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Cedric Gracia: Through My Eyes - Episode 4

Cedric Gracia: Through My Eyes - Episode 4

Who said there was no money in mountain biking!? Cedric has done it right… or a bank heist. In this episode Cedric takes us for a spin in his Ferrari, and also shows us where to get a beer. Oh yeah… apparently there is a mountain bike race on too.

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  1. Big+Bird

    I think Cedric qualified poorly so that he could get his run over early and get to the party at the finnish line. A man with priorities.

  2. truth

    Good to see Dirt supporting the shameless ego trip that is CG. He has fuck all interesting to say, ever. Why play along?

    1. Oz

      Because he is one of the most influential mountain bikers on the planet, who was there when downhill was booming (multiple wc winner), he helped kick start freeriding (he won the first RB Rampage) and he has show incredible determination to return to the sport from some serious injuries (the last one life threatening). He has given a lot to the sport and fair enough he has got plenty out of it. If you don’t like him don’t watch. Simple.

    2. FishyBob666

      Because he’s a legend, on and off the bike, just go ask your mum!

  3. Simon s

    Truth , who ever u are u are a clueless nob head , cg is one of the legends of DH , the sport needs riders with personality , who can ride , CG will be missed .


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