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Champery Worlds pit tech photos

Champery Worlds pit tech photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Little bit of tech from around the Champery World Champs pits

  1. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Think that could be Bryceland’s V10 seeing as its got flats……Steve’s will be a tad heavier then!?

  2. Mark

    Anyone out there still wanting to argue that flat bars / super low front ends are a good idea on DH bikes?

    1. Walter

      I see that this post has won the best personal blog in the Philippine Blog Awards 2010, and this iended is worth it. Way. If I were a judge, you could have won 10 times over. Unfortunately, I was not.I’m looking forward to more posts from you Don’t worry I’m easy to please. Hehehe!As for this one, I was touched.Congratulations!

  3. ddmonkey

    Look closer, rainbow stripes and (I think) mallet bros pedals.

  4. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    Yep, my mistake, I can see the springs now……thought the stripes might relate to him being former Junior World Champ………………also, is it me or is it weird when you see a factory bike with sram gears and brakes etc but Fox forks and shock (Cam Cole’s)!?………..god I’m bored.

  5. Greg

    Those bottle cage boss’s on Blenkys bike look handy.

  6. Aaron

    Anyone know where to find those direct mount stem spacers I’m seeing between the stem and the crown?

  7. Steve

    @Greg id say they were for a crud catcher tbf

  8. Greg

    Ahhhh, sarcasm – wasted!

  9. Brent

    That Ancillotti just looks wrong

  10. Barry

    That Ancillotti looks wicked! Shame we can buy them in Australia. Good to see Rhys Willemse overseas racing again. Expect big things from this kid.

  11. Jo

    Yeah I like the Ancillotti as well. Looks good.

  12. Spandexchad

    That Lahar looks like a full sus Trimble (anyone remember them?), just needs the fluro tiger stripes!

  13. TimBud

    Anyone else noticed all the ‘snipe’ carbon demo shots have been pulled… and the article too.

  14. TimBud

    Oh wait, its just dropped off the front page. My bad, sorry :)

  15. Joe A

    Lahar and Acillotti look filthy

  16. Xy

    spandexchad – I used to ride a trimble back in the day. currently wall art (ended up cracking). currently riding a lahar; 5th season and still going strong. evidently I’ve got a thing for that aesthetic.


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