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Danny Hart and Floriane Pugin win Saracen BDS rd#2 Fort William

Danny Hart and Floriane Pugin win Saracen BDS rd#2 Fort William

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Danny Hart and Floriane Pugin win at the “Mini World Cup” at Fort William for Saracen BDS rd#2.

Danny Hart loves the Fort William track and this result shows he’s going to be a real contender for the opening round of the UCI World Cup in Scotland in early June.

Great result for Matt Simmonds too and Adam Brayton.

Dirt Norco rider Dan Stanbridge said: “Blimey, it was the most stacked BDS race I’ve ever seen, every other rider was a World Cup star. Track was the brutal as ever, no new bits, one quick delve in to the woods and one new jump. Weather was a bit wild. The finals kicked off early incase the gondola had to shut. But we actually had a tail wind for the finals. Tidy.”

Ben Reid and his 650b Norco was fastest speed through the speed trap with a 79.29 kpm or 49.26 mph in old money.

Floriane Pugin took the Elite women’s win from Manon Carpenter and Emmeline Ragot. Really hoping that Manon gets her first Elite WC win this year.
Rachel Atherton sat this round out to rehab her shoulder from the Sea Otter crash.

Stay tuned for a DirtTV edit from the highlands coming your way soon!

(Did the live feed work for anyone?)


Three World Champions on a National podium!

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 17.04.15


Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 17.05.43

Full results over at www.rootsandrain.com

  1. kavon

    so many sponsors in backstage podium and than you se 265 €, 400 €, 200 € checks for top guys on the planet…mtb is really poor sport and roadies gets big money, arghhhhhh!

    1. Leon

      To be fair they are back the event financially other than just prize money , but yeah it’s a pretty poor prize really.

  2. Rats

    Kavon – it’s a National DH race not the Tour De France.
    Those cheques above still represent the best part of £2500 in prizes at each round so I, personally, don’t think that’s too bad.
    Plus it’s not like the sponsors of the event are Tesco, Starbucks or Amazon.
    People already complain about the price of race entries now they complain about low prize funds too.

    1. kavon

      you think it is much better prize money in world cup dh ? NO. I was talking in general mtb is poor sport, also world cup… over and out 😉

    2. Oz

      No, they are Monster Energy, Shimano, and Tag Heuer. All billion $ turnover multi nationals.

  3. Mark

    Where was the speed trap setup? 49mph is hella quick on any part of that course!

  4. adude

    OK , that’s the second time in 2 days Ive seen a messed up podium configuration. Is this a new thing for 2013 , 2nd / 4th on the right , 3rd / 5th on the left ?


  5. Oz

    I’d agree with Kavon. The amount of training, skill, and expense required to get on that podium is totally disproportionate to the prize money on offer. Of course the 5 guys on the elite podium are probably paid a salary and get their kit for free, but what about the lower classes. You will go through more than €400 of tyres and spares in a weekend.

    1. dirt dodger

      really Oz? Wow, hey I am glad most of us don’t race in your world then because there would be no sport if it were that expensive. FWIW most of the field in any event go racing for fun of it, knowing that there is no prize money at the end of the weekend, I assume you don’t compete because if you did then surely you would know this. In addition I would dare say that after viewing my competitors for the last 7 years that around 70% of any given field in regional or national have some sort of small backing, be it tyres, brakes or whatever. Sponsors do what they can – we need positivity to make it grow and entice more money, not negativity.

      1. Oz

        Dirt Dodger, maybe you misunderstood my post – there is certainly no negativity directed towards riders or the sport. I am saying that there should be more prize money awarded to talented riders who have trained and worked hard to get on the podium. I agree that most guys race for fun, but that has nothing to do with how much it costs. The guys who race for fun still have to be able to afford to do it. Let’s do the basic costs for an event like Fort Bill. Race entry £70, Fuel to get there and back £130 (from central England), food and camping (thursday till sunday) £100. Total cost £300. That’s the bare minimum to even get there and enter. Add one set of discounted tyres £50, if you break a mech, add £60. If you break a wheel, add £60 – both fairly likely at a rough track like Fort Bill. The costs are only an estimate but you aren’t trying to tell me that downhill mountain bike racing is a cheap sport are you? I love mountain biking and it’s the sport I choose to do above all others, so I deal with the associated costs. That’s my choice. That’s not the point I was making. I was simply saying that when you have major manufacturers and global brands on that billboard behind the podium, there should be a higher reward for the riders.

  6. dirt didger

    GO ON HARRY HEATH – YES BOY! banging result looking at those above, and below :-) . . . . .I see some of the pro’s being sneaky with their quali times – obviously keeping an eye on the weather and looking for dry runs before the change in conditions.

  7. Eoin

    I really wouldnt worry about the purse at a nationals round. Money is better spent on organisation and media coverage. Is it better for 5 guys to get a couple extra hundred, or is better for the event to run smoother for a few hundred riders? More coverage leads to more sponsors and hopefully more races. Dont worry about the pro guys getting to buy more beers and fireworks after the podium, even tho I understand the guys outside top 10 WC are not getting much of a wage outside of travel, gear and accommodation.

  8. Dirt Factory

    Niceone J reading! Think he had a few mistakes too so would of done even better. Yep i watched the live feed – got abit boring watching the same camera positions but it was better than nothing.

  9. Pete

    Ben Reid the fussiest guy in the world about bike set up and wheelbases on 650B someone spike his tetleys

  10. Cool Hand Luke

    Pete, he’s been on the green tea if you ask me.

  11. Hampson

    Dirt factory said it right, live feed was a bit on the boring side but much better than nothing. Reading was on for a good one.


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