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Devinci Wilson First Look

Devinci Wilson First Look

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Magazine’s Steve Jones spent a day at the Forest of Dean with the Devinci Wilson, here’s his first fresh thoughts. Stay tuned for the full indepth review in the magazine soon.

DEVINCI WILSON SL. Words: SJones Photos:Victor Lucas

With so many companies offering something special, something different, it’s a difficult game to keep on top of what downhill bike to buy. Devinci have made their job relatively easy for 2011 by producing a bike whose performance matches the hype.


Yes it was a good day Friday, Devinci had sent over one of the new Wilson downhill bikes to UK importers Haven distribution who in turn drove down to sample some runs here at Dirt plus a bit of local hospitality. We also had Aaron Gwinn’s Yeti race bike and a faithful 224 with Cane Creek of 2011 vintage. Like I said, hospitality.


There are some big bold statements heading out of the East coast right now, take Devinci’s new all-mountain bike. “The Dixon is the best performing all-mountain trail bike that Devinci has ever made.” Comments like that focus the mind but as soon as Jim from Haven ( well he actually work at Freeborn ) rolled out the Wilson the feeling was good about this one. Obviously there’s more to it than that.


Hand made in Canada, the new line of Devinci bikes come refined with a split pivot design, good angles and clean simple lines. The Dixon, Dexter and the Wilson downhill bike are completely new for 2011. This the longest travel of those, the Wilson features nearly 90mm of shock stroke in the 10.5” Fox damper that pays out over eight inches of rear wheel travel. We had the SL, the top of the range bike that comes with a DT/Mavic/X0 type build with Boxxer World Cup fork.



Initial thoughts come up hugely in favour of the design characteristics that transfer to the trail. The marketing and theory is matched in the performance. Low down weight, power is transferred to forward momentum efficiently, support in the suspension design, progression, balance points, weight, quietness. There are many, many positives. More than anything we liked the fact that there was a useable range of adjustment in the system. First thoughts? Fresh. We really expect to see a BIG signing for this bike which should be gaining podiums in the next few years. Can’t really find any fault in this one. Full test to follow in magazine.

Prices on 2011 Wilson models are:
Wilson Frame £2300.00
Wilson XP Bike £3425.00
Wilson RC Bike £4450.00
Wilson SL Bike £5995.00


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  1. robin

    This looks very very similar to sunn radical plus circa 98, if it runs anything like that should be very good.

  2. Hoodis

    Very nice looking bike. Just hope we get to find out how it actually handles instead of how good/bad the components/geometry are, like most reviews of DH bikes in the mag recently…

  3. jonesdirtmag

    There are a few pointers in the last paragraph Hoodls. Full test to follow

  4. Doc Wat

    That promo vid is excellent.

  5. Toby

    Speaking of big signings, what about freerider Mike Hopkins? Not racing WC of course but still an amazing talent.

  6. Jack

    shame about the Apollo swingarm design….

  7. geetee

    “Just hope we get to find out how it actually handles instead of how good/bad the components/geometry are, like most reviews of DH bikes in the mag recently…”

    That’s a bit harsh. I can see where you’re coming from but Dirt are about the only magazine that seems to have an opinion these days that they are willing to share. They’re pretty good with talking about how the bike rides.

    The only comment I would make is that I do sometimes wonder whether the testers (yes you Jonesy) aren’t perhaps reviewing the bikes from something of a ‘pedestal of talent’. They often allude to bikes that the pro’s ride being designed to be different to the ones mere mortals ride, but then everything’s relative isn’t it; perhaps the testers from Dirt are themselves quite a bit better than the average reader?

  8. matt

    is it really that difficult to clock the ISCG tabs correctly?

  9. jonesdirtmag

    Hey geetee, it’s very straightforward, everyone should be able to ride good geometry. It seems some manufacturer’s don’t think that for some peculiar reason! It’s certainly not a Dirt thing. Dampers are a different matter.

    But you’re right, everything is relative. Also relative to other current bikes the Wilson is a good one.

  10. jm

    I thought Devinci were affordable, which is why they were sellable. Not anymore it seems. Good luck to them, theres a lot of competition at that price
    Think I’ll chuck money at a Giant or Trek

  11. jm

    Get a DW patent and slap a grand on it is it?

