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Brendan Fairclough Scott Voltage Training Photos

Brendan Fairclough Scott Voltage Training Photos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Stikman from Troy Lee Designs just sent over some great shots of Brendan Fairclough training in California.

Will Brendan be racing World Cups on the Scott Voltage or will he switch to the Gambler?

As Dirt reader, Mr Lumberjack, commented in this post here: “The Gambler may well be the DH race sled but given what we know about (a) The voltage: Snappy, playful, poppy, skiddy, jumpy, yayness bike and what we know about (b) Mr Fairclough: Whippy, loosey-goosey, popping, edge-of-control-radness chap – don’t the two seem like a match made in heaven?”


  1. Phil

    I think he blongs to the same team as Hill.. too bad what ever the reason was he had to change… good luck with Scott

  2. chris dodd

    Has Brendog lost his deal with Renthal in the move to Scott?? think that Voltage looks sick. Prefer it,lookswise, to the Gambler.

  3. chris dodd

    on a different note, how will he achieve 200mm on the rear end of the voltage? custom linkage plates?

  4. rick

    Custom linkage indeed.

    Siegenthaler and Pugin rode the same link on their voltage.

  5. treehuggergraeme

    thank you for sorting out your image viewer. much better

  6. patrick

    Did brendog keep his deal with TLD ? I’m looking forward to fresh pics of his new upcoming kit

  7. Pedro

    It would look way bad if Scott’s A-List racer decided he didn’t want to use the Gambler. It would make it completely redundant, considering the price tag as well. If Scott want to sell Gamblers, Fairclough will have to race one. Personally, the Voltage looks like it suits him and it’s an amazing bike, imagine the units they would sell considering the photoshoot Fairclough is capable of pulling off. In fact, I’m on my way to Evans now…

  8. dan j

    now they have a great rider, scott clearly need better bikes

  9. M

    I reckon he’ll be riding a Gambler come the start of the season. A carbon one though. Scott have a pretty big history with carbon fibre bikes and are keen to boast the lightest xc bike etc. Either that or the Gambler production line will close.

  10. stevo

    Lovin Brendan’s ‘mr potato head’ angry eyes

    he always put em on for riding.

  11. dirt dodger

    seeing this and the Atherton recent shots makes me wonder – crap life isnt it? training in Cali, haha oh my god my heroes, why oh why didnt i choose bikes over girls, booze and narcotics? kids take note.

  12. Roby

    At the moment Brendan is riding 180mm at the end and 200mm at front.. Kinda same configuration like he and Sam used during World Champs in Canberra so probably this ain’t a big thing for him to get used to.

  13. binturong04

    thats Telonics in Laguna Beach. just up the street from my house. i seem to always miss it when the pros from europe come to ride that track!!!

  14. chris dodd

    if he is running custom plates, are there any being produced comercialy? i mean the voltage series are crackin bikes, im sure brendog wont be the first person wanting to up the rear travel? ive seen plenty of forums online with people askin for plates to boost ’09 and ’10 models.

  15. Thebear

    I wonder how many he’s broken already?

    Brendog is way too much class for such a dreadful manufacturer of overpriced under-performing, failure prone cycles.

  16. Leon

    I got a feeling he will ride the gambler this season and scott are gonna work on revising it , well I say revising the only negative thing I can say about my Gambler is that it is heavy by todays standards.
    Fairly over built bike by modern standards too ( thats partly why I chose it , cracks get annoying after a while ) I recon they could knock around 2 lbs off the frame with out it being massivly weakened.
    Then again what hes riding now seems to be ready to rumble so who knows?

  17. ben

    Love that yellow, looks pimp

  18. fordy

    no five tens this yr??

  19. thelumberjack

    awesome photos – and not very secretly chuffed I got a mention – it realistically means nothing but I offically don’t require a birthday for the next decade……..

  20. chris dodd

    in the pic hes runnung dt fx 1950 wheelset, and these dont come in a 135 x 12 rear wheel, so might me a new rear end, i.e 150?

  21. VonDH

    The Voltage is more agile than the Gambler for sure, and with alot more clearance between the legs. and the price of the voltage is decent indeed.

  22. TheFastestAussie

    Yeah, must be on Nike 6.0s now

  23. TheFastestAussie

    Also, why did he change his watch from his left arm to his right arm ?

    That’s really odd, who does that

  24. Howie

    I’d definitely be interested in a 200mm travel and 150mm back end on one o these. Love them, could also do with an xl for big lads like me? 😀
    Brendawg looks like he’s havin fun in the sun…jammy sod!

  25. 4xlego

    Look after all this 180mm won’t be enough at the back its a bit stupid. Its only two centimeters after all and if it suits why not ride it I’m sure when your flowing and carving like Brendan does I don’t think you’ll notice. Anyway it will be the first world class machine that is actually affordable.

  26. luke

    Brendan tweeted a couple of weeks ago “No not racing on the voltage, just for pissing around on and for some whips in USA. You just wait for the downhill bike, going to be sweet” so cant wait to see the dh bike when they show it!

  27. taylorwilliams

    i think it will really give brendog a chance to shine being the main rider on his team , i hope he fucking smashes it this year aswell , neg prop me if you must.

  28. dirt dodger

    I DOUBT YOU WILL GET NEG PROPS FOR THAT TAYLOR – every body on here wants Brendog to smash it.

  29. Frederico

    Hey guys that voltage is NOT a Voltage FR with 180mm rear travel! It is the Voltage DH (prototype) with 200mm travel. The new scott Gambler gambler only has 215mm rear travel so I think the Voltage DH might just suit Brendog better.


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