is almost as important as the product, and this has got it sorted.) Conveniently, my bike doesn’t often go uphill, so a chain device will be necessary upgrade in the near future.

    1. Ali

      We’ll see about that retaining theory!

      1. Matt

        It’s a 285 point lead (not that anyone is counting), so I could still be beaten yet! On a side note, how many people called Matt want to enter?!

    2. Matt

      Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I was in a hurry to go out for a ride and didn’t take much time in what I was writing.

  21. kanoke

    I am not sure i deserve it but i push myself to the limits every ride. Trying to ride at least 5 days a week. I don’t really need it but I do want one. Winning it would just take that off the list of upgrades. The underpants would just be a bonus! I do wonder though, are they new or used? I am really not sure which i prefer. Either way thanks for your consideration!!!

  22. Bates

    2002 Bike Show. The words of Dirt “The pain of a dislocated limb runs pretty much second to none in cycling injuries” Dirt issue 33, page 43

  23. nojzilla

    keep the guide just send me the undie pants! :)

  24. Matt

    Because it’s shiny and I wants it

  25. Chris

    I deserve to win this piece of equipment because I am a big fan of Greg Minnaar and think that he is really good at riding bikes the other day my friends were all talking and saying that Aaron Gwin was dead good and that no one could beat him at racing a bicycle down a hill and over jumps (even tho he does not have a signature chain device like Gregory does) and so then when I heard that I thumped them and said that they was wrong because Greg has his name on his chainguide and has been really good at riding bikes for a long time and when he wins he doesn’t thank God and he doesn’t make videos saying that the world championships are silly like Aaron Gwin does which is wrong because everyone knows that the World Championships are really good and if you are a really good rider like Greg Minnaar is then you can win them and then drink loads of beer afterwards and probably get a kiss off all the girls in the world. To conclude I think that I deserve this nice bit for my bike because I thumped my friends when they said Greg would get beaten by someone who doesn’t have his name on his chain device. Also because I am not good enough to have my name on any bits of my bike it would be really good to have Greg Minnaar;s name on some bits of it because his name looks good when you write it down and my mates will see my bike and then they will know that i was right all along.

    1. Adrianm

      Sorry….say that again. I didn’t get it the first time!

  26. ross

    I deserve it because my patriot has been a little b*tch recently and cost me about a billionty quid to get fixed after a massive, but incredibly embarrassing off, and I can’t afford to replace the chain device. Also because it’s pretty, and I’m not, after aforementioned off, and it might make people feel less sick when I roll up. Maybe.

  27. ben

    Because my chain guide has made me lose races by being awful dropping/ jamming chains and this will definetly help me win, its only logical.

  28. Craig howie

    I NEED it! I’m on my 3rd chain device in a year and have 0 pennies for a new one! :( also hopefully some of Minnar himself might rub off and make me as smooth n stylish as his lederhosen……

  29. jkprods

    As a 15-yo cash is hard to come by and this would complete my new drivetrain upgrade to a world class standard. I’d have no excuses left at the end of a run of Rogate race line simply because my chain wouldn’t have left my ring. No lack of speed = waaaay more fun, exactly as Minnaar found out.

  30. David moore

    I rasied £1900 for alder hey hospital doing the 6hr endurance race on the
    Fort William track. I did this beacuse my son was very ill with meningitis, he is ok now! But in doing this event I caused over £350 of damage to my bike, bugger! Any help to get back on it would be appreciated! Many thanks.

  31. Jak Waddington

    I think i deserve it because i cant aford a slice of underpants by othermeans.

    Oh and i need a new chain device?

  32. SteveCB

    Hmmm… I don’t feel I deserve to win it, but I’d like to win it as it would make these shitty financial times seem ok whenever I ride my bike, look down and say ”damn, that Gamut is sweet”…
    If not, then no harm done.

  33. Phil

    I’ve been in Afgan for 6+1/2 months, back home in 3 weeks, I’m hanging out and if this was waiting for me when I get in I would fire off a 5 second burst of celebratory fire, fix this to my push iron and try to back flip the first thing I saw. That’s why…

  34. Conor kavanagh

    I won the Irish u16 xc national champs this year and lets just face it xc racing is aloada rubbish.I would honestly rather be riding a dh bike…This thing is sexy and i really hope i win it,I an trying get a dh bike in the next few days but this would just look sexy on it!;)I reaaly hope i win it go on make my day!!!!

  35. Paul Coward

    I want it cause…. nah i’m not arsed.

