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The 2010 World Champs kick off on the 4th/5th of September, British Cycling have just released the GB team.

Marc Beaumont makes the cut after his Val di Sole win while Josh Bryceland misses out, on the whole it looks like a strong team and probably one of the largest DH squad we’ve had for some years.


Senior Men/Women:
Gee Atherton
Rachel Atherton
Marc Beaumont
Ruaridh Cunningham
Brendan Fairclough
Fionn Griffiths
Danny Hart
Tracy Moseley
Steve Peat
Matt Simmonds
Joe Smith

Junior Men/Women
Lewis Buchanan
Manon Carpenter
Sam Flockhart
Mark Scott


Senior Men/Women:

Scott Beaumont
Katy Curd
Fionn Griffiths

Full story below:


British Cycling has today announced the team who will represent Great Britain at the forthcoming UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Mont-Saint-Anne, Canada, taking place on 31 August – 5 September 2010.

World Champion Steve Peat will be looking to defend his title in the Downhill competition whilst Gee Atherton, currently leading the World Cup series, and Marc Beaumont, winner of the last World Cup in Val di Sole, also make the squad. First year Junior Manon Carpenter makes her debut at World Championship level having already scored three top 10 results in the Elite Women’s Downhill World Cup this year.

Current Junior Trials World Champion Joe Oakley makes his first World Championship appearance in the Elite Men’s category and Commonwealth Cross Country Gold medallist Liam Killeen has also been selected.

Great Britain’s Olympic Academy rider and current National Champion Annie Last has had a strong season this year with two podium finishes at World Cup level in the Under – 23 category. She is joined by fellow Academy riders Lily Matthews and David Fletcher, whilst Olympic Development Programme riders Grant Ferguson, Kenta Gallagher and Steve James – all of whom have produced top ten finishes at World Cups this year – also make the selection.

British Cycling’s Performance Director Dave Brailsford said: “The strength and depth of talent which GB has across all the mountain bike disciplines continues to increase and the size of the squad we’re sending to the World Champs reflects this. The Elite Men’s Downhill team is testimony of the strength of talent – all eight of the riders selected have had a top ten finish at World Cup level this year and their team includes Steve Peat who is the current World Champion, Gee Atherton who is currently leading the World Cup series with one round remaining and Marc Beaumont who won the most recent Downhill World Cup in Italy last weekend.

“It’s also good to see the number of young riders which have made it onto the squad again this year, particularly the crop of young talent we have in the Olympic discipline of Cross Country with just under two years to go until London 2012.”



Elite Men
Oli Beckingsale
Liam Killeen

U23 Men/Women:
David Fletcher
Annie Last
Lily Matthews

Junior Men:
Grant Ferguson
Kenta Gallagher
Steve James


Senior Men/Women:
Gee Atherton
Rachel Atherton
Marc Beaumont
Ruaridh Cunningham
Brendan Fairclough
Fionn Griffiths
Danny Hart
Tracy Moseley
Steve Peat
Matt Simmonds
Joe Smith

Junior Men/Women
Lewis Buchanan
Manon Carpenter
Sam Flockhart
Mark Scott


Senior Men/Women:

Scott Beaumont
Katy Curd
Fionn Griffiths


Elite 26” (and 20” if desired)
Andrei Burton
Joe Oakley
Daniel Butler
Ben Slinger
Ben Savage

Junior 20”

Sam Oliver

  1. Uplift

    dont get the Bryceland decision, some politics we dont know about?

  2. JV

    Bryceland decision must be down to the track. Need a bit of power to do well at Mt St Anne.

    And anyway, this shows the massive strength in depth of the DH game in this country. Add in D and R Atherton, if they were fit, and it would look unbeatable.

    Shame to see the XC looking so threadbare. We’ve got a good chance with Annie Last but that looks about it.

  3. CantClimb

    Might be the “kick in the pants” Bryceland needs.

  4. Bob

    must be why Danny Hart-Schwarzenegger’s in there then lol

  5. Deon


    Why would you choose Bryceland, hes not had any results as a senior? Theres no denying he has the skills, but you cant expect to be chosen on talent alone…he is way overdue a result.

    Great looking team, reflective of the sheer amount of talent in the UK

  6. Uplift

    @Deon could you also not say the same about simmonds and smith? surely bryceland was coming into form just at the right time after val di sole result?

