Danger, Men At Work: Dave The Electrician..

Just to let you know Dave the Electrician has showed up and will be poking about with the Dirt server wires for a bit.

While Dave is working you shouldn’t notice a thing apart from some loud out of tune whistling, muddy foot prints, some loud banging noises and maybe a touch of swearing, oh and you won’t be able to use the ‘comments’ section for a bit.

Dave says he should be done by lunchtime.

Hopefully Dave the Spark will be able to sort this lot out.

  1. Jimbo

    Where does the toaster plug in?

  2. Adam Cosgrove

    im using the comments now haha!!!!

  3. gorsense

    will the “voting” on comments be switched of forever, or just as long as you are working on the website?

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  5. Colin Clarke

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  6. Lisa Durham

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