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Mr Whippy Video Competition Update

Mr Whippy Video Competition Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

And we thought it wouldn’t happen! But we’ve actually got an entry for the Mr Whippy video competition!

Stephan Peters uploaded this edit of Rick Balbierer and Erik Irmisch whipping in Germany.

Can you do better? Do you want to win a YT Industries Tues DH bike? Then upload your Whip videos to Mpora.com now!

Tues DH

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  1. joey

    pretty unique shot!

  2. Amy

    Like this alot! think they deserve and ice cream :)

  3. Amy

    typo ‘an’

  4. billy

    Come on Amy and Joey, let’s see your edits too!

  5. ben

    I can’t believe no one has entered this. you can win a bike! My whips are non-existant but there must be loads of you out there that can pull one out the bag!

  6. conor

    Ive got a unique approach to to this expect to see it in a few weeks hopefully

  7. look

    look at their bikes :O they dont need new ones 😀 haha

  8. Djmak

    Off to Glentress this wkend, ill be practicing some whiiiiiiiips!!

  9. Doug

    Getting mine up now…

  10. MuSkA

    Still onto mine, just give me a few more days

  11. Jamie

    Right kids – we’re about to go shoot an edit with the Wideopenmag team – we were just waiting on a bike for Rich T to go and huck. Look out!

  12. seb

    Genuinely dont know why more people havent entered, i would try to whip but i just cant 😀 and the prize is a BIKE! and a good one too!

  13. Leon

    Anyone live near swindon and wanna take some footage of me ?:) wouldnt mind a free bike

  14. Ricky.

    It’s in times like these that I feel like banging my head on the wall asking myself “Why the hell can’t you whip yet?”.

  15. Jamie

    (a different Jamie) What’s the deadline date?

  16. badger

    I think they said the closing date was the end of May.

  17. Messy

    Ooh… pretty good but I don’t think It’s a winning entry! I think the winner needs to have a unique approach, or a cool cable cam shot, or something like that. Im still thinking of ideas for mine…

  18. max
  19. Sky Rat

    This is gonna be won by someone who definitely doesn’t need a YT Tues.

  20. conor

    ^^ Exactly give it to someone who needs it not a factory boyyy!!

  21. Joel
  22. deeaycee

    just uploaded mine now
    pretty much a dead cert to win if you ask me!!

  23. exempt clothing

    ha ha deeaycee, that is a belter!

  24. luap photo

    I’ve got a banger video in the pipe line, will be up before deadline. And i have a cracked old 2008 DH supreme so i think i’m due a new bike soon…

  25. Daniel

    Can I tag my last year video from Whip OFF Worlds and join the contest????



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