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Champery World Champs DH Track Photos

Champery World Champs DH Track Photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Champs is on like Donkey Kong! Check out this bumper crop of World Champs downhill track photos form Champery, Switzerland

Hells bells this track has it all! Roots, rocks, steep, technical, jumps, flat out sections, more hairpins than you can shake a stick at and barely any place to rest!

Over 40 marshal points, is that a record?

Tons of TV platforms, so the live feed should be a belter.

The track layout is nigh on the same as last year with added bonus jumps at the bottom.

  1. ronin

    the 2 aussies Hill & Brosnan will be the big stories this weekend on this track

  2. Stewie

    Can’t wait for this!

  3. bang

    was there 2 weeks ago … it’s sooooo much steeper and sooooo much gnarlier than in those photos … you just cann’t judge the track from photos or videos .. you HAVE to see it in real life — best and sickest track!

  4. matt

    sam, I know what the sign says, and your shoulder isn’t the strongest, but please don’t…

  5. jusso11

    The short finish line breaking area might be the sketchiest part of the whole track… kidding, but seriously that’s a short finish line area

  6. le jacques

    Ha, just check the bike signs in pic 1! Looks like the pictogramm could barly hold the grips because of the steepness! haha

  7. rh

    No need for dropper seatposts & 4X tyres here.. A true Champs track for sure.


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