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Chris Ball Interview - Enduro World Series - Uncut!

Chris Ball Interview - Enduro World Series - Uncut!

If the interview with Chris Ball that we featured the other day left you wanting to know even more, then here’s the full 25 minute directors (un)cut…

And if you missed the news that the Parkin Bros are going to be filming every round of the Enduro World Series for Dirt TV then you can catch up on that story here.


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  1. EmilMP

    Great interview Dirt…

  2. WAKi

    This and, interview mr Porter and with Fabien makes me think. After all this rubbish at the beginning of the year, Team transfers, wheel sizes, Lance – it is refreshing to finaly hear people who really know what they are talking about.

    Good stuff Dirt!

  3. Chris Boyce

    To see a ‘new’ discipline developed in a way that embraces the preferences of riders and the wider industry rather than being overly restrictive is a very positive move. If the EWS can continue on their rider centric approach, I envisage great success for them, the competitors and the industry as a whole.

    The outtake comments at the very end sum up their approach well.

  4. ddmonkey

    Loving this stuff – keep it coming Dirt!

  5. Tino

    Yup – really enjoying people being allowed to talk until it develops further than scratching the surface. Great stuff.


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