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Brendan Fairclough wins Taxco Downhill 2012

07:43 5th November 2012 by Billy Thackray

News just coming in from the Latin American interwire is that Brendog has won the bonkers street race in Taxco, Mexico!

Valparaiso and Lisbon put urban downhill races on the map and now they’re everywhere, which is a good thing, they’re utterly crazy! Have a look at the helmet cam below, this track has it all, steepness, rocks, roots, loam, tarmac, narrow alleys, big drops, big jumps, barking dogs and wild spectators!

Brendan had said earlier on Twitter: 30 hour trip, crazy place wild people and some even more crazy jumps through the city. If it rains we are all dead.

Lucky for us it didn’t rain and Brendog took the win!

(Thanks to crfreeridedownhill.com for the heads up.)


1/ Brendan Fairclough 3:17.48
2/ Mauricio Acuña 3:17.94
3/ Neko Mullaly 3:18.03
4/ Chris Van Dine 3:22.25
5/ Ricardo Preciado 3:22.42
6/ Bernardo Cruz 3:24.77
7/ Carlos Castillo 3:32.21
8/ Jose Villalobos 3:36.00
9/ Dante Harmoney 3:40.56
10/ Arthur Babcok 3:41.37

Resultados Mujeres (ladies):

1/ Luana Oliveira 3:49.22
2/ Jaqueline Harmony 4:04.14
3/ Lorena Dromundo 4:12.63
4/ Katie Holden 4:57.92

Following Brendog down one hell of a track.

Crazy wall ride from Chris Van Dine!

Brendog’s winning run.

Will White. Photo:Diego Brito

GCSE Geography lesson. A marks the spot.

  1. David

    mental course! Love the natural bit through the woods at the start.
    Seem a lot longer than other urban downhill courses. Was funny seeing people walk up as they were riding along

  2. Nick Hamilton

    Mental brilliance

  3. Joe

    That is friggin awesome!

  4. TimBud

    That has got to be the sickest urban course yet!
    Superb effort by the course designers for linking that all together

  5. bedders

    Good grief.

  6. Zero Cool

    at about 2:15 the guy manages to get his helmet off before he’s finished crashing. Without appearing to touch the strap!

  7. LemonadeMoney

    Get these urban downhills on the World Cup now!


    And just to add more Billy…check out this wild trick from Chris Van Dine…holy smokes…


    1. billy

      Crazy! The atmosphere looks amazing!

  9. mk

    Neko Mulally*

    Second video was great! But couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds of the first vid because of that audio garbage.

    1. Enrique

      Yes, I only see it without audio

  10. Lalo

    Great to have Downhill Taxco back after a few years of waiting.
    There have been 3 previous races there 2003/04 and 05 but this time ramps are bigger and course longer.
    Cheers from México

  11. Leon

    Fucking hell that is one serious track !
    Sensory over load with all the handrails/dogs/people/houses !
    And the gap jumps looked huge too !

  12. MudfLAP5

    Brendog doesn’t seem that impressed with the suggested line! :)

  13. CRFRDH

    ok guys…hold on your twinkies….



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