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Cam Cole Signs For Yeti

Cam Cole Signs For Yeti

Team Rumours was right once again, the big Kiwi is on Yeti. A pretty big move for a company which apart from Graves normally only sponsors up and coming talent, not established big guns.

The @teamrumours post.

Interestingly it also seems like after just one season on the World Cup DH circuit Jared Graves is moving over to enduro, where he’s surely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Anyway, here’s the press release…

Yeti Adds Kiwi Cam Cole To World Cup DH Squad

Yeti Cycles has announced the signing of 24 year-old Kiwi rider Cam Cole to their World Cup race squad. Cole, a native of Christchurch, New Zealand, finished 11th overall in the 2012 UCI Downhill World Cup and 16th in the 2012 World Championships in Leogang, Austria.

“Traditionally Yeti has been a brand that grows talent from within,” said Yeti President and co-owner Chris Conroy. “But we’ve had our eye on Cam for a few years and feel like he can not only add to the results the team will pick-up, but he can mentor some of the younger riders like Richie Rude.”

Cole will join 15-time World Cup winner Jared Graves of Australia who’ll be focusing on Enduro, American Richie Rude who finished second in the 2012 Junior World Championships and will focus his efforts on downhill events exclusively. Cole will race all World Cup downhills in 2013 and some Enduro events.

“I am very excited to be joining such a high-level team and prestigious company. I’m at the point in my career where I can really elevate my performance on and off the bike and I’m looking forward to building a lasting relationship with Yeti Cycles.”

After spending the long off-season training and racing in his home country, Cole will officially debut with Yeti on the World Cup circuit in June 2013 at Fort William in Great Britain. Despite missing the opening round of the World Cup in 2012 due to an injury sustained at the previous year’s World Championships, Cole rallied for one of his best seasons to date.

For the 2013 season, the Yeti Cycles team will be sponsored by FOX Racing Shox, Shimano, Maxxis, DT Swiss, One Industries and e13.


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  1. dirt dodger

    Go on Cam !!!! Graves out of DH – no surprise really and not really interested.

  2. jim

    Graves to Enduro really?

    i don’t see it whats all this enduro talk is about.

    Just old men (has beens) riding bikes in the back of no where.
    how can this be of any interest to anyone apart anyone who owns a volvo?

    If your going to race bikes it got to be downhill fast not some path in the hills.

    1. Part Time

      Well said Jim.
      The Graves situation is so disappointing. From Olympic BMX finalist and 4X maachine to Enduro…it makes me really very sad indeed.

    2. Jinton

      Jim, have you ever raced an enduro? it is essentiallyu riding Dh but on a smaller bike with uphill added in. for me it is what mountainbiking really is.

    3. Swhoopaaaa

      Next thing you will be telling us scooters are cool because they involves minimal exercise.

      You are either clueless or trolling. I hope you are simply trolling, if not why on earth do you ride mountain bikes? Enduro isn’t far off dh in the descending corner, in fact it could even be tougher…
      You class it as an old mans sport because it is out of your range of fitness and you can’t be arsed to PEDAL your PEDAL bike.

    4. Bob

      You’ve clearly never done an Enduro at Innerleithen then, basically the same DH courses but on shorter travel bikes, less protection and more fitness required.

  3. Antlees

    You have not got a clue boys

    1. Ed

      I’m with you there. I can’t be bothered to argue though cos if they don’t get it it’s their loss.

  4. grant

    Are these kids high?

  5. Part Time

    The bloody grown ups are taking over!

  6. Digger

    Oh go on then, just for fun I will try to explain to the children.

    Enduro represents a far greater portion of the MTB public than DH does. Enduro involves the kind of bikes and riding that the majority of mountain bikers are involved with these days and has changed the face of the bikes we currently ride. Lot’s of people will enter enduro races where they would never entertain entering a DH race, with much more riding for your dosh and a much less intimidating atmosphere.

    As for Gared Graves, he is an incredible athlete and a real gentleman. With his 4x and DH background in concert with his phenomenal fitness and drive he should do very well at enduro where as top 10 DH these days is very difficult. In turn, this will turn the MTB buying public on to Yeti’s range of enduro style bikes that will appear in a4 adverts in all the major MTB press with Jared going at warp speed on and winning enduro’s.

    So with that in mind, it all starts to make sense doesn’t it?…….no? Never Mind.

    1. Part Time

      Just because something is more accesible, easier to get involved in and has a greater market share doesn’t mean it’s any good. The ‘industry’ wants Enduro and they’ve sold it to everyone like an X Factor christmas single. Enjoy it everyone that bought in, good luck to you.
      I’m not diputing Mr Graves credentials in any form either, I think he’s one of the finest dirt bike riders of all time. But as a spectator i’d rather see him get his snap on and gun it for the holeshot than cover miles of singletrack. But hey, what would I know, as a 40 year old child.