  36. Adam

    Because I’m too tight to buy one, but I need one for my Commencal…

  37. Ben Watson

    Cause it’s ace.

  38. John Coscolluela

    My front derailleur was useless DH’n so I took it off, but now it spits my chain off every hit or bump… From macguyver’n my rear derailleur by zip-tying it to tighten the chain (leaving me single-speed), to the occasional pit-stop mid trail to put my chain back on, I need the sickest chain guide from the sickest rider for my Santa Cruz that I can’t afford!

  39. Lurch

    Seeing as I didn’t have enough money to buy one, I had to make my own from some plastic sheet, it works but leaves a lot to be desired. I’m sure this one would be MUCH better!

  40. tim grant

    I would like the Device as desite being a bike mech in my local shop I simply can’t afford a new one. That and they are just bullet proof and would blend in with my clour scheme. thank you

  41. El Charto

    Err, because I replied first? And said please!?

  42. Churchie

    I’d like it please because I’d love to ditch the lame dual ring guide currently on my bike with a proven piece of kit and what could be more proven than the chainguide of the new world champ?! Thankyou!

  43. Matt

    Becoz my mate is south African and it wud totally pi$$ him off…!!

  44. Jack Swainston

    I deserve to win it becouse I will be really happy with this chainguide, it’s my first season of racing and I have broken my old one on a rockgarden on my last race :/ It’s champion chainguide so I’m going to be faster and stronger with it 😀

  45. Ally pally

    Because I need something minnaar In my life as i work all week to pay for my kid to live well and not go without and can’t afford this in the real world

  46. Chris Griffiths

    I think “David moore” Deserves this guide

    1. Tuskaloosa

      nice to have when and if I get around to building a downill righ..in the meantime my vote is to give it to David Moore..

  47. Nige

    Because it would be P30 for me – Perfect (for) 3very 0ccasion?

  48. DirtyDee

    Currently representing with a Dirt Ltd edition Gamut device which is very almost bust to pieces, I can’t very well downgrade from that can I? It is only right that my next guide is even more Ltd edition – email me for my address…!

  49. Noel Hines

    I’ve been successfully running a donated, de-springed, unbranded and previously unloved, front derailleur as a chain device on my beautiful Foes 4X, for years now. It got very bent in a big crash this evening at my local bmx track (I’m fine, thanks). Please give my poor bike this chain device since i’m probably just going to take the spring out of another unwanted, unloved derailleur.

  50. Jamis bardey

    I should win this chain device, because I remember Greg racing in SA in 99 with no pads, and wishing I was as quick as him. Still not there mind you.

  51. Masatomo

    Because if I win it I can blame it for being a pro product thus not allowing me to go fast because it’s too much for me.

  52. Josh P

    Because I wont bother you with another sob story.

  53. Mike

    cos it’ll match my hat and shoes, which of course is the most important thing when building or buying a bike 😉

  54. Mark casey

    Hi I would love to win this amazing prize!! because riding hard and fast is my life And I buy and read every month and never win anything thanks guys

  55. Brandon

    I recently got a bike and couldnt afford a chain guide so i had to get one lended to me from a friend so i could race. I broke my collarbone and got surgery which made me not able to bike for 3 months. The surgery cost a lot and i still to this day cant afford a chain guide. I love downhill mountain biking and Greg Minnaar is one of my favorite riders. Please pick me, it would mean a lot. Thanks

  56. JamesLP

    Because… if I made his pants into a bandana and wore it every day I may one day be as awesome as Greg! Rock on!

  57. Dragan

    I want to frame the UNDERPANTS!!!!

  58. MartMcI

    I should win it, because Greg’s a legend and so am I

  59. craig

    I need this chainguide on my bike because red is the colour of speed and i need all the help i can get!

  60. Otto

    Because i need it to my orange.

  61. Tim

    If I win it will pretty much complete my new bike! All I’ll need after this is a frame, forks wheels and a groupset…. And handlebar ,stem some grips and a chain.. Oh and brakes and a seating arrangement. That is all

  62. Neil Carter

    Greg Minnaar is my favourite rider as he seems so calm and calculated when he’s riding his bike! Also, in 2011 in Fort William after the finals, we were in same pub as Greg, Bryceland and Peaty and when talking to Greg, I found he was such a nice guy! I was literally taken aback how humble he was! Top bloke and awesome rider!!!!

  63. Pepe

    My chain is about to fall off, color coordination would be nice on my blue frame, and I could use the ultra-modern design box for spare parts. Sleek.

