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Claudio Caluori Val d'Isère Helmet Cam

Claudio Caluori Val d'Isère Helmet Cam

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Scott 11 team manager Claudio Caluori gives us a talkie cam down the brand new WC track at Val d’Isère.

Respect to Claudio, the lifts were closed due to a thunderstorm last night so he hiked up the mountain with the bike on his back…dedication!

He also says, sorry about the audio quality, the microphone wasn’t working properly. But even so this gives you a great idea of how epic the VDI track is and you’ve got to love Claudio’s enthusiasm for riding!

  1. Leon

    That looked awesome man ! Good to see a more natual and loose track , got a proper mountain feel about it

  2. gavin c

    I love that guy he is so good for the sport his head cams are so clear and he explains everything thats going on with such excitement and its so funny when he says sorry for taking the chicken runs it has appeal to world cup nerds and newbys alike!


    I really like this guys course rides because he rides it how most normal people would ride a world cup course!

  4. jamie

    Looks good, sounds like its a fun run!

  5. RHS

    His ‘Ha’ is like a reincarnation of Mikey Jackson

  6. RHS

    TOBZAD, Mr Caluori is no mortal

  7. TimBud

    Will be watching this over the olympics for sure!
    Best talkie POV as ever. Great ride CC. :)

  8. Richard Hayter

    Great footage and what a top guy! Obviously loves riding and gave an excellent commentary.

  9. churchie


  10. Lawrenceonaht

    Once again a brilliant Talky-Cam ride, always look forward to these to get a real idea of the tracks in a chilled, and often funny, video.
    However, I found the camera mounted on the down tube, getting hit by bits of mud, a bit pointless. Seemed to just block the view of the track? Either way, that track looks amazing!

  11. Andy

    This guy is ace, he should do more videos. His upbeat happy attitude reminds me of Fabien Barel, another great ambassador for the sport

  12. DHZ

    Love the Bender reference. I think Claudio would be a good match with Rob in the commentary booth. But I’m sure he’s got his hands full managing a WC team. Maybe when he’s done doing that.

  13. AD

    Thanks Claudio, that was awesome.

  14. coflo

    Good stuff indeed. Claudio knows his onions. Just for the sake of it can you try to get Cam Cole? Then it can be the Cam talkie cam..

  15. Oskar Sigurdsson

    What’s the olympics ?


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