Brendan Fairclough's new Scott Voltage

Twitter can be a great thing. Brendan (@brendog_1) twittered this shot of his new bike last Saturday night…

But on closer inspection it appears that he has stuck some DH forks on 180mm Scot Voltage. When’s the Gambler coming out of the shed Brendan? But what else does this shot tell us? Well Fox suspension for starters. Don’t forget that Brendan has been a RockShox/SRAM rider for many years (Showa before that with Honda). So not only new suspension but new…well everything really. Shimano Saint components, Schwalbe tyres…

  1. thelumberjack

    The Gambler may well be the DH race sled but given what we know about a. The voltage: Snappy, Playful, Poppy, Skiddy, Jumpy, yayness bike and what we know about b. Mr Fairclough: Whippy, losey-goosey, popping, edge-of-control-radness chap – don’t the two seem like a match made in heaven?

  2. Tom


  3. Brendan Fairclough

    They’re DT Swiss rims aren’t they?

  4. Dirt HQ

    But the Voltage normally comes with singlecrown 160-180mm travel forks. Would the triples not mess up the geometry? You tell me.

  5. thelumberjack

    Tom – ‘yayness’ – a feeling got when out mountain-biking on a machine suiting your style/mood of the moment – totally rad feeling of pure bliss – im sure it’ll make the dictionary one day!

  6. thelumberjack

    and jesus I hope I haven’t offended too many people with my first post!!

  7. PaucH del Rosario

    Just thinking out loud.. maybe Brendan’s testing or bracketing shock fork settings with Fox.. maybe his new gambler is more similar to the voltage.. but will all the DH kids will then say “whoa Brendawg installed 40s on his voltage so will I.. like totally RAD.. I can be fast like him..” Hahaha

  8. melons back

    a good bike rider can ride any bike, you just need a bit of time on it. brendan will be fine. the fox forks whatever ones/travel they are they will be right for the frame (obviously?)

  9. melons back

    ‘thelumberjack’ – you have to really be careful where you use the term ‘yayness’ as its usually flung around often within circles of 12 year old girls. thanks for reading

  10. thelumberjack

    im afraid i’ve not been a 12yr old, and certainly not a girl, for a long time so chances are the old memory has forgotten that one!! thanks for the update – you learn something new everyday I suppose…

  11. Lazygit

    The Voltage FR20 comes with 200mm Domains as standard so Scott are obviously happy with the geometry.

  12. Leon

    They must of beefed up the back end as the voltages I have rode are pretty flexable out back when you push them hard.

  13. max

    I´m pretty sure that it´s the voltage dh proto like the ones that the coastal crew rides now

  14. gouldy

    I thought you could run a 40 with 180mm travel? (with a bit of internal tweaking) Giving good geo and stiffness of a dual crown…

  15. jamie

    I for one quite like the idea of a bicycle’s ‘yayness’. Perhaps Dirt should review bikes taking into account ‘yayness’ from 1 to 10? “7 yays out of 10″ for example?

  16. rampstyle

    that voltage has custom shock lates and also has a custom drop out. it is running 20mm travel and around a 63 degree headangle…

  17. rampstyle


  18. rampstyle

    sorry phone was playing up 200mm travel

  19. jimbo

    Floraign Pugin raced a Voltage last year for part of the year

  20. YD

    it’s tweeted not twittered. jeebus, get with the program!

  21. James

    Poor fella, must be like going from a Porsche to a Skoda

  22. Martinez

    They should put that clean, simple decals on every scott And get rid of those standard fugly ones.

  23. stacy kohut

    total porsche to skoda.
    this ain’t gonna end good.
    for anybody.

  24. barney

    He’s getting a signature frame in the deal and will be riding that no doubt.

  25. onetime

    he also said that this was just something to ride whilst in Cali, and to wait for the new DH bike…

  26. onetime

    although admittedly that mud doesn’t look very Cali-like!

  27. mad_homer

    Mainframe looks like a standard Voltage FR Frame. The Link which connects damper with “seatstays” looks like the one piece link that the Scott 11 team is using for lighter tracks and for the women (florian Pugin) With this configuration the bike should have 267mm i2i Fox Damper resulting in 200mm rear Travel. Together with the Fox 40 up Front you will have a pretty good DH Geometry (Headangle at around 62°, really low BB and so on…) If the mainframe is L size (the only useful size for Razzing around and not spinning 360ties, backflips and barelrolls on any opportunity..) the wheelbase is around 25mm longer that an Iron Horse Sunday in size “M”.

