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Dirt 100 2011: Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO TI

11:03 8th December 2010 by Dirt Intern

This latest generation of the 888 is seriously impressive, and in so many ways. First of all it has the least amount of friction of any DH fork that we’ve ever come across. Secondly, it’s the lightest coil sprung DH fork there is (and we never thought we’d be saying that about an 888). Thirdly, it’s proved to be one of the most reliable too. And finally the oil bath RC3 damper combined with the adjustable air volume enables us to get the fork feeling exactly the way we want it to. Perhaps this fork’s biggest competition comes from its non–Ti stable mate, which although a fair bit heavier, offers almost identical performance for a whole load less money. I suppose you don’t get a stem thrown in though, and it is partly the low weight of this fork that makes us love it so much.

Check out the Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO TI

evo ti

Price: £1349.95
windwave 02392 521 912


  1. Dan

    I’d have these in a heartbeat. They’d look boss on my silver ano Norco Team Dh.

  2. jonzo

    Lowers colour and graphics are absolutely naff… it would be so easy to give em the bling to match their performance and at that price surely they deserve it!

  3. JB

    each to their own jonzo, I like the colour and graphics.

  4. jonzo

    @ JB… don’t get too attached to those graphics, they’ll be off at the first sight of a power hose!

  5. george

    They have bomber written on the side in big letters. As they should. Back to normal. Keep the graphics and bling.

  6. Alec

    SNAP!…. lets face it. when have Marzocchi ever made a decent set of forks!

  7. Morgan

    Alec, prepare yourself for a lot of hate…..

  8. dave

    Congratulations Alec you have proved to everyone you have no idea about mountain biking or motor biking or anything of Marzocchis great history

  9. Leon

    Alec , sarcasm does not really work on the net with out making it really obvious with a wink :P At least I hope that was sarcasm!

  10. JB

    jonzo. none of the graphics on any of the marzocchis i’ve owned have come off from power hosing then again I dont power hose the bike.
    Alec!! I bought the first edition 888 when they were released, loved them. Riding RC3 WC’s at the moment and love them

  11. whitenuckels

    Marzocchi SUCK!
    if you don’t believe watch Red Rampage!

  12. MIke John

    Marzocchi rules…have been riding them since 2000…while all my buddies spend their money and time breaking down there boxxers and 40s every few months with leaks, I am out bombing the trail.

  13. Markus

    The 2011 adjusters look bling…I ride a 2010 evo and can’t be happier! Marzocchi is back.

  14. intense951

    I thought the dorados were the lightest and best performing.

  15. BOzo

    These might be good,
    but every marzocchi my mates have had has been nothing but trouble,
    I wouldnt go near em after all the problems I’ve seen.
    Maybe they “are back” but they were pretty far gone.

  16. jonzo

    @JB If you don’t power hose your bike…
    How the hell do you know the stickers don’t come off under power hosing???

  17. Ben

    @Jonzo, Don’t know about you but power housing your bike isn’t the greatest idea. I think JB is insinuating that under normal washing conditions the stickers would be fine. He most likely hasn’t used a power hose because he knows it will damage his bike. :)

  18. Croms

    If i have the money, i would definately buy this. No fox40 0r boxxer or dorados here, 888 all the way!!!

  19. gabe

    @ Alec

    Haaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaahahaaaaahah haaaaaaaahahahahahaa haaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!
    thats the funniest comment ive seen in years. Seriously, look up the ’98 Marzocchi Z1 Bam. The king of forks. Possibly still (even over ten years after being released in 20mm format) one of the best dirtjump/general looning forks that you can hang off the front of your bike, AND the design ancestor of ALL your favorite dh forks, except Manitou. And lets face it, when have they ever made a decent set of forks? :p

    (I’ll answer that… The dorado, and the millennium. except the dorados a bit wimpy)


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