  64. Seth Richards

    Because me and minnar spent a passionate night together, but he never called me back, allowing me to feel confused and heart broken about the situation, I feel a chain guide will enable me to come to terms with what has happened.

  65. Taffers

    Because I’m worth it.

  66. tommyb

    i should win because everytime i go near a radiator my pubes turn green

  67. Dh dude

    I would like to win the Minnar chain device just because I live in the UK :0)

  68. kraichev

    Because “I dont have the skills to pay the bills”. But i crossed my fingers for him and it worked.

  69. Steve

    Minnar minnar doo doo, do dodooo
    Minnar minnar doo doo, doodoo

  70. YD35

    I would like to take a long sniff of Eau de Minnaar’s Bollocks!

  71. Simon roberts

    Because my son’s his no1 fan!
    And it would look awsome on his Yeti dj!

  72. Greg Moseley

    Just because it do cool and I could one for my bike

  73. lister11

    Because it’ll stop me stalking Greg and pinching his actual underwear……No joke.

  74. justin

    Back in 2001 during a game hacky sack – Greg ‘accidentaly’ kicked me in the throat (true story). Getting a free signature chain device would give me some closure.

  75. Dylan Rowley

    I deserve one because I smash chain guides and bash guards for breakfast. Because this thing is such a work of art , I’d keep it in my bedroom as a centre piece and a work of art.

    You might think that’s a waste but because this is so beautiful looking it’s just too nice to get a scratch on?

  76. Josh Brown

    Because i’m FUCKING awesome, Thats why.

  77. Alex

    As the father to three young boys I’d appreciate this to keep my bike running as money’s very tight……

  78. Paul Dodsley

    I’ve never won anything before and winning the chain device would be mint. It would be top banana. It’s a jedis piece of kit.

  79. paul troy

    I ride avidly 3 hours a day. this is what i do right now and have done for almost 4 years running. I ride a 24′ norco havoc 2012 with no chain device. My chain does give me some problems and falls off sometimes. I am a rider and I don’t race even though I could however I don’t have any sponsors. I live in ontario canada and i ride in the winter too so a chain device would help. I love 4 x and this where I think mtb racing is at it’s best!

  80. JustGavin

    Because I really want to smell those pants.

  81. alberto

    i like it

    . . .
    . . ,
    . .,
    . .
    . .
    ………. .
    . . .
    ……… ……………………
    . .
    . .
    . . ………………

    1. alberto

      What I want is the photo and greg’s signature

  82. Adam Hiks

    Because ever since I weed next to him as a little nipper at the NEC in birmingham I have been his biggest fan.

  83. Euan Chapman

    I am 14 and I am saving up for a charitable trip to Ghana as well as trying to build up a bike with very limited funds because all the money I get goes towards Ghana (quite hard as you can imagine). I have also been designing and trying to build a chain guide at school. Hope you get back to me.

    1. Euan Chapman

      I do live in England too :)

  84. David Underwood

    Because It’ll make me as fast as Greg, ha ha

  85. Nial Oxley

    Because this chain guide is obviously the reason he won and if I have it it will give me the superpowers to win the world champs.

  86. Mick

    5 years ago I was nearly dead through alcoholism, I’m now clean and sober and live for bikes. I obsess over them and NEED bling – though it would probably end up on my sons bike :-)

  87. Sharpy182

    because I don’t have a DH bike yet and this would be a good place to start!

  88. Carlos Go

    Because this will be excellent on my V10c and Minnaar is simply an amazing rider. Been no. 1 on my Dirt Fantasy roster from the start.

  89. mark B

    i should own it because my son is inspired by the great man, and this will go well with my signed Minnaar MOJO Bell.

  90. smilesformiles

    Please, the cut up grip and zip tie’s currently in use isnt cutting the mustard!

  91. Dunford

    My DCD ‘Daves chain device’ has just given up on me! this would be a welcome edition to my current bike… Cheers Dirt.

  92. Tinks

    Because I’ve been reading your magazine since issue 1 and the only thing I’ve won so far is a free polythene bag with every delivered issue. FACT!

  93. Sulley

    No sob story…,
    No demanding…,
    No “it would look great on my bike”…,
    She’s a schweeeet guide, make up your mind Billy…!

