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Champery Thursday:Weather and schedule

Champery Thursday:Weather and schedule

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s raining in Champery. Ben Walker who lives here predicted a splash two days ago and true to form we’ve just had a light soaking this afternoon on the first day of practise.

Ben reckons a bit more tomorrow (Friday-qualifying) and fine for the finals on Saturday.

Everybody seems to be loving the track, there was a bit of carnage on the big jumps at the bottom this morning and an air ambulance scooped a casualty off the track, but apart from that every one is grinning.

(I’ll add more pics/news when I get an adapter to fit the quirky Swiss plug sockets and charge up my flat laptop. Dan Stanbridge has just done a helmet cam run so that’ll be up soon)



The pits this morning before the rain.


Remember if you’re planning on watching the race on Freecaster, the finals are on Saturday not Sunday (xc)


The over/under line bothered a few folk this morning, you needed to land this one nicely to get the speed up for the big jump section at the bottom.

  1. TimLake

    This is getting me way too excited to be healthy.

  2. intense951

    This is looking like the best track ever.

  3. Tim Wild

    I have never looked forward to a mountain bike race as much as this one and I have been following MTB racing since Warner was riding Saracens. Bring it on!

  4. Richard park

    Me too- I am a fort bill regular but I did look into getting to Champery- just couldnt afford it- cannot wait till the vids are up. Cheers Dirt

  5. James Lamb

    Anyone else want to see someone hitting that stepdown roadgap at the pits, its just asking for it, isn’t it?

  6. Seb

    Anyone else thinking of sacking saturday-afternoon practice at Hopton off and going to find a pub with some wifi? 😀

  7. Aaron

    Wow, glad I checked the schedule, would have been very disappointed when I turned on Freecaster this Sunday to find out I missed it!

  8. northerndownhill

    Waana ride the closest thing the uk has to Champery and i mean uk not england check out the Alwinton track northerndownhill has just built and for some super steep super tight tech riding check out the northerndownhill Kidland venue. Just ask Adam Brayton if you wanna know the real deal on the tracks

  9. miguel

    Yeahhh ! :) can’t wait for saturday ! shame that hill cannot ride the track though… my bet is on brendan… that would be nice !


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