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Cotic Bikes - #26aintdead + t-shirt comp

Cotic Bikes - #26aintdead + t-shirt comp


Craig Evans, pinned during filming for #26aintdead 

Photo – Duncan Philpott

How many times have you heard those words uttered? “So what do you think about wheelsize?”

Uplift queues, pub toilets, races, the local bike shop to name but a few, have all had their air tainted by the whiff off bullshit that often accompanies such conversations. That’s not to say people can’t have an opinion but it can get a bit boring can’t it? Use the wheel size that suits you and don’t fear change seems to be a pretty good mantra from my point of view.

Cotic have always had an edge when it comes to their videos with gems such as Late for Work and Rocketman along with their more recent moving picture Size Matters.

With one foot firmly set in the Peak District the other holds fast in the 26 inch wheel camp, yes Cotic do make 29er’s but Cy Turner (Cotic head honcho) firmly believes #26aintdead. The video you see above is proof.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 14.37.32

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a nice ’26 ain’t dead’ tee then simply fire off a Tweet to @dirtmagazine and @cotic with a photo telling us why 26 ain’t dead and you could be in with a chance of winning one of 3 tees. Make sure you use the hastag #26aintdead too!

  1. Steve Stokes

    That has to be the best edit all year??..

    Iv seen DH videos that are far tamer than this shit… Absolutely killing it.. Well done boys!!!

  2. worthy

    Most def the best stuff you have had on here for ages. These new 26 wheels look like loads fun. Snappy whippy and playful how come no-one has thought of them before?!?

  3. f dog

    really good vid that, nice to see a real mtb getting ragged like that, 26 ftw.

  4. Matt Grindrod

    I’ve watched this too many times today. When I fail my economics module tomorrow, I’m blaming you guys…

    1. WAKi

      Don’t worry they probably taught you some stuff from Milton Friedman which is utopian rubbish. Go ride your 26″ bike!

      1. Matt Grindrod

        Haha, I just had to google his name…

  5. OliC

    “Iv seen DH videos that are far tamer than this shit…”
    Ive seen a DH video with exactly the same riding, except the rider was on a yellow hardtail from Halifax.

    29ner’s are the fastest in the right place,
    650b is inbetween
    26″ is also the fastest in the right place!

  6. TallPaul

    wow what is this new 26″ wheel size it looks so much fun I hope it catches on and puts these wagon wheelers in their place 😉
    Tall Paul riding 26″ since 1990

  7. Digger

    I have never met a single rider that ever wanted, asked for or needs a 650b. Fantastic that the first whiff of rebellion within the bike industry has taken seed. Hopefully the whole industry will stop being such idiots and give people in the UK what they actually want. If you insist on having different sized wheels then at least give us the choice of all three, don’t be a 650b marketing con job fascist. Well done Cotic. The boy was utterly ragging that bike, well f**kin Mexico.

  8. JPJ

    26″, 27.5″, 29″ I dont give a sh!t riding bikes is the balls and this vid makes me want to sprint out the office and rag the fuc!ing shit out of it! Well in boys! Never seen a Bfe ripped like that before! Sign me up!

  9. Enri

    Alex rankin was just pinpoint right: hardtails (continue to) rule

  10. Will

    Fair play, it all comes down to the rider and giving it death on a hardtail. Big rig DH weapons take note…! Hardtails = skills

  11. unleash

    this video is the nuts and I want that tshirt ,but don’t do twatter or facefuck so cotic start selling them.

  12. Andy Scabbers Hampshire

    Can you check the @cotic twitter tag for comp as this is some bloke with no connection to Cotic Ltd, Cotics twitter tag is @coticltd

  13. Nick Thoday

    Going to rag the shit out of my BFe tonight now!!!

  14. Damian

    Where is that filmed ?
    Cotic is just down the road from me and i have no idea where this is ?
    Black a Moor ?


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