  94. michael perks

    i need this chain device because were gonna make a friggin awesome video edit of it on my bike while i do huge whip off a tabletop

  95. Rob

    I don’t deserve it! I just really like shiny things 😀

  96. Down n Dirty

    I dont own a violin

  97. kONKRETE

    You know that kid on the MTN who has the oldest parts, and no money. I’d GIVE it to him.

  98. Tom Barratt

    A. Its an awesome piece of kit(what kind of clown wouldnt want it) B. It looks shiny as f#%k. And C. Because i can’t afford to ship my bloody bike over with me to new zealand, and now i live at the top of the wynyard express Dh track and desperately trying to scramble a rig together for spring. But mainly B.

  99. Mitchell Jepson

    i would want it as a unique piece of downhill mountain biking history, not use but to show it off and telling my mates that an amazing south african of the name Grag Minaar won the World champs riding the Gamut P30 chain device.

  100. Christophe

    Because Greg Minnaar would make an incredible Formula 1 racer. Look at his face, shape and attitude.

  101. tatts

    I was planning on buying one of these but if I can win one then even better!

  102. Brandon Chico

    I think I deserve this cus I’m trying as hard as I can to become a better rider and this would make my bike look awesome, and because anything that has to do with Greg Minnaar is awesome!!!

  103. craig

    My love for gammynutt’s is like that of a squirrel

  104. James kaye

    I deserve it because I’m an old man, who’s had a pretty average year of results at gravity enduros, who is still nursing a thigh injury after stacking it on the woodwork/ rock section on the mega quali course… all because of an inferior chain device, and who’s wife has announced she’s pregnant, so my life of being able to afford bike bling is officially over.

    Saying that I can’t wait to train a nipper to be as good as minaar or better!

  105. Rob

    Because my GF loves Greg Minaar more than me, so I can get some serious man points if I can give her a piece of Minaar’s underpants. The accumulated man-points then mean I get to go out and ride more! Oh, and the chain device would help the riding bit…

  106. Scott Hatrick

    I could do with new pants

  107. marc

    i had one of these when they very first came out! had it quite a while now and its looking like it needs replacing with this frosty bad boy!! and now that greg has won the worlds makes this that little bit more WANT FOR THE WIN!!!

  108. Russel Paver

    Because im so quick and was so annoyed that i didnt get to go race at worlds and win it myslef!

  109. MadBikerRich

    I’d like this chain device because it looks awesome and will match my bike. It is also simple just like my orange and it obviously works.

  110. James

    I’m gonna have my back doors smashed in if I don’t win it.
    Don’t ask……

  111. magnum

    because Greg makes me moist

  112. John Jackson

    I deserve it because Red makes everything faster.

  113. Zachary Smith

    my mates got greg to congratulate me on my birthday, which is today , at the worlds… hope this link works!

  114. Doug

    Because I’ve had a “gamut” of problems with my current cheap, my bike already has a red colour scheme going on, I have no money to buy this and with the world champions chain retention and underpants I too can be a Winnaar.

  115. Doug

    Because I’ve had a “gamut” of problems with my current chain guide, my bike already has a red colour scheme going on, I have no money to buy this and with the world champions chain retention and underpants I too can be a Winnaar.

  116. dave

    i desreve this chain device cos i’ve just brought a BTR belter & it would look super tidy banged onto it.

  117. Kyle

    Because I cannot even express how much I need a proper chain device. Cheers Greg!

  118. wheelermook

    My Mrs has been saying she’d like to get into Greg’s underpants for a while now, and having never had a chain device it would be nice to give the Gamut a try. Go on Billy make us both happy! Da da dda Winnar Winnar!

  119. Ben White

    Because i really want to know what a world champions underpants smell like…

  120. Steve O

    i have to work in indonesia at the moment and there´s no track to ride a bike. I just want to but the garmut on my bedstand to fondle it bevor sleeping

  121. Bartas

    I do not have the talent of Greg … but I would like to have the style of Flavor Flav for dance floors. Yeah Boyeee!!!!

  122. Nikolas

    When you ride with Greg Minaar,
    you ride low and flow
    like a star!

  123. greenbadger

    Give the P30 to me, coz

    When I frap
    Me chain does slap,
    When I hoon
    Me chain plays a toon,
    When I’m haulin
    Me chain is a falling,
    When I tank
    Me chain sounds …. noisy

    With such a nice device
    Me riding would be nice

  124. erik2k10

    cause it’s made in my hometown

  125. Hunter

    I deserve this prize because I am Greg Minnaar’s love-child, and he has skipped out on his child-support obligations.

