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Danny Hart takes first place in qualifying at Fort Bill - Full Results


Danny Hart just edged out Gee Atherton to set the fastest qualifying time, at the first round of the World Cup at Fort William.


For easier to read and full results click on the photo below…


  1. Mushy

    Geezus! What happened to Gwin? Sick Mik, Steve and Blenki going for it..

    1. Joe

      Gwin just got a different bike – that’s about it.

      1. Mushy

        Hmm, well he’s had long enough to get used to it!

  2. Hancock

    Either Gwin improves on Sunday or Demos are going to be dirt cheap on Ebay come Monday.
    Great to see Blinky near the top, let’s hope that continues tomorrow.

    1. dudeonedge

      hate to say.. but Demo suck on pedal

  3. vandick

    Yeah, Danny Hartattack, go Dany.
    Gwin suck.

    1. rod fountain

      You, Vandick, are an idiot.

      1. vandick

        you too

  4. Wasthatit

    It’s a long track, maybe a few riders are saving their energy for the final. Apart from the usual suspects, good rides from Loic Bruni and Joe Smith in top ten.

  5. ChrisBeere

    Dont count Gwin out come race day. He is still the man to beat. Awesome to see Danny and Gee up there owning it.

  6. tommy

    where’s full results??

    1. Ed

      You can now get the full results by just clicking on the picture of the results above.

      1. tommy

        cheers Ed

  7. Mushy
    1. Bedders

      Hi Mushy, sure that’s the right link? Cheers

      1. Mushy

        Hi Bedders

        Yeah its under Live Timing, about half way down the page, forgot to say

  8. tommy
    1. Bedders

      80th is the last place i think. if so he’s oot

  9. Tyler Reid

    Bryceland didn’t qualify. Interesting to see Brosnan and Gwin right together. Great to see Blenky up there again, hope he has a good year. Atherton must like the new bike.

    1. Gor

      Bryceland was Top 20 last season I think, so he should be prequalified!

    2. vandick

      Bryceland is prequali. for sure !

  10. Mushy

    Ah gutted ratboy didn’t make it…

  11. antlees

    Still makes it he is seeded

    1. Bedders

      ah indeed.

  12. Ted

    Sean McCarroll hey? 112th. Still pinned.

    1. Maximilian

      I second that!

  13. thomas

    Common Atherton, Kill that Hart! Geeeeeeeeeeesus!!!!

  14. dirt dodger

    HARRY HEATH IN 11TH!!!!!! GO ON LAD :-) I really hope that Bulldog and Sam beat Gwinn for obvious reasons… chuffed for the top 5 especially Hart, bring it to tomorrow pal…and going quicker than he did @ the BDS recently too. conditions a little better though i suppose

    1. Willy W

      What obvious reasons?

      1. dirt dodger

        willy w if you need telling then i am afraid my time is wasted on your dear sir.

    2. Maximilian

      I’m with the Dodger! On both accounts.

  15. Kay

    Go Danny! Gwin, just remember when Hill left Iron Horse for the bike you ride today! How was it?

    1. vandick

      You are right, i rebember it. But Sam Hill stil one of my favourites rider today, hope he has good year. Look at the time :)

    2. Hummm

      Well, actually Hill was world cup champion on his first year with specialized and on the second year, albeit injuries, was world champion…

      1. Hancock

        Indeed he was, he also took all of those wins but one… on the old Demo.

    3. Miguel Queiros

      Well, World Cup in 2009, World Champ in 2010… was it that bad?

  16. scriz

    Haha, where were all the Demo haters when Brayton beat everyone last weekend? Gwin’s got more in the tank for sure.

  17. eedo

    I just saw Danny Hart doing standup comedy on britains got talent, that boy gets around!

  18. Kermit

    My fantasy team should kill it:) Do doo do do do Minnaar Minnaar!!!!

  19. Kc

    Anyone know where can I watch the finals live online?

    1. kqw
  20. 93dls

    2013 the year flats became an endangered species. Blinki, brendog, sam dale and ratboy some of the biggest names in flats have all made the switch.

    1. fordy

      hardly a surprise, sam hill is the only one to win anything on flats and that was back in the day (when he was quick) clips ftw

  21. jrok

    #1 #3 #6 qualis for fantasy chur where u at wyn masters


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