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Brendan Fairclough leaves Monster Energy / Specialized

Brendan Fairclough leaves Monster Energy / Specialized

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Cup racer Brendog is on the move from Monster Energy/Specialized.

If you’ve been following the highly accurate TeamRumours Twitter that we’ve been posting up then all signs are pointing to Brendan moving to the Scott team.

Here’s the word:

After four successful seasons with Monster Energy race programs, it’s come time to announce that Brendan Fairclough (GBR) is moving on following the conclusion of the 2011 race season.

Team manager Sean Heimdal discussed the fun that “Brendawg” brings to the track every week. “Brendan’s charisma on and off the bike will be missed. There’s not many riders as talented in the world that are as much fun to watch on a bike. His style speaks volumes of the fun you know he’s always having.” Heimdal added: “Brendan’s been riding in the shadows of the world’s fastest riders for his entire career, now it’s time for him to rise up and take his racing to another level. We all wish him the best with his ACL recovery this off-season and look forward to seeing him throwing it sideways in 2012.”

Brendan was retrospective when speaking about his years with the team. “Right then, this is a bit sad for me to be honest. The last four years of my life I’ve been riding for debatably the most professional and decorated team on the circuit. It’s been amazing and I have been treated very well and have some amazing memories. I have see the team change over the years all for the better and will be sad to leave. I’ve been fortunate to have a good opportunity that I want to take up for 2012, will be a change, but change can be good. I will be stealing a lot from what I have learned over the last four year from the whole team and putting it into my 2012 preparation.”

Brendan’s final parting words; “Good luck to the team, Sam and Troy… mostly for when I come back next year with two good legs to stand on the podium with them!”

Fairclough’s final destination is not yet ready to be announced.

We’d like to thank the following companies for their continued support: Monster Energy, Specialized Bicycles, Mad Catz, SRAM, Truvativ, RockShox, Avid, DT Swiss, SDG, Renthal, Troy Lee Designs, Maxima, Cane Creek, e-thirteen, Five Ten, Alligator, Obtainium, Freestyle, Kicker, KMC.

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  1. Aaron

    I definatly think he’s going to the scott11 team! I’m quite looking forward to them having a top tier rider!!! 2012 is gonna be one hell of a season

  2. Bikeactive Bob

    Best of luck to Brendog where ever he ends up. Would love to see him at Mondraker.

  3. Ed

    ^^^^^ you mean… gaydraker!

  4. Morocccan


  5. Jackson Five

    Team rumours say that they will build a new carbon DH bike. Cheese = Carbon
    So Brendog on a Scott Carbon Gambler 2012???

  6. Max

    I’m having trouble seing brendan on a bike like scott. I doesn’t fit him very well..

  7. Oli

    Word has it he’s heading back to Orange!

  8. Paul

    A step backwards i reckon there are only a few teams that will be top specialized, santa cruz, giant, commencial and gt. Even thou hes my favorite rider if brendo didnt win on a specialized who are developing all the time hes never going to win on a scott so i hope the rumour is not true

  9. stu

    Would be awesome to see him back at the Orangerie

  10. Hugo

    I would guess he would be too expensive for Orange.

  11. Part Time

    He could a five bar gate and still pin it.

  12. Clive H

    Paul im sorry but that is bollocks!

  13. DeanL

    Agree, it would be great to see Brendog flying the Brit flag on an Orange but do they have the budget and willing to run a full World Cup program?

  14. Sren

    that would be the greatest, if he changes back to orange! only single pivot is true!!

  15. Matizz

    Really sad to here this, but i guess that’s the way it has to be.. Wish you all the best in 2012, hope to see you on as meny podiums, but i will defenetly miss the 3 of you together, specially next year whit all the injuries behind you :)

  16. Spooky

    Don’t think going back to an Orange would do him any favours, he needs a bike that works!
    Let the flaming begin!

  17. stacy kohut

    @paul is correct.

  18. Daire

    Best of luck Brendawg, Id love to see him move to Giant and you would have the ultimate pinned and loose duo of Brendan and Danny rippng down the hill together!

  19. DTM

    If Brendog went to Giant he would still be 2nd rider to Danny and I think Brendan is looking to be on a team where he is the number one rider. With this in mind I think Scott would be a good move for him. They seem to run a tight ship there and I dont see why Brendog cant flourish under the Scott banner.

  20. Spooky

    Stacy, i think Scott are 1 of the top teams, they just don’t have a top rider yet. Santa Cruz weren’t considered big until Peaty and Minnaar were signed to them, Giant weren’t really considered 1 of the top teams until Danny started doing some damage.

    As for the bike, isn’t the Scott just a 4-bar linkage with an FSR link, pretty similar to what he’s been riding the past couple of years. He’ll be fine i’m sure

  21. beyonce'

    stacy and paul you pair dont know shiiittttt! spooky is bang on the money!

  22. Bungalow BIll

    Has anyone thought about the Honda presence over the last couple of years? They have turned up with their trucks % gear at various venues in secret over 2010/11…..

