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DH1 2012 race dates announced

DH1 2012 race dates announced

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

DH1 have released their downhill race calender for the 2012 season. Look at the dates!

Ray Dulieu from Freecaster has just been on the dog and bone letting us know about the DH1 dates for 2012.

Maribor has already been announced as the first race with subsequent venues being released when FaceBook targets have been met. Ray told us FaceBook was a valuable tool to use for market research which in turn can be used to attract sponsors, so the more of you that hit the like button on www.facebook.com/DH1.tv the better.

Ray also mentioned that although there won’t be a UK round for 2012 it’s something he is looking into for 2013.

Three of the six race venues will be ex-World Cup tracks, we know Maribor is in so that leaves two more WC venues. Three races will take place in Europe and three in North America. Any guesses?

As you can see from the calender below there is no conflict with World Cup dates which is good and only two skirmishes with the iXS series.

How about clashes with the Halo BDS? My provisional BDS dates look like 15 April, 13 May, 05 Aug, 26 Aug and 9 Sep. Which means 13th May and the 5th Aug conflict.

Image from www.dh1.tv/calendar

  1. adamr


  2. Big Bird

    Three races in North America. Shweet! Mayhap I’ll just swing buy and win the amatures so I can race against Peaty.

  3. Rory

    Bromont for 16/17 June?

  4. JV

    Would like to see a bit of old school Mammoth action in the US. And bring back some tracks that were shelved to accomodate XC.

  5. James


  6. Jon P

    Come and race Gawton…?

  7. Tim Lake

    Schladming and Pila in Europe?

  8. Yvan

    11 – 12 July will be Les 2 Alpes, France, for the K’Mikaz Games week, dates are matching with the Giant Downhill on wednesday. http://www.26in.fr/news/3626-k-mikaz-games-les-2-alpes.html

  9. Pete

    Schladming then??? Early in WC gap. and what looks to be Bromont surely if it is to mirror WC rounds….Before MSA and Windham.

    July 11-12 mmmm midweek mean it must be squeezed in between mega and Mt Hell…..maybe the Mega DH race is now DH1 or the new track pictures are from the new DH track being built at Deuz Alps.

    August 18 19 can only be during CWX…so whistler….that means August 4th date must be other N America race…maybe Grouse or Tahoe or Mammoth?

  10. paul mounsey

    why no uk race whats wrong with fort bill and we have the world champ get it right

  11. Mmmmm

    Last round doubling up with Crankworx?

  12. ok

    If im right there will not be any Schladming next year due to WCH in skiing. Thats also the reaseon why we have Leogang for the last two years instead and next year.

  13. comment posting troll

    Nice gap in april for another southern hemisphere round.

  14. mike

    gota be a whistler round!

  15. jazmine

    If this works this is great news for the sport, but I have a couple comments/concerns

    How much will the pay per view cost? Since Freecaster no longer has the support of the UCI, how will they pay for all the expense of putting on these races? except by charging us viewers. I seem to remember that when they were charging 2 euros per event , everyone was up in arms. Without the support of the teams ie: input of cash, freecaster was going BUST.

    When WILL the full calendar be released? one confirmed location and the rest TBA?

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