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Dartmoor Shine and Phantom 2011

Dartmoor Shine and Phantom 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Graham Foot, the legend that founded the KIS bicycle supercross track in Gloucestershire, dropped by the office today with a van full of Dartmoor bikes.

Graham brought along the spanking new Dartmoor Shine slopestyle bike and the 4x Phantom.

We’ll have a more info on the Shine in the magazine soon, in the meantime I thought you might like to see a few snaps of the Dartmoor goodies.

Dartmoor Shine 2011

With out Shock – £692
with X-Fusion Glyde R-PV coil shock – £827
with X-Fusion O2 RCX air shock – £962

Made of butted and heat treated 7005 aluminium tubes. BB-centric pivot and horizontal dropouts lets you run a perfect singlespeed drive where suspension movement does not change chain tension. Simple suspension design with multipoint linking and big bearings on the BB make the construction as stiff as the typical DJ hardtail frame.

Main changes comparing to 2010 frame: tapered HT; ISCG-05 mount; custom designed, shorter dropout; new profiles of CS and SS tubes; shorter chainstay.

Frame travel: 100mm.
Shock: 190x50mm.
Suspension ratio: 1:2.
Rear triangle: 403mm.
Top tube: 554mm.
BB: Euro 73mm.
Seat post diam.: 27.2mm.

Dropouts: 135x10mm.
Size: 11.2
Weight: 2.85kg (w/o shock in raw brushing option).

Available in turquoise, silver and green.

Dartmoor Phantom 2011
Dartmoor Phantom 2011
Dartmoor Phantom 2011

Ultra light 4X/dual slalom frame made of butted and heat treated alu 7005 tubes.

New custom BB shell with the ISCG-03 mount and new plate between SS tubes to make this area stronger. Head tube for semi-integrated headsets.

Rear triangle: 400mm.
Top tube: 580mm.
HT angle: 69°.
BB: Euro 68mm.
Seat post diam.: 27.2mm.
Dropouts: 135x10mm. Size: 13,5″.
Weight: 1.88kg.

Frame only £239

Available in graphite, black and orange.

Checkout www.slam69.co.uk for more info.

  1. Jenxy

    Looking forward to a review in the future. I would like to know if the Shine would make a good trail bike or is it purely for Slopestyle and DJing.

  2. billy

    I believe you can run a mech hanger and gears on the Shine, so could feasibly be taken out on the trail.

  3. Pat

    Just had a look at their website http://dartmoor-bikes.com/ some really nice frames and hardware out there!

  4. Norbert

    It depends on your definition of trailbike. BB pivots are the worst pedaling system ever invented but if you run enough pressure/lsc/platform/whatever than you should be fine. I’ve had a ride on the proto and it was shortish but I might been riding the shorter version.

  5. Mike

    Those top two hardtails… Very nice indeed.

  6. Greg

    I’ve got a Phantom for about 3 month now, and I’m totaly stoked about it! It’s such a great frame, super light and stiff and goes forward like the millenium falcon.
    I still like to jumps it, which often is a problems with bikes whose front is so damn flat!

  7. Joe

    yes you can run gears on the new shine, and if you ran enough presure in the shock it would probably make a pretty good trails bike :)

  8. Blake

    Lovely bike i just got it and it rides likea dream the rear sus is good


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