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Danny Hart roosting the Malaga trails

Danny Hart roosting the Malaga trails

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A little while ago Danny Hart read the Snowmageddon weather forecasts for the UK and did the sensible thing and hopped on the first flight to somewhere hot. That hot place was Malaga, in Spain. He unpacked his Giant Glory had a siesta then met up with the Aspect Media mob to smash out some dry dusty trails. The lad is flying!

Now, you might not know this, but Danny loves a bit of braaaaap action and this weekend he’s going to try and qualify for the Hawkstone International in the MX2 category at the world famous Hawkstone Park (you know the one with the famous Georges Jobe double). We’re going along to see how he get’s on. So stay tuned for videos and photos and stories and things. Should be a goody!

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  1. mr_p

    immediate mute button

  2. sick cat

    that neck brace looks minging and doesnt look like it would stop much neck movement .. probably being paid a healthy sum to wear it though

    1. Dagzin

      I think that neck brace is a good idea…if you wear a moto styled helmet and have a short neck

  3. Trip

    No world champs stripes?

  4. Dagzin

    Dirt… What do you know about that neck brace Danny’s wearing?


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