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Christmas Prezzies

Christmas Prezzies

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Any body get anything good from Santa? Anybody get anthing bad?

I got some puzzles and socks which is good.

Tell us what you got below, maybe we can organise a Swap Shop type sketch if anybody wants to swap their new pedals for a pair of socks or vice versa.

  1. billy

    Those aren’t the actual socks in case any body was wondering.

  2. the bacon boy

    hey guys got some snow pics of me on my prezzy well i had to pay for most of it but still counts, where do i send the snow pics to ???

  3. Rod Kimble

    I got a 75% poly, 25% wool scarf from tesco

  4. Martidog

    Santa/(my sexy wee GF) came up trumps this chrimbo & hooked me up with one of them wee Muvi mini cams with the sports kit. So far I only have Vids of me cuttin aboot in ma jammiez & ma downhill lid which aint worth posting…..Then again there’s probably someone out there in webland that might get there jollies from extreme Jammy wearing Scotmen.

  5. gareth

    I got to spend my Xmas morning (and the next 5 months) in the sublime wilderness of a little known country of Afgan’!? Cheers santa you ……

  6. Ben Winder

    Banana Gaurd what more could you ask for :-)

  7. amplus taren brasil

    a brand new bell faction !!!

  8. stevie t

    my pressies were a powerball off the sister in law, socks, MADE dvd, dmr tee,

  9. Jack
  10. joe cantello

    i got a set of maxxis high roller 2.5 which was good. then a tour de france dvd which wasn’t good (seen as i mtb).

  11. Taylor Williams

    i got a caddy van 😀

  12. Steve Stokes

    Giant Anthem x0 :D…. but i too got a scarf… what socks were they? haha 😀

  13. matt

    My christmas hilights include a small mountain of chocolates, socks and a book telling me how to fix my bike, with the cleaning section hilighted. Santa might be hinting at something…

  14. Deano

    The misses got me a Kodex Strata stem in red to continue the red pimping theme on my Demo. It’s awesome.

  15. jamie

    i got a shirt

  16. Philipp

    661 Evo Carbon (seems like a lot of people had those on their wishlist…), new TLD jersey and a bottle of single malt. All three have already proven to be good choices. :)

  17. jonny

    some crazy ergon grips, which look a bit mad but will hopefully help keep me riding until i have had the op on my carpel tunnel..

    pain killers off the doc for my broken ribs from a big off just before christmas..not really a present, but has made it more bearable.

  18. rusty

    5,10s knackered my last pair and a new camelback from my girlfriend (must be doing something right) happy new year dirt mag keep up the good work cheers


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