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Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home

Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The hotly anticipated sequel to Danny Mac’s phenomenal youtube video is live and is just as amazingly mental as the first one.

Check it out.

Why not pop over to the RedBull and post a question for MegaSkills then tune in at 5pm for a live Q and A session.

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  1. Handsome Frank

    Awesome. His original YouTube video seemed more ‘real’, but this is still a great video!

  2. rob

    certainly more epic in scale than the first, and a nice amount of deadman tricks. seems like a lot of filler though.

  3. Rod Kimble


  4. intense951

    wholey moley – he truly has a gift like no other. Massive respect.

  5. olly

    that was fukin brilliant! Is trials still gay? Danny’s making it look mint, progressive and stylish to boot! No doubt changing how people look at the hopping side of the sport!

  6. sam

    HO LEE SHIZEN frontlip!!

  7. warhead

    That’s not filler – that’s called photography. It needs more than an MTV length attention span to be appreciated! Beautifully filmed.

  8. valleydaddy

    This is a truley amazing piece of film – Danny has balls of steel. I only wish I had half his talent and guts to try some of the tricks he pulls off.

    Beautifully shot in some of the best scenery in the world.

    More please Danny

  9. smudge mtb

    Another top notch vid from the master.

    Ace scenery too, allways blinkin rains when we go to Scotland!

  10. Paul Stevenson


  11. Joe

    Totally committed, those frontflips are wild, not to mention most of the gaps!

  12. sam

    That section of riding, linked by the dirt/concrete pillars by the coast is nuts…

  13. olliebongo

    Even the biggest trials sceptic could not fail but to be amazed by the skill and creativeness involved here.Fantastic video and beautiful natural surroundings. Top notch!!

  14. Ed

    after watching the trailers i was hoping for a longer feature, more like 30mins with some chatting & off the bike stuff & more of a story of him traveling around and building the stunts.
    still mint though!

  15. timbud

    Everything I expected and more

  16. stooky

    first trick just sets it up! It’s massive!!

    as @timbud Everything and more

  17. Paddy

    Great video.

    Any idea what the first song is?

  18. adam

    who knew angels rode bikes

  19. mike


  20. TimTim

    I like the bit where he rides the bike

  21. Rob Lawton

    Astounding, the guys skills just seem to get new and more insane yet more natural every time he releases a video. He deserves footballer wages.

  22. David

    Whoah…that guy has an exception with the law of gravity from the rest of us…

  23. Leon

    Very very good video man ! He’s got way to much skill for just one person

  24. matt

    soooooo dope!

  25. Steve G

    Just ridiculous. Humans are awesome.

  26. Gomez

    first vid: city scape
    second vid: country scape.
    third vid: ???
    Fantastic…humbling & exciting in equal measure…
    Thanks Danny…

  27. Joe Tait

    Fantastic riding and scenery

  28. scotmeisterfunk

    It’s pissed down every time I went too, the man is truly gifted

  29. ronin

    the evolution is being televised…thank you for the vid.

  30. jimbo

    Freekin awesum! p.s. “the evolution will not be televised”

  31. sonofcedric

    Superhero! I made my mother and wife watch this last night, whilst jumping up and down screaming at them, “look at him, look at him!”

  32. Jamie

    BANGER! Dear lord that was good……..

  33. hairy

    shame the banger was the first clip imho..

  34. james

    Damn, I think I missed that bit

  35. David L.

    I think the message from Danny is something like welcome to the 21st Century…

  36. dannyripper

    E P I C!!!
    The greatest bike rider on the planet, period…

  37. Barney

    It’s just a trailer…you’ll wet your pants when you see the proper stuff!

  38. booboy


    no need for angel summoner

  39. Tim

    F**king brilliant. It made me go Fu*****K about 50 times.

  40. Tommy Gunn

    Outstanding! Video work too! It was a wonderful setting a look at the place where my Clan stood up!

  41. Salata666

    Wax and Wire – Loch Lomond – first song

  42. B

    Does anyone know the second song that’s in the video?

  43. #Bastan

    wau Playstationtraining ;=) hammer………..

  44. #Bastan

    Playstationtraining ———- HAMMER———– GReaT

  45. IrishGnome

    He’s a Ninja on a bike!!!

  46. matt

    Some more Danny Stuff here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-87lQQc21E

  47. matt

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-87lQQc21E some more Danny stuff here

  48. paul fisher

    I loved the first trick he does: we were watching it and humming along to the tune then… WOAH!!!!

  49. kevin

    I feel like Im taking crazy pills.Is he for real?

  50. Wendy - Graphic Illustration

    Great video, thanks for posting Billy


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