  7. james

    i’m surprised cunningham made it and not bryceland since briceland is higher in the overall

  8. james

    why would they not take bryceland, hes placed higher in the overall then at least 2 of the riders, its makes no sense, surely they should choose the rider with the better overall placement

  9. tnt

    glad to see 4X well represented again, who knows what goes on at BC re-selection, its a joke

  10. sam hopkins

    wtf wat retard descided not to put brycland on the team. He just qualified 4th at val di sole

  11. malcolm

    2 of the people on the squad come from my school haha

  12. Johnny Foreigner

    Go Katy do it for thr girls

  13. Hancock

    Not taking Bryceland is strange. They must have just looked at his result from last year, or maybe he said/did something at the post race party last year…

  14. Andra H

    yeah boy, 3 scottish lads in the junior DH 😀

  15. Hancock

    PS: Any word on how Nico Vink is doing?

    Know he got airlifted out of Champery but since then there’s been silence ever since. Didn’t see him on the sheets last week either.

  16. TimLake

    I think that team is solid. It’s a shame Bryceland isn’t there, but based on this years results the others deserve it more. Hart deserves to be there for sure, stunning results this year. Obv Gee and Peaty and Beaumont deserve to be there. And IMO, based on this years results (lots of top 20’s) Smith and Simmonds deserve to be there before Bryceland. They’re certainly higher in the overall.
    Ruardih Cunningham is a surprise though, but maybe team CRC volunteered to pay for him and Simmonds?

  17. Andy M

    Bryceland is above Cunningham in the overall and all the others are above Bryceland – so that’s the eyebrow raiser. Miami has failed to score at all in two rounds, failing to qualify in one of those, so maybe it’s a perceived consistancy thing. Or maybe just politics….

  18. cannon

    only reason I can see ruaridh making it ahead of bryceland is because crc are paying his way…pretty sure bryceland got a good result last year at mt st anne too? simmonds deserves it, good placing in the overall and some great results

  19. Greg

    @Hancock Nico is fine, was at val di sole..just not racing

  20. Jenks

    Really can’t understand why Josh is not included.
    OK, so he has had a bit of a rough patch this season,
    but his ability is unquestionable and he is showing
    some good form just now. Form is temporary, but class
    is permanent – Josh, tough luck young fella – typical
    British Cycling mystery selection!!!

  21. Wayne Rooney

    The team was pretty much selected before the round at Val Di Sole. One of the selection criteria was that the riders must have had a top 10. Ruaridh had that in Champery and so was picked ahead of Josh. No politics!

  22. Deon

    @ Uplift

    As Wayne Rooney said above, Ruaridh has actually had a result, Josh has done nothing as a senior what so ever… he’s qualified well in one race, which means nothing.

    Please don’t take my point as Bryceland bashing – I really hope he lives up to potential, but I think this was a good call.

  23. Jan

    Well done to Manon and British Cycling’s announcement is incorrect – she had been in the top 10 four times!!!

  24. el capitan

    Wasn’t Marc Beaumont not on the team until he won at Val di Sole? I remember him bitching about it(rightfully so) in one of the Dirt-TV vids. Maybe that’s what bumped Bryceland off? Or maybe that Peat and Bryceland are on the same team and they didn’t want to show favoritism? Again my logic is flawed with the 2 CRC boys on the team..

  25. Tim

    Cathro. Mt Saint Anne is just like Fort Bill except with bears.

  26. jarv

    Josh BRYCELAND 18th 411 Points

    Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM 58th 190 Points

  27. Anon.

    Where are all the 4X riders ?

  28. bob

    I think bryceland needs to calm his partying down! Maybe thats effected BC

  29. Tom_

    Miami needs to work on his racecraft!

  30. omp

    maybe they wanted to include a scot, just to stop any arguments?

  31. Joe

    ‘The Elite Men’s Downhill team is testimony of the’ fact that BC does fuck all for DH, where private investment and individuals graft makes great riders.

    How much money gets ploughed into XC to cart about a group of solid but not glittering riders, when it could be put back into developing cycling facilities at home? Answer will probably have something to do with the fact there is a lot more money to be earnt on the road, and XC courses are shit, not really requiring any bike handling skills of note, hence anyone quick goes to the road. Cadel Evans and others….

  32. omp

    i agree, where probably no 1 downhill country in the world, but get little support with downhill because it’s not an olympic sport! downhill mtb is however the true form of mtb everything else is a substandard offspring, somebody with the power and the purse strings needs to sit up and take notice!!