      1. EmilMP

        You must be really sad when you read this news then: http://dirt.mpora.com/news/enduro-world-series-is-on.html
        An Enduro World Series without UCI. Sound amazing to me… But you go ride your DH bike and i will ride my enduro bike. And if enduro is some maketing hype from the industry it deserves all the hype it can get..!

  7. Paco Loco

    Great to see Cam Cole on Yeti and even better that Graves is going to focus on Enduro. With him, Dan Atherton, Jerome Clementz, Nico etc the Enduro World Series is going to be very exciting to follow.
    The only question remains will we see any live TV coverage of it??

  8. Jonny

    Enduro racing has been around for over 10 years.
    The races are full of blokes who are to scared to race downhill because they have to go to work on Monday.

    Go to an Enduro race and you will see no one watching.

    Downhill you can walk course but with Enduro you have no chance.

    We started racing DH, then we went to XC racing but that’s want the industry wanted? Guess what XC is shit that’s why DH is still the main race at any World Cup.

    So to recap
    1) enduro is not new
    2) difficult to watch, film, photos
    3) Has beens racing

  9. Mat

    Has Beens? Hilarious. Really.

    Well done Cam thats wicked news. Great to be heading up such a legendary team. Smash it bro.

    Just off for a ride on my MOUNTAIN BIKE. Who gives a toss what i ride or where i ride it. Im having fun, and as long as your having fun then i don’t care what or where you ride. Just go ride and stop bitching.

    1. rossiechoppers


  10. Ed

    Enduro is sick & definitely a good thing. But there’s no denying the fact that the pros move over from DH to race it only do it because they’re not fast enough to cut it at the top level of world cup DH

  11. Pete

    Ed you forget that the real top enduro pros, Jerome, Absalon, Lau etc are not ex DH washed up pros. Far from it. They beat Nico, Atherton etc…. Yes you can get pros from XC DH and 4x racing it… But enduro is already its own discipline. It does not need crowds or tv to make it good. It is about participation ease of entry on an average good bike that everyone probably owns.

  12. Eoin

    Wow some seriously negative comments around here. DH remains the pinnacle, enduro will never replace that. Especially as coverage remains very difficult for such races. But saying the enduro guys are washed up is ridiculous: tons of top 20 DH guys do the mega and get nowhere, didnt affy just beat beaumont and brendog among others in Asia? Didnt Clementz get DH podiums on his enduro bike when he went for his trip to NZ last year? Serious lack of respect for these guys who train as hard if not harder than the DHers for a fraction of the fame and paycheck…

  13. Digger

    Why so bitter about enduro? It has given us all bikes that can ride stupidly difficult stuff in the mountains, surely that’s a good thing? I don’t think the bike industry has manufactured enduro, it’s just a race format for the kind of riding that most people I ride with (in the Lakes and Scotland) like to do.

    As for has been’s………are you really admitting that washed up old has beens are faster on a 6″ bike than you are on a DH bike? They still look seriously fast to me!

  14. Part time

    Would Affy be racing enduro if it wasn’t for his horrible injury?

    1. EmilMP

      Have you ever raced Megavalanche? 300 racers starting at the same time down a steep downhill track on medium travel bikes. Don’t think that is less dangerous than DH racing..!

      1. dirt dodger

        actually it’s 200 @ the same time and freakin bonkers regardless what bike you use, and yeah i have on more than one occasion. Enduro has it’s own slot in our sport, I am not sure about this whole “pure mountain biking” tag it has acquired though, me personally i like riding DH tracks on my 6inch rig as it keeps me really sharp but I really dislike pedalling uphills and it is generally my last choice, i do however like to do it when i am not on an uplift or having a day pushing my dh rig uphill to session tracks, would i pay to race uphill? NO certainly not, i appreciate the sport and the muthers @ the top are damn fast and make the vast majority of so called DH’ers look like a bunch of wet pussies, do i pay to get lifted up and race down? YES OH YES and i love it regardless of the fact that the descent may only last 2-3 minutes unless lucky enough to go Ft Bill or the alps. Horses for courses but please drop the freaking mountain biking for all tag – it’s a bit boring and very generalistic.

  15. nozes

    Enduro is not about the public,the broadcast,the sponsors or whatever.
    It’s about real mountain bike racing,for real mountain bike riders.

  16. Brick

    No mention of Eliot Jackson in Yeti’s plans???? Where is he going then?

  17. TimDGoodwin

    Not gonna waste breath on the kiddies moaning about Enduro… The bikes we have today for every day riding are more capable than DH bikes from 5 years ago!

    Good to see a number of talented and fit pro riders shifting focus to riding in the back country, rather than the sanitised bike parks and trail centers. Surely that is real mountain biking?

  18. St.paulinland

    What a bunch of spray about nothing. “Pure” this and “washed up” that? DH is fun to watch, but catching Affy nearly puke on an Enduro run was insane. These guys will crush any of us mere mortals…and Graves is STILL going to ride DH this year (see his 17 questions on Vital).


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