Competition: Be A Geek And Win A Signed Seasons DVD - We Have A Winner!

Ed Haythornthwaite Ed Haythornthwaite

If you missed it, then last week we ran a ‘can you guess the part’ competition, and all you had to do was tell us what product the photo below was of…
Now we started off making it what we thought was pretty much impossible, with the idea being that we would gradually make it easier until somebody eventually got the correct answer. But hey, we should never have doubted the extreme levels of ‘bike geek’ out there cos somebody got it right and they now win this super collectable signed Seasons DVD…
So what was it, and who won? Well the lucky winner, and bike geek extraordinaire is Alexander Redwood as he was the first person to correctly identify it as a RockShox Reverb seatpost.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.14.14
There are probably a load of you now going “wtf?”, but as you’ll see from the following photo that was indeed what the photo was of…
You’ve got to admit, that’s some serious geek ability to be able to identify a Reverb from the photo we originally posted, so well done Alexander, you deserve both the prize and the title of Bike Geek of the Year.


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