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Cunny presents pilot for new bike TV Show

Cunny presents pilot for new bike TV Show

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt columnist, DH World Cup commentator and ex-tea bag eater Richard “Cunny” Cunynghame has just filmed a pilot episode for an Off-Road Cycling TV Show called “Cycle Dirt”. If this pilot show gets enough interest we could see Cunny and some mountainbike action on real proper telly!

This edit focuses on cyclocross but we’re told that the show will cover Downhill, Enduro, BMX, Freestyle, Cross Country as well as Cyclo-Cross and feature the likes of the Athertons, Steve Peat, Shanaze Reade, Helen Wyman and Sam Pilgrim.

Cunny adds: “The kind of mountain bike events we aim to go to are things like World Cups, Mega Avalanche, Enduro World Series, Red Bull Rampage. We’ll also be at BMX and cyclo-cross events, anything on the dirt inspired side of cycling.”

And on the subject of his sartorial elegance: “My wardrobe is all my own doing and will be getting weird at points. It will be supplied by WeSC, vintage shops and Saville Row, my cousin actually works there! I have being considering whether I need to wear make up like Gary Linekar does.”

Stu MacLean, Producer:
“Cycle Dirt will be a new TV series which will provide coverage of the ‘alternative’ cycle sports in which British Riders compete internationally. The UK is a leading force in the disciplines of Downhill, Enduro, Cyclo-Cross, BMX, Freestyle and Cross Country, with the likes of the Athertons, Steve Peat, Shanaze Reade, Helen Wyman and Sam Pilgrim at the pinnacle of their sports. However, few are household names and this show will bring their races throughout the year into the our homes. The exciting format will get to the heart of the riding and the great communities that surround them. There will also be big involvement with fans of the sports at the events and online. Music will form a strong part of the show, like it does in the lives of almost everyone in these sports and we want to help push new music talent. Riding bikes off-road is more than just a sport and Cycle Dirt aims to capture that.”

Richard Cunynghame, Presenter:
“I’ve adored riding bikes off-road almost my whole life. I’ve seen the sports grow massively in that time. Now is the right moment to bring all these sports and their many facets to a wider audience and I’m determined to do so in a way that is honest to the lifestyle, attitude and heritage of all these disciplines. When the guys behind Cycle Dirt approached me, I was delighted with their attitude and aim to bring more exposure to the sports I love not only through what happens on the bike but what goes on around it. There’s so much that sets these sports apart that I can’t wait to get out there covering them, and to an outstanding soundtrack I may add!!”

For more updates follow the show and Cunny on Twitter:


  1. mike ology

    less of the vito sports advertising and more on bikes would be good!

  2. bgggg

    cunny looking good dressed as a woman

  3. Gary

    Lets hope it gets going and does not turn into the cycle show. With Cunny at the helm I cant see that occuring though.

  4. brians mother

    Bloody hell I didnt know Mercedes made vans….

  5. Olly

    Nice jacket Cunny, but that scarf…

  6. Machete

    at least Cunny speaks better than he writes…. slightly

  7. bedders

    Are we talking mainstream telly here? If so any idea which channel?
    My take is that its badly needed and I really hope its a huge success. Good luck Cunny, keep it alternative and please no tarmac bollox a-la Cycle Show!

  8. Jamazepam

    Should have got Guy Martin to present it and you’d have yourself a hit. Good luck though.

  9. jim

    usual dirt crap what about Dirt Jumping and 4X real dirt sports not Volvo sports like CX or XC

    1. Moan, moan, moan.

      Read the article, dick. ALL dirt riding is gonna be covered. It’s a good start, and better than nothing. No matter what though, you can always bet some little turd will moan, no matter what. You can’t please all the people, all the time, aye Jim?

  10. Derryair

    Fair play to Mercedes and sponsoring the show with the Vito Sport without them there wouldn’t be a tv show for s to watch

  11. TEC

    I am only interested in tea bag eating! Tea bag eating needs to be a central part of this show.. Who agrees?

    1. matt

      i’d like to see more varieties of hot drink eating in general e.g. three spoons of instant coffee with no water, a litre of un-concentrated cordial, mojito before the mix

      1. panzer

        Maybe a raw Lemsip and/or Bovril.

      2. TEC

        Ok – ‘Cunningham’s dried drinks’…. all sampled from the back of a … wait for it… Bedford Rascal… I’ll even bankroll it.

  12. Big Dawg

    I didn’t quit catch the name of that van they were using…?

  13. Ben

    A great idea like this comes along and, surprise surprise, people like Jim are being negative already! Its not what our sport needs Jim. On another point, sponsorship is the reality these days, get over it!

  14. Ham

    cool lets hope this takes off. I would love to see some more cycling especially mtb and enduro on tv.

  15. jimmy fids

    Better than nothing. Wouldn’t catch me racing a CX bike but riding one off road is a real test of your metal

  16. terrid

    he’s no joe barnes

  17. Jack

    Don’t know what’s worse, Cunny’s get-up, the fact that it was predominantly a car advert or that it only showed the poor relation, “worst of all worlds” of the cycling world that is CX. Good luck trying to get any BMXers to watch CX footage and vice versa! Taking my cynical hat off; good to see any mainstream cycling exposure that isn’t hipster/traffic issues dominated and looking forward to it!

