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Mr Whippy Winner Announcement

Mr Whippy Winner Announcement

The entries are all in and the judges have made their decisions, we have some winners!

The standard of entries was varied to say the least and after watching what seemed like an endless amount of predictable videos it was the more creative and humorous ones that grabbed our attention.

Anyway, enough of the pre-award preamble, here are your winners…

Taking the top spot and a brand new YT Industries Tues DH bike is luap Photo’s peach of an entry. For us it ticked every box with its blend of randomness, bodging of bikes, creative use of filming and photography (it must have taken ages to make), and of course some serious whip action. The other places were a tough call, but for us this was the stand-out winner, no question.

In second place is James Lamb’s somewhat surreal mix of a dream and video game. We loved the creativity and effort that went into this one and hopefully the £50 Exempt Clothing voucher will go some way towards making up for the amount of money he must have spent on ice creams.

Coming in a very close third was Joe ‘Whippy’ Horton who again scored highly in the creativity stakes. The ‘come and get your ice cream’ soundtrack was the icing on the cake. Joe, you get yourself a £20 Exempt Clothing voucher.

Finally, we have to give fourth spot to Matt W (even though there’s no prize I’m afraid Matt) simply for asking a poor ice cream lady to stick a flake in sideways.

Sorry to all those that didn’t make the award ceremony, but cheers for your entries and better luck next time!




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  1. James Lamb

    First vid was awesome, a deserved winner!

  2. Steve

    Matt W was the winner in my eyes. More than likely due to his ability to double the whip-width of the other videos?….. Shame.

  3. Dan Tett

    Luaps vid is a deserved winner….it took 53 seperate Whips!!

  4. James lamb

    Hi Billy,

    How do we get hold of our prizes?

  5. billy

    Ah, james, sent you a Facebooks message. Just send me your email address and we’ll get you sorted. billy at dirtmag dot co dot uk.


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