  126. Rivers

    Well, I think I deserve to win this awesome chain device because I sent you guys this video to enjoy!

  127. Jean-Francois Dube

    I just broken my MRP g2 in half, AGAIN!!
    I need some Gamut goodness.

  128. Mark

    Because earlier this year my bike got stolen. As a penniless student I could barely afford another but scraped the money together to build a bike out of used parts around a 2006 Orange Crush frame – but it drops the chain quite easily and could really do with a nice, shiny bash guard please!

  129. John Parkes

    Have you heard my bike coming down trails??? Sounds a bit like an Swiss Alpine meadow full of cow bells in mating season! (This should give you an idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT6GtKPIg6E).

  130. nick derigs

    i deserve this because i have a late 90’s chain guide that looks pants and this wood look sweet on my frame

  131. Stefan

    Because without it my bike wont work

  132. Dan

    Not having the best riding ability myself I will of course put all my hopes and dreams into that of my children. Im not interetsed in the chain device or the signed picture but with some dna infected greg minnar pants i could breed babies with awesome riding skills that will guarentee trophies.

  133. Karoliusz

    Cause I’ve been there in Leogang when he was crossing the finish line and I feelt so happy for the man! So many times second. Finally at the top spot!

  134. Lance

    I had a dream last night that my penis fell of

  135. marcus

    I would like to win this as my initials are MD which is almost Greg’s in reverse (GM…MG…MD…oh, who am i kidding…..just give me the chain device or I’m quitting biking!)

  136. Matteo

    Do you have it in green?

  137. Jake Bowen

    Because I’m a huge fan,he just won worlds,and ITS GAMUT!!!

  138. andy

    cos i live in whistler and smash shit to pieces.

  139. jpee

    I can’t afford a chain guide and my chain alwaays falls off on my hardtail

  140. Gavin Finnie

    Because it will simply look the tits on my V10 (which shares the same colour scheme). Send it to me please…..

  141. nick

    ’cause I promise to send you a photo of me riding a round of our Australian title series wearing nothing but that piece of Minnaar’s underpants. You know it would make the cover…

  142. lebowski

    fuuuck it dude… i neve win this things…. let’s go bowling…..

  143. Chris

    i literally just ripped my shorts today…. i need a patch!

  144. TomTom

    Why? I like the sex appeal. Of both, Minaar and the chain device! 😉

  145. Cedric

    I deserve this one for no more reason than any other, but I’ll try for many reasons :
    #1. I never won any prize in any contest…
    #2. If I win, having such an accessory like this would for sure improve my riding style…
    #3. This would be another great reason to renew my subscription to Dirt (although it’s already done!)

  146. speedstickSteve

    Because if I win it, I’ll have an excuse to build up a DH bike to put it on!

  147. James mulligan

    Whilst iv yet to decide on a good use for the slice of under crackers other than shelving it with peaty memorabilia, the gamut would look sweet as on my new slash 8 when I drop it down to 1×10, colour matches perfectly and a great memory of the ’12 world champ :-)

  148. Dean Stevenson

    I deserve such a prize as i need a new chain guide and i am a pretty big fan of gregs and wanted one of these guides for a while

  149. Susan Nisar

    I want to win this because I’m a girl and I’m worth it **slow motion hair flick…smouldering sexy eyes & lip pout**

  150. Norbert P. Korzus

    My alter ego is a giant calamari wrestler. That should be reason enough

  151. Ollie

    I deserve this because I am stuck as a full time student only managing a single days work a week and so due to lack of funds am finding it very hard to fund my cycling addiction. And so this would be a huge help to me and my pursuit of cycling.

  152. sampers

    because he could get a slice of my underpants when I’ll have my signature chain device!

    (small print: no worries, I’ll pay for the delivery)

  153. Daniel

    Because i need a good chain guide to send to the trash my old imitation of e-13 ( it sucks) thats why i need a really good one, to stop this headache.

  154. David

    simply put ? I like it, Ive always liked Gamut’s tuff and Greg has ALWAYS been my favorite rider of all time…Beside I just bought a discounted brand new 2012 Session 9.9 which pretty much has the same colorway …Lastly: Ive never won anything so I deserve it more than anyone else;-)

  155. Rilly

    Because I won the Aussie champs, and I’m a privateer with no money!

  156. Michael Joseph

    If I win it!!! I will auction off the Gamut P30 Greg Minnaar signature chain device on eBay and put the money I make from it towards Joe Killner’s efforts to raise money for HELP for HEROES.

