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Cotic Bikes Presents - #SizeMatters

Cotic Bikes Presents - #SizeMatters

This has to be one of the product vid’s we’ve seen in a long time.

Personally I reckon hardtails rule, regardless of wheel size.

Here though is what Cotic have to say about their latest 29’er…

Do rock gardens get you down? Do you hide away from the more exciting things in life? 
Well, we’ve found a cure….

The Cotic Solaris was designed to take the best of our legendary Soul trail hardtail and bring all that to the 29″ wheel format.

– Reynolds 853 steel front triangle with signature Ovalform top tube and new gussetless DZB down tube. 
– 44mm standard head tube designed with external bottom cup for taper steerer compatiblity and zero stack top cup for minimal stack height. 
– 31.6mm seatpost size is dropper seatpost compatible and the frame has hose clips for the remote under the top tube. 
– Clearance for big tyres – 2.4″ Maxxis Ardents fit fine. 
– Geometry with commitment! Minimum 80mm travel forks or 470mm rigids. Handles great with 100mm sus forks, strong enough for up to 120mm travel. 
– Sizes – 16″ (new for 2013), 17.5″, 19″ and 20.5″. 
– The frames are designed to be compact and chuckable. 
– Weight – 4.9lbs for the 19″



  1. Enforcer


  2. Hancock

    So, that Rocket you sold me is officially rubbish then, I take it Si’ll be giving me a refund?

    1. dan

      Oh man up and ride your bike

      1. Hancock

        Can’t, broke my ankle riding the rubbish Rocket.

  3. fanboy

    Amazing video, love it. Love to see a good HT shred!

  4. le jacques

    Sweet video!

  5. Big_Tim

    Any idea where those trails are? Look uber fun.

    1. rod

      How do Tim. Might be wrong but the open stuff looks like Lee Quarry in Bacup, Lancashire. Forget it though: Tropical Beige will never make it.

    2. Nick Hamilton

      It was all shot up at Hamsterley

  6. screwball


  7. The butcher

    Lets test the f in thing then?


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