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Dan and Rachel Atherton ride Snowdon

Dan and Rachel Atherton ride Snowdon

Dan and Rach manage to sneak a cheeky uplift on the train up Snowdon, and were able to ride one of the highest mountains in Britain!

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  1. goosecock

    Nah, It’s more of a “day out” than an adventure.

    If you had to force your way on to the train at gunpoint and then dodge Apache gunship gunfire on the way down, THAT would be an adventure. Top ride though, done it a few times. (after a slog up)

  2. dirt dodger

    ok what actually got me into mountainbiking was going up Snowdon with my mates and all i had was my 30 year anniversary mongoose with stunt pegs and all. Rim brakes wore flat by the bottom and my rims were dyed black from the shjit that had come off them, it was insanely wet and i went through the front door many times but still wasn’t last – bought a bike soon after :-) if you have not ridden Snowdon – DO IT.

  3. Rupert

    It’s not often the Athertons are behind the times, but fair play nonetheless. I don’t suppose any of us who carried our bikes up there years before this lazy effort came down anything like as fast, although it feels it on the loose open sections for sure.
    I’ve still got a massive dent in my downtube as a memento.
    New Year’s day 2009 that was, bloody freezing with a hangover.

  4. Nick Hamilton

    I can’t believe the Chuffers took the train up!

  5. Rank McDuffer

    The train? Really? Why is it that no other lazy riders are allowed on the train eh? “Oooh….we’re filming don’t you know?” Double standards on the part of Snowdonia Railway, poor effort on the part of the Athertons. If you’re gonna make out like you’ve ridden Snowdon, at least have the decency to ride it properly.

  6. Stuart Rider

    Here is my Snowdon adventure.


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