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Crankworx Photo Gallery - Les Deux Alpes: Monday - Air Downhill Practice


So the EWS has rolled out of town, but we’ve still got a pretty exciting week coming up. Today saw the start of Polygon Air Downhill race, with riders walking the track and also had a chance to practice this afternoon. This evening was the Dual Climb which was won by Quentin Derbier. Here’s the day in photographs.

  1. Willy W

    Brendaaawg will do as mediocre as usual and have a fine bag of excuses to back it up as well as the odd snide/arrogant comment to top it off in whatever vid edit her appears in from this race!

    1. scriz

      Ouch! I honestly hope dogbren can pull it back together, but his attitude doesn’t seem to be helping much….especially when there are so many guys putting in serious work to get on a factory team.

  2. Salad fingers

    Tracey Hannah broke her collarbone

  3. G

    Brendan fairsloth

  4. Oz

    What’s with the hating on Brendan? He’s a super nice guy and one the most talented bike riders on the planet. Ok, so for whatever reason, maybe he hasn’t realised his potential, but even if you guys has the training regime of Andy Cavendish, Brendan would still beat you down any hill, anywhere, anytime. Fact. So just let him do his thing, enjoy watching his style, and leave the negativity at home.

    1. LK

      Yeah, but he is a racer, not a f****** figure skater.

      He does look unbelievably good on his bike, but if it is his goal to look good, not to win, he should devote to freeriding, not racing.

      1. Ed

        Would you say the same about Cedric Gracia?

      2. dirt dodger

        So all racers not at the top of the game who like to show style on their bike should go to FR? Great logic LK – thank fuck you don’t manage any race teams. I am pretty sure Brendan wants more from his results BTW and as he has openly mentioned his main goal is to get back to winning, but while he isn’t he is doing good for the sport by showing that it can be fun and his sponsors are clearly happy with what he does for their products and the exposure he gets……curiousity kicking in here, have you raced a world cup? do you race full stop? any ideas how hard it is to run @ the top? or even run @ all?

  5. Mark

    That’s a bit of a poor comparison Ed. Gracia has won World Cups, come second overall in the World Cup series twice and won Red Bull Rampage. Fairclough’s not looking too hot compared to that. With a record like that I think he’s entitled to a bit of showboating in his old age! ;)

    1. dirt dodger

      It’s entirely a fair comparison Mark – 3 times national champ and welsh champ also i believe. oh and don’t forget to add world cup champ as well pal. He has a long way to go before he has been around as long as CG so let’s not write him off just yet eh ;-)

  6. Eoin

    People need to realise that their job is not to win races, but rather to showcase their sponsors. For most racers that means getting on the podium etc, but surely brendan’s exposure, especially through major films and webedits makes him a great rider to sponsor. Fact is, people want to see him race, myself included.

  7. ddmonkey

    Mr Fairclough on the podium last weekend, so he can’t be that far off some good results – keep doing your thing I say its great to watch. DH racing would be a bit boring if only the top 10 turned up because no-one else was deemed “good enough” eh?

  8. Oz

    Whetever Brendan’s results are, he is always in photos, online articles, magazines etc. Whenever he shows up he always gets a mention, and his style guarantees good images for the press. I’d say he’s better sponsorship material than most.


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