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Champery World Champs 4x track photos 2011

Champery World Champs 4x track photos 2011

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Champery 4x track builder Ben Walker piped over the latest photos of the World Cup track

We’ll bring you more info/photos/news on the 4x track and the downhill track as we get it.

  1. pump

    it will be pumptrack there ?

  2. billy

    Good question, Pumptrack Worlds…I’ll ask Ben.

  3. Jack

    Thought 4x tracks were meant to be treated with a dose of manning up. Bit disapointed there not making it as tech as the dh track. You would think that with such a renowned dh track they would want to replicate that in 4X? looks pretty smooth and manicured to me?

  4. CR

    People…Freecaster says that Mr Sam is out for the season! Damn… we haven’t champery next year.

  5. Chris Roberts

    Hmm bottom section into finish is smooth but for first time there are roots in a WC 4x track, is it a good idea or just asking for carnage?

    I guess it works the same as rocks with a quick line through but will be interesting to see if anyone runs a full sus for this race?


  6. dirt dodger

    another massive BMX track then? personally I reckon they need to step WC 4X tracks up, right up! Yes this looks super impressive, fast as fook and there are some big old jumps but come on, does everything have to be whacker plate smooth nowadays. What’s wrong with the gnarly tracks like them in Earthed 4.

  7. Claudio Caluori

    guys, don’t worry, you only saw pictures of the last part of the track. Ben built some got natural stuff further up.
    For the pumptrack worlds: I was pushing hard to build a track and organize a race, and we almost had them, but then they found out that there is no square foot left in the whole town to build a pumptrack for the worlds. We were trying with some towns around Champéry, but they weren’t quick enough with their decisions. Ben built the one in Morgin, which is 20 minutes from Champéry, so maybe they can have a little jam session or even the pumptrack worlds there?

  8. Boom Boom

    Nice work to all of the guys busy in Champery building the Worlds track.

    Yet again…… there are people on here who look at one photo and label it a ‘BMX track’ and yet again it could not be any further from the truth if they tried.

    Photos 13 and 14 are just a snippet of the rougher, natural parts of the track higher up.

    Looks like a massive amount of work, and I am sure that the racing will do it justice and be fantastic as it has been all year in 2011.

  9. Laurens van Rooijen

    Glad to see the final part of the course has been changed – no 60m sprint on asphalt from the last corner to the finish line anymore as it used to be, and that’s good. Thumbs up to Ben Walker and his crew for the work done. Just a shame I’ll miss the races as the Eurobike is at the same date.

  10. tnt

    boom boom your not going anyway, looks like that car parks been used again, awesome, the old top section was ace it was the bottom section that let it down, roots in there look good though, bit of a change is always good

  11. CC

    Mountain Biking.

  12. James

    ffs 4x is such a gay waste of time, they should ban it like skin suits. whats the point in watching Jared smash some retired euro bmx racers?

  13. Chris

    you massive bender.

  14. mr b

    Don’t feed the trolls.
    Looks good to me.

  15. Sammy

    Poor James It seems like you need to find some friends, just why are looking at 4x track photos if you don’t like it?

    Do you need a bit of attention because the last downhill race you did you finished near to last?
    O yeah sorry I forgot you would have won but went off or o the timing must be wrong or wrong Tyres or got held up by the guy in front or any reason why you are shit at downhill but can not man up and race head to head in front of people.

  16. Deirdre

    Thank god, not that I believe in one, but thank Santa or somebody for people like the Walkers…

  17. In them their hills...

    An old Swiss mountain man-goat told me Ben has shovels instead of hands and that they are so wide he has to run a pair of lock-ons on each side of his bars! Respect to the Walkers and crew, they do so much work on the trails.

  18. old skool

    tht dude just loves 2 dig! the world needs more people like him his tracks are always mint 2 ride. n i rekkon 4x tracks need to be smooth and fast just with more than 1 obvious line – thinkin bmx supercross on earthed 1! the natural rough traks look shit on a hartail pedallin like fook n not really goin anywhere – unless its real steep keep it fast!


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