  18. tommy

    ignore the moaners cunny, go for it mate!!!!!

  19. Cool Hand Luke

    Oi Cunny, Gok Wan wants his scarf back.. I think he posts here too so you might expect a strongly worded comment to be made on the matter.

  20. Gok Wan

    Thanks Cool Hand Luke honey, you are right, aunty Gok does post on here sometimes. I love seeing what all you dirty boys and girls are up to. You go Cunny, if you need any more fashion advice you’ve got my number, don’t be afraid to use it… but please, no more drunken saturday night calls pestering me at 3am, asking me what I’m wearing and what I’m doing! Naughty boy! Hugs ‘n’ kisses, Aunty Gok. Mwah X PS as jamezapan rightly said on another post, ‘It’s all about the confidence!’ xx

  21. Craig B

    All the same… I fancy buying a Vito Sport now. :)

  22. Tom

    Why does that vid only show CX? It might be hardcore etc, but to anyone outside biking it looks like a gimp fest. If a TV program is aimed at getting people interested in these ‘alternative cycling disciplines’, show cool stuff, like BMXers getting rad, or DHers smashing the hell out of roosty corners. Not lycra clad goons dismounting over a hurdle in the mud.
    Hopefully the show won’t be a reflection of that preview…

    1. huge alias

      you’ve got a lot to learn,young man! To the average joe on the street there IS no difference between road racing and downhilling-its all skint geeks on bicycles. Unfortunately this upsets big’n’ard downhillers who think of themselves as members of the motocross world rather than mere cyclists. I do cx, road, xc, enduro and downhill and before that motocross and enduro. Ive done tge macho and the”gay lycra” and tell you what,i love it all!crawl back into your little “my sub-species is better than yours” box or grow up.

  23. rod fountain

    It’s no secret that I’ve recently got into CX racing and reading this forum makes me fvcking glad I did; it’s a world where people just love riding bikes. Weird, eh?

  24. baddog

    Vito sport,thats a lottery van!. Good luck with the show,hope its better than cunnys ramblings in dirt!

  25. baddog

    Nah, fuck that. it looks proper shit.

  26. nickyb

    Should be cool and anything that can help all our dirty sports is a good thing! Ok including CX but make sure they include other disciplines as well. Aside from my bias CX does look pretty daft and it would be good to have proper telly production values to some cool DH and BMX edits. Also I think they need a better gazebo than that £19.99 argos effort!

  27. Steve

    lets make a pilot episode to showcase our new offroad cycling tv show/van advert..
    now what shall we use to get peoples attention…. world cup level downhill racing, amazing slopestyle skills and stunts, crazy dirt jumps, the madness that is mass start enduro races like the mega, trail centre style enduro that most people can relate too……

    NO! NONE OF THEM!… how about we film guys in lycra on what are basically road bikes with nobly tyres riding around a flat muddy field! now thats what the masses want!

    But wont it just look…. you know a bit shit..

    Who cares as we can make sure the VITO SPORT VAN is in the background in EVERY shot (unless we are talking about it obviously)


  28. Steve

    oh i forgot about filming people on turbo trainers AWESOME!!

  29. alex

    Elite level cx riders would hand everyone here there arse when it come to bike handling. No amount of calling cx gay will change that fact.

  30. Steve

    oh and the carrying of a bike over hurdles

  31. Stu

    Hey guys,

    I’m producing this thing and thought I’d see if I can help answer a few questions.

    This video is not the test Tape/Pilot we made, which won’t be made public. It’s being used for broadcasters. This video is Vito Sport’s and is just a small glimpse of what we did on the day. We filmed at CX Euros in Ipswich in November for our ‘studio’, but the Pilot also features race/competition/video footage with Harry Main, Sam Pilgrim, Gee Atherton and others.

    The format will be a ‘studio’ that’s on the road at events to show off what it’s like to be a part of these communities and we’ll bring in race/competition footage of Brits in action. It’s not going to be about reviews, it’s meant to be alternative and fun.

    If this Cycle Dirt happens the way we want, then it will be something very different from other sport shows. We have to be creative and push boundaries for broadcasters to be interested in our sports.

    We chose CX Euros for the studio, because I wanted to see Richard presenting at an event outside of his comfort zone. He was spot on. It got me excited to think about filming at the likes of Megavalanche or Fort William.

    If you want more coverage of DH, Enduro, Freestyle, BMX, CX, XC or anything else, there needs to be a positive community. Watch the video on YouTube, Like it and follow @cycledirtuk on Twitter. Give it a chance, give constructive feedback and then make a decision.

    Keep in touch. If you have questions fire them over to me on Twitter @cycledirtuk.

    – Stu

  32. The butcher

    I race cross and Bmx. They are both bicycle races and are both equally exciting. Cunny is a fantastic writer and is a brill bike rider to boot. Keep at it rich.


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