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Course Preview: 'Talkie' Helmet Cam, Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup 2013

Course Preview: 'Talkie' Helmet Cam, Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup 2013

Take a run down the downhill track at Mont-Sainte-Anne with Gstaad Scott’s Claudio Calouri…

As you can see some bright spark has decided to smooth the track out, but hopefully it’s going to rough up a bit come race time, but at the very least it’s going to make for some warp factor speeds.

What do you lot reckon? Do you prefer tracks like this one or the Vallnord one?

  1. CriDavies

    I can’t really see anyone beating Gee on that this weekend.

  2. spacehopper

    Claudio’s talkie helmet cams are the best!

    Track looks FAAAAAST and fun!

    It’s nothing like Vallnord.. but then life would be dull if all the tracks where the same!

  3. Matt

    Love it! Cladio needs to be the official helmet cam dude for each track.

    1. Ed

      Ummmm…he is!

      1. Matt


  4. LTrump

    It’s raining for 1st practice, that should chew things up a bit

  5. timBud

    Great to see that there’s still some tech stuff in there.
    I guess the good thing about the motorway sections, is that there’s plenty of space for loads of live coverage. :)

    Can’t imagine anybody having as much fun as Claudio on that track.

  6. WAKi

    Claudio is ace! Great feature, Adam Brayton should do track walks again! I’d also like to see one like that with Luca Masserini on some track in San Remo!

  7. rick

    Claudio is a legend!

    Now imagine Dan Brown hunting down all these tracks. haha

    1. Ed

      Dan Brown is actually a pretty handy rider for your info, he used to be a regular on the national DH scene.

  8. Rich

    Claudio is fantastic. Have to agree with CriDavies; Gee looks favourite for the win.

  9. Packer

    That track looks really fun!
    Agree that Gee has gotta be the favourite here.

  10. Monkey

    Claudio….. Always makes me chuckle, must say he does seem to love this track….

  11. TwistBikes

    ha, really enjoyable talkie, really entertaining commentary he just sounds so stoked – great work Claudio.

  12. ddmonkey

    I think the smoothing is a good idea – it will still be as rough as a bears bum by the time the finals roll around.

  13. Gareth

    Claudio, I love your energetic commentary. Smashing out doubles the most of us would need to be fully concentrating on with not a murmur coming out of us, while he’s whooping and hollering about something random.

    Like everyone else, I’ve loved watching these and get a good smile and laugh out of it.

    Get that man a beer.

    Oh, and a slide out with the cam on- embarrassing?!!!! I’m glad I don’t put up any of my race weekend practice runs………..

  14. LemonadeMoney

    Never get bored of listening to Claudio. Top stuff.

  15. NB

    Great helmet cam commentary from Claudio. Really shows what the track is like and makes the race footage more enjoyable on the day. Thanks Claudio. Keep it up. N


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