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CoreBike 10: Part 1

CoreBike 10: Part 1


I’m sorry it’s late! I’ve had a bit of a busy week you see, CoreBike was on Tuesday. Photos on Wednesday for a bike test, and I ended up clanging my plums on the saddle pretty hard. After a visit to hospital to check everything, turns out it was just severe bruising, so everything’s good down there! And then to top it all off, I became an uncle at the end of the week!

Sorry it’s late, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for. It’s being split into a few parts because of the huge amount of stuff that could do with including! The light in some of the rooms was pretty dire, hence some of the dubious photos!

Part 2 coming this afternoon….


Fox have been doing these for a while apparently, but I’d never seen one before. Awesome idea. Keep your goggles clean, and in a super cool looking case with room for spare lenses and tearoffs too. Shame I don’t have 4 pairs of goggles really!


Chris Jackson shows us the Blackout jersey. Plain, simple, and understated. Nice.


Here’s Steve, looking super stoked to be holding the sleeve of this Camplosion MX jersey. It’s making a crossover into the MTB range for 2010. You won’t blend into the trees wearing one of these!

Corebike2010Fox005A new soft shell jacket from Fox, and it looks great. Keep warm and look cool, you don’t get much better than that!

Corebike2010Fox006Here’s the V3R Carbon Helmet. Looking good, and with plenty of vents to keep your bonce nice and cool……..

Corebike2010Fox007…….and it also has this removable Coolmax liner. Maybe an end to smelly helmets?!


Fox’s range of shoes for 2010 is huge! If bright colours on your feet is what floats your boat, then some of these might be perfect.

Corebike2010-2Pure002Lizard Skins’ 2010 glove range. The G-Loves on the front row look brilliant, and with a full terry thumb and a leather palm, should feel great on the bars too.

Corebike2010-2Pure003The massive Lizard Skins grip range. Some new ones on the right, developed with Aaron Chase, apparently they had to be perfect, and a hugely expensive mould had to be binned when they weren’t quite right! Some of our favourite grips, the Peaty Lock-ons are also from the Lizard Skins stable. Definitely a grip for everyone here!

Corebike2010-2Pure004The Mojo HD. Lopes uses one for Downhill. 6.5″ travel. DW Link suspension. Carbon. And one of four worldwide at the moment…this one was flown in from Italy specially for the show. We’re all very interested in riding this bike…. Look out for a bike test in the mag later this year…..if we can get hold of one!

Corebike2010-2Pure006Mojo SL. 5″ Travel. Another Ibis beauty.

Corebike2010-2Pure005Chromed and polished DW links. Maybe a new level of bling?!

Corebike2010-2PureMarleysEyesPedro’s were displaying a huge amount of product. A massive range of lubes, an amazing chain tool, pumps, and a ‘Master toolkit’ in a Delta Force spec briefcase…Unfortunately, it was all in a rather dark corner of the room…..and Steve giving Kate (from Dirt London) some special eye drops got most of the attention….

The chain tool though looked brilliant, it’s called an evolver, simply because it will split/join any chain, from singlespeed right up to the 11 speed road chains. By using a rotating insert, the chain width is always perfect. Great innovation there.

Corebike2010-merida002Probably not something you were expecting to see from Dirt, but heres the new 120mm bike from Merida. They’ve developed a headtube with the stiffness of a “conehead” tapered setup, but with the lightweight advantage of the 1 1/8 size. The bike’s got 120mm of travel, it looks great, and the geometry feels good too…you may even see one in the magazine sometime….


Over and out from Corebike part 1. Expect more later today, including some awesome new stuff from Halo and TSG, the Renthal bars and stem, and the people from the company. Some amazing new bags being imported by Silverfish too.

It might be late, but keep it locked……

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  1. Tim Grant

    I was ther. You need a lot of time to get round even though it’s not that big. Cheer up jonesy.

  2. Aaron

    i was there the sun and i tell you what, was suprised how long it took to get round, and as for the fox stuff, i want one of everything they are doing for 2010 mmmmmmmm

  3. Neil Calvesbert

    What happened to Fox gear – back in the Palmer days it was cool and now it looks like Stevie Wonder went mental in Homebase paint department. TLD has the same problem. It’s ok if you are Sam Hill but everyone else looks will look like coco the clown. Jeez the are even making clown shoes…

  4. punkszar

    Fox 2010 models = idiot, gay, self-important, tasteless and very childish.

  5. bam

    Nice show to launch of the 2010 season, th enew Fox kit looks great for this year, its not all in your face designs, nice mix for us riders that like to be a little more subtle too.

  6. Kaz Funabashi

    Hey Neil, The Fox gear looks alot better than that ONE CRAP!


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