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Concrete Pumptrack in Switzerland

Concrete Pumptrack in Switzerland

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Scott 11 honcho and trail builder Claudio Caluori just sent over photos of this sweet concrete pumptrack he’s just built in his hometown in Switzerland:

“We built it in my hometown in front of the school, they wanted it clean and low maintenance, that’s why we got the idea of building it out of real concrete and as one of my employees is a bricklayer, he taught me how to keep it smooth like a skatepark.

What we got is a pump track that is now rideable with bikes, skateboards, inline skates, and what ever has wheels.

We had a quick try this morning before we left our town for the next race track construction at Monte Tamaro, and the feeling was incredible. You can make and keep the speed so easily, – wow!”

  1. joe

    holy shhhheeeet!

  2. freddy

    shame no council in the uk would ever have the balls to put something like that infront of a school, looks awesome

  3. Morgan

    Bet that would be amazing to go through on a skateboard. Could that be a new genre of boarding? Single timed runs, or two riders pursuit on a loop track, or two riders head to head knock out like slalom!

  4. nojzilla

    ooooooohh concrete, fk the bike pass my board!!!!

  5. Johan

    I have always thought about that, now waitnig for the dirt to dry up after rain, heck one could even ride itt in the rain.

  6. stacy kohut

    dirt is real.

  7. stacy kohut

    leave the cement for the urethane warriors.
    yabble dabble even………..

  8. alarmclock

    It looks beautiful!
    …but only one problem. It has no expansion joints or crack lines. Eventually the earth will heave up in the winter, and you will find uneven cracks in that once smooth ribbon of concrete.

  9. Claudio Caluori

    Hey Alarmclock: Don’t worry, we put expansion cuts every cuple of meters to avoid cracking in the winter. With
    -20°C in our winter, we knew we had to do this.
    By the way, we might make a Red Bull Crashed Ice training track out of it during the winter :-)

  10. Claudio Caluori

    Stacy, wow, that Lincoln track is awesome!

  11. jt

    Wo ist das Pumptrack beauty?

  12. tom

    So, that begs the question: Where is Claudio Caluori’s home town?

  13. alarmclock

    I stand corrected Claudio

  14. Claudio Caluori

    Jenaz, Switzerland, a bit more than 1 hour from Zurich. A town with less than 1000 habitants. Non of them plays soccer, but pretty much all of them ride motor- or mountain bikes.

  15. GRose

    Claudio, I’m from Wales – moving to zurich in July. been in Germany for a while, can’t wait to share der schweiz passion for the knobly wheels! Might even try to ride a bazooka around that ring, as a statement like. ; )


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