    To cut a long story short it’s a pretty decent bike that can be taken nearly everywhere depending the build.
    I love mine and the horse has even got some dust catched because it remains more and more in the shed….

  28. 4xlego

    frame looks small…

  29. Cooper

    Its a ‘yay’ from me….

  30. Bungalow BIll

    I think regardless of linkage plates, shock stroke length etc the frame will still only produce 180mm of travel as it is a single pivot and the seat tube will restrict how far the wheel can travel. If it has been designed for 180mm, then I doubt there is clearance for another 20mm without the tyre coming into contact with the seat tube. My 2c.

  31. Soutie1

    Thats not his bike, Its a defo wind up….

  32. Big Al

    Yellow bikes can only go up to 180mm travel. Anything over that and the bike has to be blue.

  33. baddog


  34. bozo

    I hope he smashes it this year,
    specialized not supporting a rider who blew his knee for them,
    4th world champs,
    Go boy, smash em, take these scott bikes and win superstyley.
    Legend rider, legend personality

  35. PeteG

    Its cool to see Brendan on a new ride, but whats the big deal about running the 40s on there? Pugin was riding a bike specced like that for some WCs and Scott sell a Voltage with 200mm Domain dual crowns. So what?

  36. Simon

    That’s the custom DH main link, scott team riders are using these since 3 years. 200mm travel and different geo. Claudio calouri sells the used voltage dh teambikes in the end of the season here in switzerland.

  37. Buggs

    Can’t hate on the Scott for how it rides bc I’ve never ridden one but judging the aesthetics – that thing is terrible compare to a Demo… and so many other bikes out there.

  38. baddog

    Im still suprised that a company like commencal,pivot,foes,turner,intense,morewood didnt hook brendog up with a ride/deal???

  39. Will

    Wouldnt quite say porsche to skoda! Scott are a huge company with years of top class frame design experience. With the likes of the costal crew, nick beer, etc… riding for them. Like check out the Scale 899 frame not exactly Skoda more like the Bugatti of bike frames. Enough said!!

  40. Tommo

    Voltages have adjustable travel – can be run from around 130 up to 200mm front and rear. 200mm ain’t no trouble for it. But the standard mounts only allow up to 180mm travel. You need custom mounts for 200mm.

    Loads about it on Pinkbike.

  41. Greg

    It’s a standard voltage frame, the ones the Scott 11 team and the Costal Crew are using have a different front shock mount that bolts directly to the frame with no mount and also where it is bolted to the rocker is different (lower down and further back) which allows for 200mm of rear travel.

  42. Daniel

    Yep that’s the standard frame. You can tell the 200m team frames because the shock mounts directly to the down tube rather than with an adapter for the 180mm frame and the shock reservoir is to the top of the shock closer to the top tube rather than below beside down tube.

  43. VonDH

    Always loved the look of the voltage nimble quick, and Brendon should be able to make it fly.
    theres way to much hype over bikes these days,people seem to forget its about the person riding it

  44. Frederico

    That bike isnt a standard Scott Voltage FR it is the prototype Scott Voltage DH with 200mm of rear travel which was used by Floriane Pugin in 2011.
    If you doubt my word “Dirt” then just ask Mr. Ben Walker

    1. vaz pinto

      dude, sorry but ur wrong! this is a 180mm rear travel voltage. the rear link, like u say, is custum, but is still a 180mm bike, it is just a CNC made rear link, the same as used by ben in his bike, it is made by a friend of his, but it is just made to increase the strenght of the bike!!

  45. 4xlego

    have you seen the video from the coastal crew on a scott voltage? check it out asap

  46. chris dodd

    Im reading all over forums that this is the voltage dh proto?? anybody heard anything simular? fingers crossed thats the rear up to 200m and 150 spacing rather than 135?

  47. vaz pinto

    and if you look closely u can see the frame has also some other custum stuff!
    CNC rear drop outs, CNC rear link(180mm travel still), and also some CNC made head set cups, not sure if they are -1º or -2º, still. these are mainly to increase the strengh of the bike, since the stock voltage have some problem in what come to frame strengh.



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