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Danny MacAskill Imaginate - Riding video

Danny MacAskill Imaginate - Riding video

It’s here! See the latest video from trials legend Danny MacAskill in his new riding clip, Imaginate.

It’s here! See the latest video from trials ace Danny MacAskill in his new riding clip, Imaginate.

You’ve seen him battle through his recovery from injury now watch MacAskill ride to glory in his most ambitious project to date.

Danny’s previous projects had always been limited by what already existed, for Imaginate he started from scratch with the only limit being his own imagination. Transforming Kelvin Hall in Glasgow to an enormous playground and training ground. From giant toys, to elephants nothing was off limits as Danny sought to create the ultimate playground for his tricks.

From the start we joined Danny as he underwent surgery for an old back injury and saw him fight back to fitness whilst undertaking his biggest personal challenge yet.

Once he was back on his bike there was no stopping him as he pushed his riding further than ever before and pulling out an arsenal of impressive new tricks. From tackling a custom built 6ft loop the loop, to front flipping over giant swiss balls and taking on a full size tank this is Danny MacAskill as you’ve never seen him before.

Imaginate has followed Danny along the way as he battled back problems and now back on form we can finally see just what he’s capable of.

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  1. TimBud

    Completely lived unto the hype.
    Video of the Year!!

    Awesome Danny, my mind is blown to smithereens!

  2. Pete Irons

    WoW! Beautiful, Vibrant, Amazing, Original, Fresh, Super Powers.
    Well worth the build up
    Thank you.

  3. fereno

    Jo! absolutely amazing stuff, the creative work of those guys is astonishing!

  4. mcewan7

    Just WOW! Totally blown away by this.

  5. fereno

    just saw the blooper section… respect, if i take one of those crashes im done…

  6. Matt Ingham

    Amazing concept and cracking riding from danny. Hats off to Stu for the cinematography though; brilliantly executed.

  7. Mushy

    That was crazy, amazing!! Love the idea of the young danny imagining all the tricks in his bedroom…

    What happened to the elephant though? 😛

  8. TwistBikes

    Wow, incredible, actually got shivers down my back, couldn’t stop grinning, amazingly clever and skillful

  9. The butcher

    Just unreal. Honestly that guy is mind blowing on a bi-cy-cle

  10. Hancock

    Well that’s the bar raised again.

  11. Cambo

    Still the boss…..

    You had to see the bloopers just to see how mental his moves really are..

    And a fantastic edit…. Respect is due..!

  12. jimbo

    Some people say that no matter how good someone is that there will always be someone better… however, i don’t see how this is true any more! Brilliant.

    Im goin to watch it again.

  13. warg

    foook me!

  14. G

    Incredible, well done to all involved for a really unique and well delivered concept

  15. Paul

    Mad skilz for sure

  16. Bungalow+BIll

    Outstanding! They should show this in schools so that kids can see how creative minds work with engineering and sports athletes. Rather than bore kids leaving them with nothing more to think about than going out to get pissed and knocked up at the weekends.

    Truly inspirational video!

  17. CriDavies

    Individuality, creativity and ambition. Absolutely inspired riding from Danny. The boy was under immense pressure to pull it out of the bag and he nailed it. This is riding outside the box for sure.

  18. Drew Bezanson

    …… Mehhh.. As good as it is.. It’s not video of the year..

    This video is in a different league.. Drew Bezanson…


    1. rod

      Anyone who begins a comment with ‘Mehhh’ is a bell end, regardless of whether they’ve got a valid point or not. Noises are no substitute for an actual vocabulary.

    2. dirt dodger

      LOSER !

  19. Jamazepam


  20. Andy

    There was so much hype I was worried this wod end up disappointing.

    Instead, the team behind this and Danny have put together a gobsmacking video. They truly have nailed it, they’ve raised the benchmark in all ares of mtb video making and riding.

  21. JP

    Holy shit balls. That was awesome

  22. Maarten

    Mindblowing… No doubt but wtf! Who choose this music?

  23. Messy

    It’s supposed to be set in the past Maarten! Totally sick video, this guy does things that are just plain impossible.

  24. Big+Bird

    I just watched it for the who know’s how manyeth time, and as mind blowing as all his tricks are, I just realized how close to “Manifesto” quality his execution is. For those that don’t know Ryan Leech’s Manifesto, look it up.

  25. dirt dodger

    SICK!!! Kid deserves everything he gets, what a talent. the colours and the whole concept are truly mindblowing – using all the toys but in major size is so damn clever!!! in love with this vid! thankyou Danny and Redbull

  26. gareth

    Words can not describe what I’ve just witnessed over the last 7 minutes or so…….
    Congratulations on creating a feature film that will without a doubt get a large amount of awards for everything involved.

  27. jamie Cooper

    the giant macaskill returns


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