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Buy your Dirt tees here. We've got a shop!

Buy your Dirt tees here. We've got a shop!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

You’ve been telling us for ages that you want to buy Dirt t-shirts. So we’ve done the honourable thing and opened up a shop. Only this one is on the internet super highway not next to the supermarket on the high street.

The t-shirts are a bargain, £12.99 with free P&P in the UK. We’re looking at international shipping soon too.

Now, Maureen who is behind the counter tells me that although there are only two designs to choose from at the moment (the “Est” and the “Logos”) there will be some brand spanking new editions coming soon. Our new magazine designer, Chris, has been busy on the sketch pad and loom creating some “real natty threads”.

It’s early days but who knows, hoodies, beanies, socks and underpants could be on the shelves soon too!

Hit up the Dirt Store for a browse.

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 16.43.32

You’ll find the size guide has “width”, simply double the “width” to find your “chest” size.


An artists impression of what the Dirt shop might look like. I say artist. What I meant really was bodger.

  1. Jono

    I miss the old style tshirts which had yellow writing on them.

  2. billy

    How about we do a poll and reintroduce the most popular tees?

    1. Hampson

      good idea

    2. Machete

      excellent idea. always used to have a couple of dirt T’s on the go. aint had one for years now

    3. Josh

      Do it! Id have one of your original black with white logo in a shot. Mine fell to bits ages ago.
      Bring back them roach race pants too!

  3. Ben

    Bought the blue one this morn, I agree though, the old one with the yellow writing was great!

  4. Ash

    Bring back the hoodies.
    I still have one but its a bit tatty now.
    They were my cold weather riding top of choice.

  5. Damian

    Bring back the hoodies with the old dirt script on. I’d get more use from a hoody than a shirt if the weather this year is like last !

  6. Cyrus

    Green T. White dirt logo. Mine is falling apart. As is my purple with yellow. And I’d buy another hoodie too. Sort it out pronto!!

  7. Sulley

    Great news, the ‘oul ones are getting worn.., what’s the story with posting to Ireland….?

  8. Big Al

    The best T shirt ever was the royal blue one with the picture of the pick up truck with a bunch of DH bikes in the back.

    1. Machete

      ^^Amen bro

      1. ART

        tru dat :-)

  9. Jamazepam

    Green with white Dirt logo. Has since fell apart.

  10. chris-m

    Dark Blue Hoodie/T-Shirts with Orange Logo/s, please. Ta very much.

  11. Churchie

    The purpley one with yellowy print. And the blue pick up truck one. In blue or brown please.

    1. Benner

      Blue pick-up all the way.

  12. craig

    old skool t’s yaaaaa do it

  13. A

    Black tee, with the classic dirt logo, same with the hoody black with white, not like that old hoody with the crappy brown-ish logo

  14. Frits

    we dutchies want tees as well!!!

  15. Sulley

    Classic “Dirt” logo, brown T yellow print….
    And i gotta agree with Big Al above, that was a sweet shirt….
    @Billy, what’s the story with postage to Ireland….?

  16. billy

    Sulley, still waiting on news about that one, soz.

  17. Anthony

    just give us what we want; the classic Dirt logo, in any colour on any colour T.


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