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Deep Summer Photo Challenge - Slideshows


So last Wednesday saw the Deep Summer Photo Challenge which was hosted in Crankworx, the Deep Summer Photo Challenge is a gruelling 3 day challenge which pitches 6 of the best mountain bike photographers against each other to create the best slideshow, and capture ‘a slice of big-scale action captured in a small segment of time.’

The photographers that have been chosen to battle it out are, Scott Markewitz, Harookz, Garrett Grove, Nicolas Teichrob, Bruno Long and Duncan Philpott.

The results are in and in first place is… Nicolas Teichrob. Here’s Nicolas’ winning slideshow.

In Second place was Garrett Grove, here’s his slideshow.

And in third place is Harookz, and here’s his slideshow.

We’ll add the full results and all the slideshows as we get them.

  1. ChrisG

    I would like to see all six of the slideshows. As it happens judges are not infallible or may be constrained by the format of the competition they are judging. Of the ones I have seen, the Grove and Philpott slideshows are pretty amazing, in my view.


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