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Danny MacAskill's 'Industrial Revolutions' on Channel 4's Concrete Circus

Danny MacAskill's 'Industrial Revolutions' on Channel 4's Concrete Circus

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Did any of you in the UK catch Channel 4’s Concrete Circus last night (Aug 15th) featuring Danny MacAskill (amongst others)?

Great to see mountainbiking on mainstream TV at a decent hour (did you spot Peaty in there as well with Hans Rey, Tarek Rasouli and Hannah Barnes?). Not sure if Danny’s section was actually ‘urban’ as such. Check out the info below taken from the Channel 4 website and have a look at the videos. Did any of you see the program? I’m not a huge fan of parkour but what those guys are doing is insanely impressive. The final section in London’s Barbican was impressive I thought.

“Concrete Circus brings together the world’s hottest names in urban sports with viral film-makers and Mike Christie, the director of extreme sport documentary Jump London, to capture unique portraits of the urban sports scene.

A new generation of the very best urban sports stars are teaming up with incredible young film-makers. Together they’ve produced stunning films that have captured the attention – and the imagination – of tens of millions of viewers.

For the very first time, Concrete Circus, directed by Mike Christie (Jump London, Inside Incredible Athletes), brings together five of the world’s best street sport talents and their amazing film-makers.

Their recent films have it all: beauty, danger, jaw-dropping action, and – between them – nearly 50 million online views. They are: urban trial-rider phenomenon Danny MacAskill; skateboarding virtuoso Kilian Martin; Storm Freerun’s Blue with extraordinary 19-year-old parkouriste Phil Doyle (who are joined for an impressive cameo by the incredible pakour/skater Mathieu Ledoux); and, last but not least, BMX flatlander Keelan Phillips.

This feature-length documentary follows each team as they set about making a brand new film here in the UK with their film-makers (Stu Thomson, Brett Novak, Claudiu Voicu and Kendy Ty). The premire of the four new films forms the centrepiece of the documentary.

Can they better their first spectacular films? Can they jump further, move faster, risk more? How far do they have to go to go further than ever before?

Concrete Circus climaxes with an action-packed scene shot at The Barbican in London and directed by Christie, featuring Danny, Kilian, Blue, Phil and Keelan together on screen for the first time.”

Danny MacAskill


Storm Freerun’s Blue, Phil Doyle and Mathieu Ledoux

Kilian Martin

Keelan Phillips

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  1. Tommy

    Is Hannah Barnes Danny’s girlfriend? That’s what I gathered from a bit of the show last night, at least it was a pretty blonde girl who could ride a bike and i’m pretty sure it was a five she was riding. both awesome riders… must be a lot of orange bikes in their shed.

  2. terrid

    I thought the films were good – Stu’s was best, with the skate vid coming second (I think they stretched themselves too far with all that travelling) but the bloody 1 hour 20 minute Channel 4 documentary that they wrapped around the whole thing was an absolute abomination. By the end of it I wanted to slap Dominic West (narrator) in public. Straight shot – right to the baby maker.

    I had to go and watch Sean Burns’ section in Anthem 2 to calm down.

  3. jimmyv

    have to agree about the 1hr 20min programme, but to be fair what else is on on monday night?
    thought the films themselves were different, thought the parkour one was a bit cheesy and the flatland one had too much snow in it. Danny’s bit was great and really well filmed. top work again

  4. TimBud

    Have to agree that Danny an Stu’s was the best. Admittedly we’re a bit biased here but only Kilian’s came close. The flatland and parkour ones relied too much arty effects and didn’t really look that amazing.

  5. VonDH

    Holly shit Danny

  6. Steve

    ACE and he didnt even have to set himself on fire!!!

  7. cam

    Megaskills was on fire…..no need for silly flames…

  8. optimus doddsy

    every time i see a vid of him riding im blown away, amazing

  9. Onion

    I really enjoyed that, and YES, is good to get some 24″ rims on TV that aren’t on ‘make me look like a cnut’ [pimp mu ride]. I think that the whole program sort of missed the point of it though – it’s an escape and a freedom and pinning them down to make a vid is like like watching a lion in a zoo, instead of watching it in the wild. Megaskills said it himself really – something like “I got asked to go on the letterman show but really I just wanna go riding with me mates”. I found the barbican bit all a bit cheesy franky…..

  10. Afan Warrior

    Take note Skyline. That’s how you make ( not fake ) a bike video.
    Right place, right bike, right man for the job.

  11. John

    To view more on concrete circus go to



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