  12. Gordon Wilson

    This bike has my name written all over it!! 😉

  13. Treehuggergraeme

    What a video!! Watching that makes me want one. Looks good

  14. Daniel Sim

    Not quite seeing these ‘clean lines’ they’re talking about. I’m sure its well thought out, but the whole aesthetic looks cobbled together.

  15. Derek Smalls

    I think the “clean simple lines” that Jones talks about has a lot to do with the “hospitality”

  16. Adam

    Wow you UK lot really get taken through the ringer on that price. Do your distributers triple there cost price?? That bike is literally half the price over here in Canada

  17. blood donor

    How much…and where do you ride a bike like that in the uk?

  18. olly

    Dave Weagle the marketing king! All hail!

  19. Matt

    It may have a fantastic design but its fuck ugly!! The previous wilson was a much better looking rig but i suppose looks arnt everything!!

  20. Scotty

    It’s almost like a rip off of the Katipo Dh but just not as good!

  21. Messy

    I think this looks peng.

  22. centrifuge

    Not too bad but, it is not what I look for in a bike. I cannot help but to think about the carbon bash guard and the tire / rear shock clearance. That RC4 is going to get trashed in that position. What about mud and small rocks packing up in and around the coil and plunger? Is this truly a muddy course bike? Anyway, the nice video clip sure makes me want to ride my 2010 SX Trail Two that I built up a month ago. If I had 5 Gs leftover after my SX purchase I would by a 2011 Specialized Demo without hesitation. I believe it is truly a modern marvel of ear to ear smiles, not forgetting my SX of course.

    Cordially yours,

    High on SXT

  23. paul

    Big name? Can we expect to see Steve Smith on board this? Wouldnt be surprised with recent developments.

  24. Jon P

    224 with Cane Creek please!!!

  25. Bert

    hey if DW was involved you know that it will perform and with Devinci’s manufacturing capabilities and lifetime frame warranty, the price looks pretty good to me!

  26. alarm clock

    steve smith.

  27. Norbert

    At that Price Id rather get a legend from Freeborn.

    Jones – any chance you will test Mythic Legend Mk2 – the production version?

  28. Tom

    I do think Devinci missed a trick there by not making a main pivot mounted top guide. The frame just doesn’t look like it allows the correct alignment of the LG1.
    Other than that it does look like Devinci have worked well with DW. Performance is one thing but if a bike rattles to pieces then it’s not worth it.
    In theory it should be a rippa. Shame about the UK prices.

  29. jonesdirtmag

    Norbert, not really much chance of that in at least next 12 months I’m afraid. Have a list of 17 dh bikes stacked.,…

  30. Dirt Dodger

    Wilson Frame £2300.00

    Wilson XP Bike £3425.00
    Wilson RC Bike £4450.00
    Wilson SL Bike £5995.00


    against the trusted Orange, Demo, Trek, Commencal, Santa cruz, Nukeproof, Mondraker and Morewood, this has little chance of being a hit at those prices… i mean–seriously!! £6k WTF!!!! Unless there should have been a $ instead of £…….

  31. LemonadeMoney

    Only 17! Thats 2 bikes a day on 9 uplifts. How long for the hospitality?

  32. Snowy

    That’s such a pretty looking bike.

  33. Leon

    Looks cool but surely with the chain guide at such an angle when you bottom out its gonna pull pretty hard on the chain?

  34. Teddy Dix

    The ISCG mount is attached to a spline so it can be oriented in any place that it needs to be.. Looks like DIRT or the distributor just needs to set the guide up right. It’s not THAT hard..

    olly, what Dave Weagle marketing????? All I see and read here is a solid product and words by our man Steve Jones. DW seems like a really nice and humble guy if you ask me. I saw his interview on Vital and he just seems, well, normal..

