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Curtis Frame Building Course Prices

Curtis Frame Building Course Prices


We ran this story last week about how Gary from Curtis was thinking about starting to offer frame building courses, and it turns out that he’s had a fiar old bit of interest so he’s now sorted out the pricing which is shown below. We reckon it’s a bloody good deal considering how much you’ll get to learn and the fact that you’ll also walk away with a beautiful Curtis frame for not much more than the frame itself would cost.

Photo: Grant Robinson
Photo: Grant Robinson

Anyway, here’s the details…



Here is the list of frames to choose from for the eagerly anticipated Curtis Bikes frame building course! All prices are inclusive of a 5 day course where you will get 1 to 1 tuition and guidance from Gary himself and also includes the price of the Curtis frame you have made to take away. All our frames are totally handcrafted using only a hacksaw, a set of files, a vice and a hand operated tube bender in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside!  The frames will also be fillet brazed by master brazer and founder of Curtis Bikes, Mr Brian Curtis himself. Unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided and cream teas and B&B are available on the farm where the workshop is located. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience for any bike enthusiast!

  • 909 Trailboss – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • DHHT – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • XC9 – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • XC9 – Reynolds 853 Tubing – £1150
  • SuperX – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • Racelite – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • Racelite – Reynolds 853 Tubing – £1150
  • AMHT (All Mountain Hardtail) – T45 Tubing – £1150
  • AMHT (All Mountain Hardtail) – Reynolds 853 Tubing – £1150
  • XC100/XC120/XCLT – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • XC100/XC120/XCLT – Reynolds 853 Tubing – £1150
  • AMHT – T45 Tubing – £1000
  • AMHT – Reynolds 853 Tubing – £1150

To book a course or just to ask more questions about anything Curtis related please call Gary on: 07976 652 469 or email him at curtisbikes@hotmail.com

  1. Colin

    This is killer.

    Honestly, 6 months ago I’d have booked this without even thinking. I’ve been wanting a Curtis frame for years… a do-it-all SuperX.

    Circumstances have changed now, though, and I don’t have a spare G lying round for a bike frame.

    Shame, this is one hell of an opportunity.

  2. Bono

    But you don’t get taught or get to do any brazing, the filing and tacking are the easy bits.

  3. Ben

    To be fair the filing and tacking are not the easiest parts because you have to go these all spot on to make the brazing easier, without good prep work the braze would be naff. I would rather have Brian braze a piece of work I had put together and still call it a Curtis than be a first time brazer and naff up a thousand quids worth of frame.. You would be getting the whole Curtis experience and same quality of product which at that price sounds like a bargain to me :)

  4. Ed

    As someone who has built fillet brazed frames myself I would agree with Ben. The welding is actually one of the easiest parts. Gary WILL also teach you how to braze as part of this course as you will need to be able to do it in order to tack the frame together in the jig. With brazing this is arguably the most important stage as you need to make sure that you get the brass penetrating right through the joint and back up the inside of the tube. Once your frame is tacked together by you it will then be given to Brian Curtis who will do the final fillet to make sure your fame is every bit as beautiful as any other Curtis…rather than you do it and it look terrible. You can’t really be taught how to master the ‘fillet’, and certainly not in a short amount of time, it’s something that you improve with experience. Very few people ever get to the standard of Brian. Having learnt though how to braze for the tacking together you can go away after the course and practice. To me it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Machete

    this sounds amazing. just need an up to date Curtis website because I have no idea what any of these frames look like.

  6. Kevin

    The idea that you can’t be taught to braze to a high standard in such a short space of time is ludicrous. Maybe HE can’t, but it certainly is possible! I did a course at the Bicycle Academy recently having never touched a torch before and was taught (by Brian Curtis himself!!) to a very good standard in just a few days. Not as good as the main man, but still very good considering, and now I know how to actually do it myself rather than just standing around and watching someone cut and tack a frame together for me…

    If you just want a pretty Curtis and want to be there whilst it’s tacked together, you won’t be able to see Brian actually braze the frame, (and don’t mind paying £200 extra for the privilege) then yeah, go for it, but if you actually want to learn something then go to the Bicycle Academy instead and get your hands dirty…

    1. Ed

      Kevin I think you have misunderstood what Curtis are offering. You will get your hands dirty, and you won’t be standing around watching someone. It will be you who mitre’s all the tubing and tacks it together, so as I said before you really will learn all the stuff that you need to learn in order to build a frame.
      The Bicycle Academy offers a great course too, just run a little differently that’s all. And congratulations on picking up brazing quickly, you’re obviously a natural, but sadly a lot of people aren’t and it will take them much longer.

      1. Andrew Denham

        Hey Ed, this certainly is a cool experience that Gary is offering, and we’re helping him get kitted up to start teaching too! As for the brazing, it certainly can be taught it’s just that most builders struggle to do let alone teach it. We’ve taught over 100 people how to fillet braze to a very high standard, newbies and pro’s and can say with confidence that it can be taught in a day of 1:1 tuition with us regardless of experience. But for people wanting to play a part in building their own Curtis branded frame this is a great experience. :-)

  7. Mr Christian

    Was wondering if T45 tapered head tubes are possible?

  8. Mr B

    Have to say I don’t get it. If I’m not able to learn brazing well enough even from a legend like Brian then what use is being able to notch and tack tubes? When I finish uni I will be doing a frame building course somewhere but I want to learn all the skills needed not just half of them.

    1. Ed

      You will learn all the skills on this course, you will learn to braze! It’s just that with this course you end up with a branded Curtis frame, and for that to happen it needs to be finished to the usual Curtis standard. Once you’ve got the basics of brazing (which you’ll learn on this course) it’s then a case of practice, practice, practice, which will then improve the ‘finish’ of your brazing. Strength wise you should be sorted by the time you leave Gary’s workshop and it’s more a case of sorting out the aesthetic quality with further practice.


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