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CG Racing Brigade 2012

CG Racing Brigade 2012

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Cedric Gracia tells us about his new team for 2012!

Press release:
Cédric Gracia, ambassador of the online store www.probikeshop.com, unveils the CG Racing Brigade team members for 2012 and their goals in an exclusive video. In it, we find out that the rider has branched out to include Enduro and girls!

Where the young Colombian rider Marcelo Gutierrez Villegas keep son getting better under CG’s wings, two new recruits have been chosen to enter the team:

– Gabriela Williams: “A guy’s brain in a girl’s body” according to Cédric Gracia. She’ll be riding in the DH World Cup. More info and photos on http://www.gabrielawilliams.com

– Bryan Regnier: “He’s from a motocross background and has been riding for a year: he’s gonna kick some ass!” says CG. He’ll be riding Enduro.

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Incidentally…”According to reports, KTM failed to let city officials know that it would be riding around in the Andorran Pyrenees, and subsequently did not receive the necessary permits to make its two-wheeled goodness. Because of this oversight, KTM rider and Andorran resident Cyril Despres (along with cohort Cédric Gracia) to face some fines for their galavanting. Despres and Gracia could be levied €50 to €500, which isn’t exactly going to break the bank.”

From www.asphaltandrubber.com/

  1. xcgeekdotcom

    only one of the best attitudes in the industry. now hes expanding the team and the attitude! CG is a great man.

  2. jonzo

    CG can definately handle an enduro bike!

  3. mat

    no wonder why the some of the tracks in Vallnord have pretty big braking bumps. Good work Cedric.

  4. inb4thekill

    He’s really a great guy! And his team ethics are quite uniqe.

  5. simon s

    top man is cg , met him at his old bar the podium in andorra had broken my wrist cg was on crutches got talkin it was a sunny day, yep plenty of beers got drank . keep it up cg great team.

  6. dan j

    gracia looks like ‘the todd’


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