  35. Mikes Mum

    No liking the looks at all. No lines flow and they have used different diameter tube sizes all over making it quite possibly one the ugliest bikes i have seen

    But as said before looks are nto everything, and im sure it will ride well and work well

    However lol the mud in the rear shock will be an issue for sure

  36. mr b

    Am i missing something? Isn’t the bike a rocker driven single pivot? What does this have to do with Weagle????
    Anyway the bike and especially the vid looked great to me.
    As far as reviews go they are the best aspect of Dirt for me. Jones is the only reviewer I’ve ever read who seems to actually understand the realities of bikes such as the subjectivity involved with damping, geometry etc. What you get is more of a discussion helping you to make an informed decision rather than some useless 9 out of 10 for whoever bought the biggest advert that month. Keep up the good work.

  37. Nipple Cam Lover

    @Adam, So a holiday to Canada and a shiny new devinci to bring back in the suitcase. Or you can post me one

  38. Jack Dee

    “The ISCG mount is attached to a spline so it can be oriented in any place that it needs to be.. Looks like DIRT or the distributor just needs to set the guide up right. It’s not THAT hard..”

    – You are correct, the ISCG is mounted on a removeable spline – but it is not rotatable, it is keyed like a cassette so that it can only be put in one position.

  39. James

    We were there that day, was a great looking bike. Hope the guy that stacked it big time is ok now?

  40. VonDH

    @Adam like anything that brits enjoy in the uk we always get taken for a ride when it comes to pricing.
    6k for a bike wtf

  41. Messy

    Thought this bike would be good value!?!?!?! Love the look of it, and Im sure it works well, but it bloody should for 6K! How is the SL worth nearly twice the base model, with the same frame? Stupid pricing, nobody is gonna buy that.

  42. rob cole

    the ISCG mount is indeed keyed on the bottom bracket spline so the angle rotation is compatible with the ISCG mounting standard

    -the chain device ISCG mounting bolts should have been tightened up more, as it slipped during the test period giving the odd angle seen in the photos

    the Wilson SP production frame / bikes comes with a neat fender that protects the rear shock from roost, just like the carbon downtube protector – Devinci have thought hard about little details like this

    the test bike did not have the shock guard because it was one of only 3 Wilson SP in existence in the World..an pre-production bike for sure, and we were glad Dirt got their hands on it first as a UK exclusive!

    the pricing is obviously more expensive than previous Wilson FSR bikes and frames, but its in-line with other manufacturer’s DH frames and Devinci are now being offered to the bike trade through Haven Distribution which means prices had to go up, previous Devinci were sold to the customer taking a chunk off the RRP in the UK

    we also sell the Ellsworth Dare and Mythic Legend MK2 frames which are the same price as the Wilson SP, the Specialized Demo 8 II frame is £2200 so the Wilson SP is in the ballpark price-wise

    the complete bikes are priced at 3 different pricepoints allowing you to choose a Wilson to suit your budget,the specifications are comparable to other manufacturers, many of whom only offer 1 model in the UK(e.g. Specialized Demo 8)

    with Devinci you get a true lifetime warranty, which is very rare these days – many small brands only offer 1-2 years


    rob cole
    Freeborn Bikes Esher

  43. treeehuggergraeme

    @rob cole – a lifetime warranty, nice. That pretty much seals it as one of the very short list of bike manufacturers i’d buy a bike from – lifetime warrantlies are what its all about, yes £6k might seem like a lot of money but it won’t snap and it’ll last a few years – will you be able to buy it as a frame only option? and for how much?

  44. rob cole

    the Wilson SP frame is being sold for £2300 including a Fox RC4 coil shock, FSA Orbit 1.5ZS headset and chainstay protector, shock guard and carbon downtube protector

  45. soldier2801

    6 grand is fuckin ridiculous!! im glad that the market is finally startin to realise the average rider isnt a saudi prince! the love of bikes and the want to ride them often gets blocked by over pricing. nice as it is, the devinci will be stayin in the shop.

  46. soldier2801

    whats more it costs 6800 canadian dollars, thats around £4200!!
    classic case of us brits gettin our pants pulled down!!

  47. abdul_fahib

    i just don’t understand the whole overpricing situation with all the big companies. its total bull shit! the sport is not gunna grow if it stays so expensive. if devinci knocked the frame price down abit they would make the more money back easily because the frames would fly off the shelves!

  48. treehuggergraeme

    £6k on ride to work scheme = £3k


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