Coming Soon: 7even protection from Royal Racing.

The team at Royal Racing will be launching their new protective gear at Eurobike on 28th August. You may have already seen Steve Peat and Brook MacDonald sporting a pair of the 7even knee pads at recent World Cup rounds in Fort William and Val di Sole and at the British Downhill Series in Innerleithen.


Seven Intelligent Design Protection, Seven people with a Functional, Stylish, Design led approach to the requirements of male and female athletes.

For more info check them out on Twitter @7Protection


  1. stevo

    Nothing to do with James ‘Bubba’ stewart then?

    He too has a new sports clothing brand called 7

  2. Jon

    Royal and Peaty better hope Bubba dosn’t have an issue with this gear. I’m thinking Bubbas lawyers might be bigger and nastier than Steves.

  3. tommy tickle

    Don’t worry, all this I’m sure has been sorted out

  4. 7 idp

    We will be making a full announcement about our product line up and the riders we will be working with closer to our full product launch at Eurobike. it is our belief that 7 idp (intelligent design protection) will really up the stakes in the protection game. Our team has vast experience in this market sector. Already signed up and testing prototypes are :Kurt Sorge, Steve Peat., Trek World Racing, Mark Weir, Chris Akrigg, Neil Donoghue, Garett Buehler, Josh Lewis…. More coming soon!
    As to the brand name – we have of course carried out full due diligence prior to our launch and have registered Tm’s in place in all key markets. We have spoken with 7 mx and envisage no issues on this front.Neither they or us are litigious by nature so we will co exist alongside each other in our respective market sectors.

  5. markus

    Please make an affordable safety jacket with Leatt compatibility that works well.
    It schould have a long backprotector and you shouldn’t look like a star wars trooper in it, so make it low profile. Also, please add a zipper in the front. There is definitely fir something like that on the market.

  6. markus

    Damn mobile phone!
    I wanted to write, that there is definitely place for something like that on the market


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