  157. Messy

    Because I can’t get my old e-thirteen set up right on my new Labyrinth, and a week into the month I’ve already spent my whole paycheck on bikes.

  158. Justin Revell

    It’s not for me but my 9 year old son Sebastian (Friday Warrior a while ago), whilst in Whistler last week having already rode Crank It Up several time – he pestered to be filmed with new Go Pro for first time ever – so busy posing that he missed a turn and fell 20ft over the side (rocks and all), broke crank, buckled rear wheel, rear derailleur and soiled his pants so needs new ones (so Greg’s will do – washed or unwashed!) Luckily wearing body armour and neck brace (note to Dads by allowing your child to wear this kit, in the eyes of your wife you become less of an irresponsible Dad post cream-in and you live to ride another day!). Needs cheering up as still in shock! Cannot post vid on YouTube as he fears that his pride and reputation (amongst other 9 year old DH riders would be ruined and therefore unable to show his face at FOD ever again!)

    1. Justin Revell

      P.S. It would look rad on his Kona Stinky (once repaired) or a work of art such as this, added to his collection of bits from his DH Heroes. Will be adding more this month when he meets one of his idols Danny at H4H Hamsterley and yes the little fellow is racing as he now has his mojo firmly back in place!

  159. Mike

    May Greg’s chain guide guide me through perfidous root sections and malicious rock gardens and allow me to prevail in the gnarliest of situations.

  160. craig dias

    because my chain falls off and i would love this so i can look the nuts while being able to pedal to full efficiency!

  161. oso negro

    Maybe I should be awarded this Minnaar piece because I announced in a recent Santa Cruz camp that Gwin didn’t have the Nationalism in his blood to be a serious threat at Champs and that Minnaar was the one to beat. Or maybe I don’t care because this whole thing sucks balls and you have no right deciding who is worthy and who is not. You won’t even post to Shaun Palmer in the colonies.

  162. splodge

    I’d like it please, then I’ll finally be able to patch up that hole in my underpants…

  163. daniel

    i would like this because i race 4x and my chain guard keeps breaking and i dont want to be paying all the time for one and i think greg is so good

  164. Paul

    I don’t deserve a chain device but I do deserve to greet my favourite rider Greg and shake his hand. Mr Minnaar and Mr Peat have been heros of mine since day one of my riding back in 1999. The guys are pure class, now I live in London that life is a long way behind me but the sheer brilliance of Greg still astounds me. If you don’t give me the chain device, a chance to congratulate Greg would be much better anyways. 😀 Paul

  165. Rianne

    I really want to win this for my boyfriend. Greg Minnaar is his favourite rider for quite some years and we could use soms good luck. Coming from the Netherlands it takes quite a ride to be able to ride proper downhill tracks. However this year I dislocated my kneecap during a downhill race a week before vacation and my boyfriend landed on his head competing in a downhill race during the vacation and was taking to the hospital by helicopter with luckely ‘only’ a severe headache. So, no real downhill riding this year… Looking forward to ride again next season, but in need of two helmets and a new chainguide!

  166. Danny Parkin

    I dig Gregory M and love the fact he never looses his chain or his pants when the going gets rough!

  167. Martin Mason

    Because it would make me very happy and I never win anything… And it would be go great on my new bike too.

  168. dan

    No other reason than it is very Nice !

  169. Findlay Reade

    I deserve it because my chain keeps falling off.

  170. Muddy

    I need it, because not everyone is such a smooth rider as Greg is.
    So in this matter, you could call me “not everyone”!

  171. Muddy

    Please give it to me, because I will get a complete bike from my sister for this peace of underwear.

  172. Nath

    Because I like turkey

  173. Tom Barratt

    I’ve never imagined i’ll be able to beat greg in a skidding contest but with a pair of his thunder crackers i could see what he’s really made of.

  174. billy

    Blimey, that’s lot of deserving folk! I’ve picked a winner and will announce the name once I’ve made contact and sent out the prize.

  175. jason bradley

    i would like this chain devise because after getting back into mountain biking i would luv this on my bike

  176. Richard

    I really need this chain device, my current one, xo names mentioned, has failed me dismally on 3 races. I ride fun DH in WC but never get to have a solid run cause my chain keeps popping off or jamming, either cause the guide just falls off on a big impact or the flimsy plastic breaks if I nick a root. I’ve spent more on parts for it than it originally cost and don’t want to waste anymore on a product that fails. Help me get that winning run please!


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