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Cedric Gracia fastest in 2012 Pietermaritzburg timed training!

15:06 15th March 2012 by Billy Thackray

You can’t read too much into it but Cedric Gracia and Sabrina Jonnier go fastest in timed training!

Actually Gracia and Jonnier were fastest last year (2011) too.
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  1. Paul@Dirt

    Only 0.2 secs slower than Gwin was last year! Game changer?

  2. billy

    The track has changed Paul!

  3. Jamie

    Already going quicker than Gwin last weekend. Cannot wait until Sunday!

  4. tom

    gee has easily the fastest first split

  5. Jamie

    Also, why so few women?

  6. ed@dirt

    I know conditions weren’t perfect last weekend, but Gwin did pretty much a 4.15 then so Cedric certainly wasn’t hanging around with a 4.09!

  7. christophe

    Manon C _much_ faster than the rest of the girls at the first split…

  8. D

    Check out Jack Reading’s split. Typo? or is he really 35sec quicker on the first section?

  9. chaz

    mick hannah, split one, go on mick

  10. mike

    Am I being thick? Can’t see Hill?

  11. ddmonkey

    Is Tracey Hannah there?

  12. Jamie

    If you check the start list you’ll see T. Hannah is down. Hill too, they can’t have done a timed run today.

  13. Optimus Doddsy

    Ben Reid??????

  14. DIRT HQ

    Ben Reid is stuck at home ill. He won’t be racing.

  15. LT

    @jamie Hill is on start list at 22nd, probably just didn’t bother with timed practice. Not unusual for him.

  16. jamie94

    Connor Fearon is looking pretty fast, go on the young guns!

  17. Jamie

    @LT, yeah that’s what I was saying. Will be interesting to see how he does on Sunday…

  18. Olliebongo

    Flip Sake, thats Baltic off my Fantasy team then!!!!

  19. booboy

    was CG on a 29er as predicted?

  20. jimox

    dont think means much, no minaar , hill or brosnan

  21. nigel hicks

    No 29ers have been spotted yet. The tracks SO fast!!! As track builder I’m saying winning time will be a 3:56 (in ideal conditions likke last year) … But I have my money on Sick Mick … He’s looking dialed out there. I say its between mick, gee, greg and arron for top spot in mens. And tracy will eat them all for lunch in the ladies!

  22. Joe

    No Hill, no Brosnan?? They are on my fantasy teams, but im not expecting them to get top three finishes, its gonna be a good old Gwinny/Hannah, Gee and Greg/Peat top three for sure! Depends who crashes and who doesnt.

  23. burns

    I wish CG makes it to the podium!


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