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More news from Cedric Gracia.

O’NEAL will be supporting Cedric as he embarks on the 2010 World Cup season alongside his other sponsors, including OAKLEY, PANARACER, EL GALLO, VALLNORD BIKE PARK, MAVIC, SELLE SAN MARCO, HOPE, ROCK SHOX, SRAM, LEZYNE, MRP, A2Z, LEATT BRACE, PEDRO’S, X1 RACING SUSPENSION, CAT EYE, JAGWIRE, PRE-SPORT, FREELAP…


After missing most of the 2009 season due to injury Cedric is now back to full health and fitness and training hard in preperation for the 2010 World Cup DH and 4X race season.
The 31 year old Andorran resident has signed a 3 year contract with O’NEAL and starts 2010 wearing O’NEAL helmets, protection and gloves.
Cedric GRACIA:
“I’m happy about my deal with O’NEAL; since I sign the deal for 3 years, I am already working hard with the designer to develop signature products! I want to say thanks to O’NEAL to give me the opportunity to work together and be part of the family : )
Having O’NEAL part of my private structure “CG RACING BRIGADE “ means a lot to me, a new couple is born !”

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  1. LYTHY

    So, what bikes he on then?

  2. ollie

    maybe on Sunn…

  3. bob the builder

    I heard hes riding on 2Stage

  4. jacktard


  5. Jon

    It’s true!!!

  6. willysnow

    Hmmmmmm seems to have dropped alot of long term sponsors. Good luck anyway gracia!

  7. joe cantello

    solid oneal kit, the full faces are amazing, especially the Monster version.

  8. Olly

    The other Ollie is right he’s on Sunn, I saw it in a 2010 Hope catalogue at Core Bike, Trek World Racing are using there hubs too! It all makes sense really!

  9. Maximilian

    It does not make sense if you don’t double-check what you write! OK, you’ve seen Cedric in the new Hope catalogue on a Sunn bike. This year he is sponsored by them, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the bike he was riding on for the shoot will be the one he will be racing this year. Sometimes riders who still negociate contracts with potential sponsors use products that have nothing to do with what they will pe riding and sometimes they choose something classic and proven (Intense was a long time a common choice for unsponsored riders), or something completely remote, just to make people talk about it and, possibly, to raise stakes while negociating with the partner. Kind of a tease… It’s actually the same in most action sports, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX; you name it! Sunn already have a good team, but they are a small company and I believe it’s not very likely that they will afford so many good riders just like that! It seems that Anne-Caroline is on a different deal than people who are still hungry to race World Cups, like Cedric, and it doesn’t mean that if she’s on Sunn, he will be there too, despite their friendship. All in all, this is and will be interesting to follow. Just look how it made us talk! 😉

    I don’t understand why you had to mention Hope hubs being used by the Trek team (as a “by the way…” maybe?) and how this “makes sense”. By the way (sic), Martin Whiteley’s initial team, Global Racing, was using Hope hubs (but not brakes) laced to Mavic hubs via DT spokes back in the day, but I can’t see how this explains anything. I’m just saying…

  10. Matty

    Hey guys, im french, and i can confirm that there is a big rumour about CG and Sunn. But notnhing is signed for the moment… We will see!

  11. Jo

    Maximilian you’re wrong in every way

  12. chris

    He could be riding a raleigh chopper for all I care, so long as he’s back on the scene and lending a bit of ‘colour’ to proceedings. Good to see him back.

  13. Maximilian

    There are a lot rumours about Sunn around the web, so let’s see how this turns out. Also, Santa Cruz has been mentioned at some point but dropped in the mean time.

    @ Jo: care to explain? I’d say in the past 10-12 years painted-over M1’s, blacked-out Minions & Wet Screams, de-stickered Mavics, Missy’s & Palmer Hope brakes, April Lawyer’s “Puma” SPD’s, blank strap goggles & lots of other such examples speak a clear language what “personal preference vs. sponsor endorsement deal” is concerned. I’d bet you’d love to know what your favourite riders would be riding if they weren’t supported by their current sponsors. Sometimes, if you pay attention, you can find some things out! 😉

  14. CyrilD

    we are very exciting to know the names of team members

  15. ronin

    couldn’t care less what ride he’s on just glad to know he’s coming back.

  16. Jack

    I’ve heard that it’s Giant?

  17. Maximilian

    Well, according to Cedric’s Facebook, he had a Giant (capital G indeed) in his bed this morning, so Jack might be right! Surprise-surprise! 😉



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