  33. pez

    i think the selection is based on the riders single best WC result of the season… ie beaumont had a lower best result than all the other riders until last weekend therefore grabbing his place on the squad

  34. Maybe

    British Cycling is faced with choosing from a large group of excellent downhillers for the Worlds and the riders were aware that the selection was being made on Monday 26th July. On this date, Bryceland had failed to secure any points from the two previous rounds and Cunningham had just finished 10th in Champery. Since the criteria for selection is to finish in the top 10 at a world cup the decision is clear. BC want those that can get a result in a one off race and just having lots of points is not the criteria for going!! I agree that Bryceland is more than capable of a good result, however a decision had to made at some point! There’s no need for any CRC bashing as Matt Simmonds has more than proved his worth this year with a number of top 20 results,finishing consistantly higher than Bowmont or Bryceland.

  35. Wasky

    Downhill needs more support from the bigwigs in British Cycling (more money for tracks on fc land), we’re bloody good at it and I’m sure its more popular with young brits than xc (at a reasonably high standard anyway), at Uni for example there tends to be more dh riders!

  36. irish rider

    lads, u dont know lack of support unless u come from Ireland. Its not even recognised here, with little to no support and no official tracks and we’ll be lucky if any riders get to go to Worlds Champs, none went last year for example. You lot are luckier than u think!

  37. paddy

    i thought will longgone would have been on the list as well as a few other 4x riders.dh wise is a hard one but still cool as keen they sending big numbers,enjoy it dont bitch it..

  38. james

    @irish rider theres a few projects hopefully going to happen like in donegal, rostrevor and larne

  39. Isaac

    Seems a shame BC are only taking Scott, I would have thought Longden, Pat and Scott Roberts would be in contention as well.

  40. al

    chris ball picked the team so obviously he picked all the scotts which is why cunningham is on it.

  41. DutchmanPhotos

    Where is Dan Atherton..?

  42. DIRT HQ

    Just seen Josh Bryceland’s Twitter. Seems that he is taking it like a man: “Ratboy_Bryce: Gutted to see i didn’t make the world champs squad, can’t say i’m surprised after my results this season though. point to prove in windham:)”

  43. DIRT HQ

    Dan Atherton is currently out with a serious back injury.

  44. Jez Scott

    Josh got 9th at Val Di Sole and has beaten RC at every race this year (baring the ones he crashed at)So for Beaumont to be included the Val Di Sole race must have counted, JB has more points than RC – AND a top 10 finish – alot of the comments above dont make sense.

    Do a compare on http://www.rootsandrain.co.uk and it does not take a genius to see who is the consistantly faster rider.

    Can someone from BC please clarify why RC was included over JB

    Thanks, Jez

  45. Jez Scott

    He may be taking it like a man but I think it’s unfair and biased.

    check out:


  46. braaap

    heeps of juniors aeh! wheres superstar ronan taylor?

  47. The captain

    Glad to see Mr Simmonds & Mr Smith make the team. Two riders whos hard work has paid off!

  48. wICK

    seems unfaire to Bryceland to me , looking at he standings Cunninghan seems a but out of place.

    Beaumont is really the one that made the cut at the last minutes.

    both Josh and Cunningheam are Junior world champs right ?

  49. TimLake

    If the team was picked on Talent alone, Bryceland should have gone. But as he admits, he hasn’t had good results this year. I would guess that RC is going because CRC are going to pay for him. I would also guess that maybe Bryceland was picked, but when Slugger won in Val Di Sole, he bumped him off. It would have been an even bigger outrage if Bryceland had been picked over Slugger IMO.

    Stoked for Simmonds and Smith. Two riders that have totally come into their own this year.

  50. Kenneth

    Maybe riders should qualify by gaining results in their own Countries National Champ’s. That would give you four definate riders for the Male and Female category and the remaining riders can be chosen on points gained in all races of that year. Seems, picking a rider because of one result over someone who has been scoring points all season, is a little harsh and could be detrimental in confidence.

  51. Kenneth

    *thats meant to be “to confidence”

  52. jake

    Chris Ball had nothing whatsoever to do with the team selection, so can’t take credit for picking all those ‘Scotts.’ Maybe check your facts (and spelling) Al

  53. Dakine

    Is serously rachelle going to race ?

  54. Martin

    “downhill mtb is however the true form of mtb everything else is a substandard offspring”

    Right, because some people can be arsed to cycle UP hills it makes their form of mountain biking a “substandard offspring”…

  55. soldier2801

    ratboy needs this kick in the arse, like his twitter says tho, he’s taken it like a man which is good, he knows consistancy is whats lacking at the min.


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