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Quick look: Dialled Ti Alpine

Quick look: Dialled Ti Alpine

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Postie just dropped off this super pimp looking Dialled Ti Alpine hardtail frame.

The Bike Chain (www.thebikechain.co.uk) have got together with Dialled Bikes (www.dialledbikes.com) to produce two super bling Ti Alpine prototype frames a 16″ and an 18″. We’ve got the 16″ which we’ll be building up and testing soon.

If there’s is enough genuine interest from you lot then they will go into production.

Hit up Mark at shop@thebikechain.co.uk if you’re serious about wanting one.

The featherlight Ti Alpine tipped the Dirt Office scales at just 1.54kg.

dialled alpine

Me and the original Alpine at the Megavalanche…happy days!

I’d love to know how this one rides as back in the old days I spent alot of time on the Alpine and loved it.

Geometry wise, the new Ti frame is the same as the MKII Alpine.

16″ and 18″ (measured from centre of BB to top of seat tube)

Effective Top Tube Lengths:
16″ frame = 22.25″
18″ frame = 23.25″
Head Angle:
68.5 degrees
(recommended travel 130mm)
Seat Angle:
74 degrees
Chain Stay Length:
BB Height:
Seat Post Size:
Front Mech Size
34.9mm top pull (shims supplied with frame)
BB Shell:
73mm with integral ISCG
Max Rear Disc Size:

Cost wise…you’re going to be looking at around the £1100 mark for the frame, hit up Mark at shop@thebikechain.co.uk if you’re interested.

Stay tuned and we’ll let you know how we get on with the Ti Alpine.

  1. Zero Cool

    That could be just the thing I’m looking for instead of an AM full susser

  2. ddmonkey

    Lovely, I’ll be really interested in one if they go into production.

  3. Morgan

    Build it up and I’ll give it a proper test for you, and give you a proper, no-nonsense, hype free review. I may even give it back!

  4. billy

    Might take you up on that Morgan!

  5. Joe

    I’m interested, a bit steep on the HA though, and can it take longer forks?

  6. Christo

    Would be well up for one of these if I had 1100 spare :(

  7. Andy Walton

    Lovely, I have an Alpine in steel but why not a Ti Prince Albert. I’d have one tomorrow. the best steel hardtail i’ve ever owned. more suited to the UK so probably a bigger market?

  8. Mat

    no reverb with a 27.2mm seatpost then.

  9. geetee

    It doesn’t look like a 27.2mm ID seat tube. Billy are you sure that’s right? I know the steel version is 27.2mm and the Ti version may well have a sleeve inserted.

  10. The Bike Chain

    Hiya, sorry – we didn’t supply a proper tech sheet to Billy.
    It is not a 27.2mm. 31.6 is the correct size.



  11. Mat

    reverb it is then.

  12. kelv

    looks like the Brodie Ti Holeshot, no bad thing. The geo looks quite old school by todays long and slack standards.

  13. matt

    That weight cannot be right, please tell me thats a typo?!

  14. Triad

    The Alpine can run a 160 fork for DH duties but it absolutley ripps with a 140-150mm fork in it. I bought a steel one 2 weeks ago (I currently ride a Prince Albert) as I kept recommending customers to buy one and they reckon its the best hardtail they have ridden! Is that a 44mm headtube on the Ti version???


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