    Another thought is what’s to come of Matti? Maybe Nigel Page has thought ahead and snatched up Brendan…

  23. eh

    anyone who says “scott bikes wont fit him” is talking shite .. how can a bike not suit someone? and i doubt you have ever tried a scott

  24. God

    I think a lot of people forget how bigger company Scott is…

  25. twoWigs

    Just because Scott aren’t cool doesn’t mean it’s a step backwards. Scott are just like Giant and Trek – the epitome of huge, uncool corporate brands – which means in turn vast revenue and resources to take on-board the best talent to design, engineer and race their bikes. Scott have had some of the most talented and intelligent riders, like Timo Pretzel, to draw knowledge from for over a decade. They also manage to sell skinny carbon XC bikes for about 10 grand ( I don’t get it either ), so they kind of convey a sense that they know what they’re doing. The stuff is designed and proto’d in Switzerland. They’re exactly the same as Specialized and all the big brands. Good luck Brendan, if the injuries are cleared then your all set to be challenging the top places. A shrewd move, the main man with a huge set-up supporting you.

  26. adam

    Scott 11 would be perfect for him, with florian doing so well in the women’s they need a guy that can push for the podium too.

  27. Leon

    I love how most people think scott bikes are not good enough for Brendog !
    I think the problem is they are not considered ‘ cool ‘ or current due the lack of a regular top ten finishers in the mens events .
    They know what they are doing regarding design and lack nothing on the competition , they are single pivot with a linkage like many of the current top bikes and have used what is considered ‘ modern ‘ angles/geometry for the last 5 years.

  28. dave

    I really wish people would think before they speak, Scott won’t fit Brendog? Have you ever watched ben walker rip it? ben has been doing loads of testing for scott and is a true ripper like brendan. Scott 11 have been right up there in the womens with pugin and siegenthaler and it stands to reason they’d want a top male rider to head up the team, good luck to Brendog wherever he ends up tho!

  29. Eoin

    Whichever brand he ends up with, they better make a “welcome” video with him doing whips, manuals and skids/drift. This will significantly increase my desire to buy bikes from that brand.

  30. NJ

    Heard he’s off to Scott 11 too. Good luck to the B’dawg.

  31. Steve

    Scott for B-Dogg will be sick.. an underestimated bike.. Lets see what he could do.

  32. dirtmonsta

    The gambler is a really good bike. I had one for about three years, absolutely loved it.

    I’m gutted it was stolen earlier this year : (

  33. baddog

    Good luck to the man. Those pivot pheonix bikes look good also….

  34. Maximilian

    Since this popped up, I keep reading stuff on various sites and it’s mostly nonsense. My head hurts! First of all, a lot of people don’t have a clue about what riders’ contracts are due to expire. That is the main key. The other point that is missed immensly is that the top riders, even though some of them are picky about setups, could basically ride and win on pretty much anything.
    Peat: GT Lobo 4-bar – iDrive – Orange single pivot – Santa Cruz VPP
    Minnaar: Orange single pivot – Haro/Intense FSR – Honda single pivot – Santa Cruz VPP
    Hill: Intense FSR – Iron Horse FSR (SGS) – Iron Horse DW-Link – Specialized FSR
    Brendan: Orange single pivot – Honda single pivot – Iron Horse DW-Link – Specialized FSR
    Basically, the bike hardly matters. And if the bike is the problem, a custom made one cand be had. You forget we are living in 2011???

    I am not a particular fan of Scott, but Claudio is doing an awesome job and I hope for the best support for Brendan, regardless what that means in terms of brands. So I drink a pint for Brendog! Cheers!


  35. Joe

    Specialised had a sorta crap season. If it wasnt for Troy! Sam and Brendan need to pick up their game. Injuries suck and hopefully once fit they can bring home the bacon. Hope Sam stays fit and gets god again, cos Troy needs the support. He is well and truly a contender now, so Specialised are gonna not want him to leave.

  36. RaceFever

    @ Jackson 5

    I do belive it will be carbon, but as far as Gambler DH . . . the picture does say ‘NEW DH bike’

    A Carbon Gambler wouldn’t really be ‘new’, but I’ve been wrong before. It will either be a carbon Gambler or a carbon something else.

  37. Dylan

    I Heard on the grape vine he was going to Marin! maybe….

  38. Jackson Five

    @ RaceFever
    I hope they will drop a new DH Bike – they have the Gambler since quite some time…and the frame is way to heavy compared to the competition. I think it could go in the direction of the Genious LT Carbon – much cleaner as the Gambler “over”hydroformed frame…
    On twitter you have Brendog talking about a busy week signing contracts with his new golden pen… so the news should pop soon!

  39. Mez Eldridge - Tull

    Why not just have some patients and wait and see yeah? His bike is going to change but his awesome style sure as hell isn’t!

  40. oli

    Makes you wonder if he really did have the support last season. Was he really happy to race with that injury all year rather than take the operation. Or was it a case of you don’t race then you don’t get paid…….It maybe that he’s glad to move away from the big S even if that means riding for an apparently lesser brand.
    Sure we will still see those silky smooth skills whatever the bike. The move may just give him the motivation to step up a level and get on top of that podium!

  41. adude

    Wherever Brendan ends up in 12 and beyond , he will be a great asset. I think he was ready to hit new heights at the start of ’11 but the crash at round 1 put and end to that. With a new team and two healthy legs , I think we’ll see his best season yet. All the best to him !!

  42. Bungalow BIll

    Here’s for more rumor spreading…

    Scott have snatched Brendog, Maxxis are pulling out of MTB racing and Scott will show off a carbon Gambler in early 2012.

  43. jacob cook

    is everyone on crack. hes going to ms evil. and gonna be riding the carbon undead


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