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Brook Macdonald's Evil Undead prototype at La Bresse

Brook Macdonald's Evil Undead prototype at La Bresse

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brook Macdonald shows us his Evil Undead at the La Bresse World Cup, France.

Can you believe that Brook left this bike behind at two airports this year?! Luckily some one else was around to courier it over to La Bresse.

More info soon…

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  1. treehuggergraeme

    That does look like a mean bike, but will anyone trust Evil bikes again?

  2. The Jude Bear

    This looks slack. Wonder what HA and seat tube angle he running there? I reckon at lease a 63.5 ha angle! Would be interested to know the frame weight too.the alloy evils are a little heavier than most DH rigs if i remember correctly. All in good time I guess.

  3. The Jude Bear

    @ treehuggergraeme, what was the problem with the alloy evil frames? breakages? my understanding was that the suspension system worked really well, is adjustable by flip chip too and has a low center of gravity?

  4. Eoin

    The problem wasnt with the design, but with the quality of the factory producing them. From what I understand, the rear triangle were not aligned properly at all. Dont really know too much about it, but it was a widespread problem, and i think evil honoured the warranties…

  5. whinger

    yeh i can beleive it… he doesn’t look exactly bright does he? 😉

  6. Dom

    Prototype Schwalbe tyres there too…

  7. Tim

    Tidy. Looks better than a Carbon V10. Billy, whack that bad boy on some scales (les échelles).

  8. billy

    Tim, Brook reckons she is around the 37lb mark.

  9. Gobbler

    The Jude Bear.

    The Revolt was a general disaster. It was a rarity to have a bike that wasn’t broken.

    There are people who have been waiting nearly 18 months for a replacement because Evil couldn’t supply them.

    There was also questionable suspension performance on them too, way too many reports of wacky characteristics, supposedl;y dismissed by DW & the fanboi’s, but a lot of very fast riders & racers who have never had issues before apparently all of a sudden can’t set up a bike properly…

    A real Marmite bike.

  10. Mikes Mum

    Exactly what I heard. But you have to take 90% of the stuff people post and say and dismiss them, as the internet is a wildfire of exaggeration.

    However a friend of mine did have one and the rear end was no aligned.! LOL so maybe my above point is moot! 😉

    But he said it rode fine.

    I really hope they come back, because they are a cool brand and its a shame to see this happen to them.

  11. 8-Bit Many

    Well mine is a beast and had no problems with it, lucky maybe. All brands have quality issues and plenty people on the net to stir it up a bit
    Id be pissed to if i had to wait this long to replace mine!
    Hopefully undead will have lessons learned and corrected for the guys waiting.

  12. Hancock

    The guys at Evil have discussed the problems they had at length (over on mtbr, in the Evil forum funnily enough).

    The basic problem was that Pacific, who built the bikes, kept turning out bikes that were out of tolerance and took an attitude that the problem did not exist. Evil have an entire production run of Revolts that can’t be sold as they were delivered 25mm out at the rear axle (it’s normally point-something of a mm). They’re just sat in a crate gathering dust.
    Pacific’s insistence that everything was fine meant a lot of people got duff bikes before the guys at Evil could get on top of it, to be honest it’s amazing they’re still in business at all after being left with neither frames nor the money.
    Since then Evil have found a different manufacturer and Pacific seem to be pretending they never even built Evil frames, apparently they are even ignoring efforts to contact them.
    As far as the Undead goes, half of them are going to be sent out to people waiting on Revolts warranties. With any luck the new manufacturer will be more professional than the last one, despite the name they’re nice people at Evil and they deserve some success.

  13. Hancock

    #Not the Evil forum, DH & Freeride…

  14. Gobbler

    To be fair, Evil dropped a massive b*llock in having no factory side QC. Massive schoolboy error.

    Pinning the blame on the frame builder is lame, when the mistake wasn’t picked up on until customers physically had a bike.

    Plus, it doesn’t relate to the ‘other’ warranty issue surrounding the linkages cracking & falling apart due to a crap design in the first place.

    I would imagine the only people you see on these bike for a long time are teams riders and guys with warranty replacements. Surely no-one in their right mind will go out and drop serious coin on one of these considering the past 24 months.

  15. andy g

    I had heard of “problems” – all stated above about the alloy evils. But lets get something straight here – this Carbon frame is a BEAUTY! stealth to the power of rad, if they have no major warranty issues with the carbon frames I would seriously consider buying one of these. A frame that RAD would easily chop 10seconds of a run just from being sick to the max. fucking stoked.

  16. rh

    Flashy Kalkalash coating on shock (on a carbon frame), but a steel spring? Hmmm..

  17. Dave

    Hopefully Evil gets this one right and sorted out.

    Got to wonder if these blokes that bought the name to Evil bikes (remember this is not the same Evil bikes from the early 2000’s) would have ever been mildly successful without the name. Bike’s are rad, but tricking customers into believing that you’re a reputable established brand is a bit of a con job.

    I’m a bit surprised that so many people think this is a “cool” brand.

  18. Jamie

    That thing looks super slack!

  19. Spectator from la bresse

    What happend to Brooks bike today?

  20. zak

    Couldn’t even use that for a boat anchor, it would probably float so it’s completely useless

  21. Pquy

    Tooo bad it snaped the second run..

  22. john casser

    wrong mate you dont have a clue

  23. blackohio


    Im one of those people waiting, and wouldn’t have an issue paying again. the bikes been fantastic, yes it eventually developed small hairline cracks. Im a hack and Clydesdale and the bike took a ton of punishment. Mine went along 2 years before developing any issues.

    As for Brook not racing the undead, DW stated the bike will have full race clearance next race. He was practicing on it only today. Im not going to deny the companies had issues, Kevins working to resolve that and a free upgrade to the undead is a beautiful beginning. They are taking the time to make sure the prototypes work exceptionally and reliabily. Fine by me.

  24. adam

    Thats pretty much the only carbon dh frame ive seen that i like the look of, and i really do like the look of it!

  25. Zoinked

    Look at all the stuff to go wrong in those linkages.
    I’m going single pivot next bike, I’ll struggle enough with that.

  26. gweggy

    I wonder why the MS Evil team didn’t race the undead in qualifying and final?
    Any explanation? Did it snap?

  27. blackohio

    These comments pages always get a major facepalm.

  28. Kaylee

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlgihtneenmt.

  29. iemfaayjre

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