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Core Bike Show 2011 Product Videos

Core Bike Show 2011 Product Videos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Mpora member Ram-Bikes has just uploaded a ton of product videos from the recent CoreBike Show.
Watching these is almost as good as being there in person just without the famous three course lunch.

Core bike show – Marzocchi >>


MPORA Action Sports >>


Identiti’s new DH rig

More Mountain Biking Videos >>


MPORA Action Sports >>


More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Fox clothing

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  1. Howie

    Seriously, 68 degrees is enough for the uk…. hahaha. You need to try ridin that down Llangollen mate…

  2. Daniel Sim

    Sound’s like that Identiti’s an utter fail. I know head tube angles have to be taken with a pinch of salt but 68 degrees for dh is quite off. Seems like a way to turn off half the market. In my experience UK tracks may be tight but also steep and rough. My guess is the guy has never ridden dh.

  3. Tom

    More and more people are getting clued up on Head angles, time will tell if 68 is too steep, I think it will put people off considering bikes are getting slacker and slacker.

  4. TimBud

    Good stuff from Hope.
    err, hope their integrated cassette comes out soon. A 9-36 range on the rear sounds awesome.

    Bold statements from Identiti… wonder if he misread a 5 for an 8 and tried to BS the rest? Otherwise it could well be a budget contender

  5. Farmer Giles

    68 degrees would be fine for carving across my (flat) farm fields…

  6. Big_Tim

    Any one know if Fox are doing any of their shoes in a clipless variety?

  7. Leon

    Hmm seems like Identiti needs to know the difference between “dont need” and does help

  8. RS

    Hi Tim, All the Fox shoes are Non SPD styles for the moment.

  9. joe linden

    Nice sales pitch by the man from fox lol jk he wis shite.

  10. Alex

    “everyone reckons at Fort William you do [need a slack head angle], but you don’t”
    Ah well, you’ve convinced me Davey boy! PMSL :)

  11. Ollieee

    68 degree headangle?! is he taking the piss? my spesh fsr has that 68.5?

  12. Dave Franciosy

    Its a 66 head angle not 68

    Long few days at the show and a few late nights

    Next time them cranked people come round I am off for a walk in the carpark.

    That video sounds so Bad

    Now where is that remove button

  13. Alex

    “Ti axles weigh 137g which is good”. For two axles? Though who cares what the axles weigh. Did you mean one pedal with ti axle? Definitely not for BOTH pedals!

  14. Deon

    Dave – your face it best suited for being behind the camera anyways! :)


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